RockShox unveils 2012 range

Full details of next year's suspension

We've already provided details on RockShox's new SID 29 and Reba forks for 2012 - including the new Motion Control DNA compression damper - but now the company has released additional information on the rest of its suspension range and there are plenty of interesting tidbits to look forward to this fall.

More options for 29" riders

RockShox is going all-in on 29ers for 2012, offering seven fork models in 15 total variants - including a 140mm-travel Revelation 29". Features are essentially analogous to the standard Revelation including a burly 32mm-diameter chassis, Power Bulge-equipped cast magnesium lowers, and an optional Dual Position Air spring system that drops the front end down for climbing. Dropout options are wisely restricted to 20mm Maxle Lite for better steering precision, though, and RockShox will offer this new fork exclusively with tapered aluminum steerers.

RockShox will offer four different Revelation 29" versions - XX, RCT3, RLT, or RL, each with different compression damper assemblies - and claimed weights vary from 1,806g (3.98lb) to 1,855g (4.09lb) depending on model and air spring configuration.

Riders on more of a budget can instead turn to the Recon 29" with either 32mm-diameter aluminum or steel upper tubes, 80/100 convertible travel, and more basic TurnKey compression dampers or the all-new entry-level XC 29" range. The XC 32 29" uses 32mm-diameter steel tubes while the XC 28 TK Mg 29" gets slimmer 28mm-diameter stanchions. Both get PowerBulge-equipped lower legs, TurnKey compression dampers, and remote lockout compatibility, too. Claimed weights range from 2,200g (4.85lb) to 2,263g (4.99lb).

Updates and upgrades to 26" cross-country/trail fork models

Several Recon options for 2012.

Several Recon options for 2012.

The Motion Control DNA compression damper, one-piece air cap, and butted aluminum air shafts used in the new SID 29" will find their way into some standard 26"-wheeled RockShox models for 2012, yielding the same 100g weight savings relative to 2011 versions. Claimed weight for the top-end SID XX World Cup is now just 1,311g (2.89lb) while the Reba drops to 1,519g (3.35lb) in RLT trim.

Meanwhile, the 80/100/120mm-travel Recon gets 15mm Maxle thru-axle and aluminum upper tube options for 2012 and the 130/140/150mm-travel Revelation RCT3 model earns the promising new three-position Motion Control DNA compression damper. RockShox will also add its new entry-level XC range in 26" variants, too, with travel options from 80-120mm and 28, 30, or 32mm stanchion diameter choices.

The mid-range Sektor gets one of the most appealing-sounding new features for 2012: a coil-sprung version of RockShox's on-the-fly Dual Position travel reducer. Dual Position Coil uses separate primary and secondary springs stacked end-to-end in series. In full-travel mode, both springs are fully extended and active but flipping the travel reducer knob a quarter-turn locks the secondary spring in compression - thus reducing the crown-to-axle height and travel by about 30mm while still leaving up to 120mm of movement available.

Evolutionary changes to all-mountain/freeride/downhill collection

Totem has the option for a lot of travel but more maneuverability than dual-crown forks.

Totem has the option for a lot of travel but more maneuverability than dual-crown forks.

The 160/170mm-travel Lyrik and 180mm-travel Totem single-crown forks retain the same 35mm and 40mm-diameter chassis as before but become a bit more Boxxer-like visually with similar compression adjusters. Also, last year's oil-based 2-Step Air travel reduction system gets replaced by the air-only Dual Position Air system for improved reliability.

Weights remain competitive at 2,127g (4.69lb) for the Lyrik R Solo Air variant and 2,627g (5.79lb) for the Totem RC2 DH Solo Air.

Speaking of weight, Boxxer goes on a diet as well courtesy of a new Keronite finish on the cast magnesium lower legs. Despite the healthy 200mm of travel and stout dual-crown chassis, claimed weight on the top-end Boxxer World Cup is still just 2,714g (5.98lb).

Domain and Argyle are mostly unchanged aside from graphics although the former does get a new 20mm Maxle skewer for 2012.

Lighter and whiter rear shocks for 2012

White Monarch and Monarch Plus.

White Monarch and Monarch Plus.

Following in the footsteps of DT Swiss, RockShox will now offer the top-end Monarch RCT3 air-sprung rear shock with a carbon fiber air can, saving 15g relative to the aluminum version for a new total claimed weight of just 200g. Standard Monarch and Monarch Plus rear shocks can now be had with a white finish on the aluminum air can and head.

RockShox also adds a new lower-priced coil-sprung model called Kage with a dual-flow rebound circuit similar to that of the top-end Vivid but more basic compression valving and fewer external adjustments.

Updated Reverb seatpost

Reverb will be offered in a new all-black color scheme for 2012.

Reverb will be offered in a new all-black color scheme for 2012.

Finally, even the one-year-old Reverb dropper post gets some changes for 2012, including an upgraded hose and hydraulic fittings that yield faster action and a more positive feel. Shorter riders - or riders who just don't want or need much adjustment - can look to a new 100mm-travel option instead of the standard 125mm and correspondingly shorter overall length, and an all-black color option will provide a stealthier look than the current black-and-silver version.

Need even less travel? Simply slap on the new Enduro collar and then adjust the bottom-out point to wherever it suits you.

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