AEG and Amgen close to solidifying Tour of California partnership

Future of race being secured

Cyclingnews understands that the Tour of California organisers, AEG, and Amgen are close to finalising the sponsorship of next year’s race.

Amgen has been the title sponsor since the race’s inception in 2006. However, the current deal expires in 2013. The race organisers typically announce their route in the fall period before the following year’s race, and a source close to AEG has told Cyclingnews that plans are close to being formalised for both the sponsorship and the route, securing the race’s future.

“The renewal conversations with Amgen are going positively. The organisers are working hard on the route, and there’s going to be a race,” the source told Cyclingnews.

“I’ve not heard of something that would suggest they’re not on their way to getting everything sorted. It would take an extraordinary set of circumstances for there not to be a race.”

Cyclingnews contacted Kristin Bachochin, Executive Director and Senior Vice President of AEG Sports.

“Amgen has been a fantastic partner since the inception of our race and we look forward to them being a long term partner of the race.

“There was never a question that the Amgen Tour of California wasn’t going to happen. That was never even a conversation.”

In April Bachochin had told Cyclingnews that negotiations between Amgen and AEG were ongoing.

"We have always kept the specifics of our race partnerships confidential but what I can tell you is that we have had a wonderful relationship with Amgen from the very first day and we have built an amazing event with them truly as partners. The have a tremendous leadership team throughout their entire organization and the working relationships we have established is fantastic,” she said.

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