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La Passione Grace: the all-new women's collection

La Passione Grace Collection
(Image credit: La Passione)

As most riding communities prepare to shed layers with the advent of spring, La Passione has a range that combines elegance with performance. 

The Italian cycling apparel brand has designed its Grace collection to give women a sense of style on the bike, without debiting performance or comfort. 

Product specialists are quick to quote fabric specifications, but for most female riders cut and colour are significant considerations. La Passione is a rider focussed apparel brand. Its designers and product planners know that when you look good, you feel more motivated to ride longer. And riding longer is what those great weekend outrides are all about, provided you are comfortable. 

As the spring riding season warms toward summer, ventilation and moisture management are issues that every rider needs to consider. By using the best textiles, patterned together with skilful garment design, La Passione’s Grace collection jerseys remain comfortable, even as temperatures soar. 

La Passione

Perforated material across the back aids heat management (Image credit: Future)

The Grace jersey features a preferred material for the back and side panels, which mitigates primary heat soak. With a rider’s back being the largest surface area exposed to direct sunlight during most hours of a ride, creating a jersey with generous back panel breathability is key to managing thermal comfort. 

Sourcing and integrated a perforated material panel is not easy. Using a weak fabric that is perforated, will cause asymmetric stretching over time, due to the perforated structure being unable to retain its memory. La Passione uses only the best fabrics to ensure that its Grace jersey riders will enjoy many summer seasons of cooling airflow without any ruinous overstretch, after washing. 

Beyond its airflow properties, Grace jerseys are made from two different premium two-way stretch fabrics guaranteed to give you the best combination of elegance and performance. If you love to get out of your comfort zone, this is the right jersey to do it in, and with style.

Whether you have a personal preference from your inherent sense of wardrobe awareness or wish to match new apparel with riding shoes or your frame, the Grace collection offers a variety of colours. The La Passione Grace jersey range is available in six hues, from classic black to bright sky blue. 

View the Grace jersey collection at La Passione

La Passione Grace Collection

Grace bib shorts are designed to offer all-day comfort (Image credit: La Passione)

Balancing the Grace collection is a bib short that has been expertly tailored to not constrain rider movement, whilst supporting comfort. When you are powering away during a threshold effort or keeping a metronomic endurance cadence, the Grace bib shorts have taped braces that keep them securely in place, preventing any annoying garment slippage. 

Delivering excellent comfort, even on the longest rides, is the rapidly drying Elastic Interface pad. This gives any Grace bib short riders the confidence to add hours to their big weekend ride. 

With the Grace collection, you don’t have to sacrifice a sense of style or comfort, regarding ride wear. Best of all, you access premium fabrics and design technology, at a price that is below traditional retail. 

La Passione is a native digital brand. It has always put the customer first, instead of a retailer in-between. The savings that accrue from eliminating the retailer intermediary, are reinvested in product design and material sourcing. 

Without having to add dealer margins to its garments, La Passione can deliver unquestionably premium riding gear, at a much lower price. Direct to you. 

View the Grace short collection at La Passione
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