New women's mountain bike team based out of Bend, Oregon

Elevated Sports Performance/BendBroadband announces roster

The Elevated Sports Performance/BendBroadband women's mountain bike team will begin its first season in 2014 under the direction of team director Sloane Anderson. The team, based out of Bend, Oregon, will be the first-ever all women's mountain bike racing team in central Oregon.

Its racers plan to compete in local and regional cross country, marathon, 24-hour, super D and downhill events as well as the US Marathon National Championships.

Elevated Sports Performance, LLC, owned and operated by Anderson, will be providing strength and conditioning as well as coaching to the riders. The team officially began its training in October 2013. Anderson, a former professional mountain bike racer during 2003-2012, has high hopes for the team being the premier woman's mountain bike team in the Northwest region.

Although the team will be in its first season in 2014, its riders bring plenty of experience, with several riders showing potential to turn pro.

With Bend recently announced as the host venue for the 2015-2016 US Cross Country Nationals, the team is extra motivated to do well.

2014 Elevated Sports Performance/BendBroadband Team Roster
Sarah Hall (cross country)
Amanda Hoffus (cross country, marathon, 24-hour)
Chelsey Magness (cross country, marathon, 24-hour)
Kyla McDermott (cross country marathon, 24-hour)
Stacey McKinney (cross country, downhill, super D)
Shawn Taylor (cross country, 24-hour)

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