Quiz: Can you name every Criterium du Dauphine winner?

69 editions since 1947 but how many can you name?

 The 70th edition of the Criterium du Dauphine gets underway this Sunday with a 6.6-kilometre prologue in Valence and to mark the occasion we have put together a timed quiz with the aim of recalling each of the previous 69 winners.

To play, simply enter the full or last name of each of the winners of the Criterium du Dauphine since 1947. Some should be easier to answer than others and as a hint, we have included the nationality of the winners next to their respective victory year.

There have been several multiple winners over the years and a single correct entry will complete multiple boxes.

Accented characters are not necessary but are accepted and for any multiple last names (e.g. David De La Cruz), please just enter the final name (e.g. Cruz).

You have just 10-minutes to complete the quiz and be sure to let us and your fellow readers know how many you could recall in the comments section below. Good luck!




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