FFWD to offer lighter aero wheel

Speedier three-spoke from Dutch company

Dutch wheel company (and Quick Step team sponsor) FFWD has announced an update to its three-spoke aero front wheel. The 80mm-deep tubular-only carbon fiber rim is paired with three 80mm-deep NACA-profile spokes that reportedly reduce aerodynamic drag relative to the old version's nominally symmetrical spokes. Weight has also dropped 100g to 750g.

The new THREE will accompany the current FIVE and will provide another choice for well-to-do riders looking to fine-tune their equipment selection.

"The advantage of the THREE over the FIVE, which is also available as a road wheel in 2010, is the weight," said FFWD's Rik van Putten. "Besides that the THREE is less affected by stronger side winds compared to the FIVE."

Suggested retail price for the new FFWD THREE is €899.

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