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The next generation Wattbike Atom is the Ultimate Indoor Training Machine

Wattbike Atom
(Image credit: Wattbike)

When searching for fitness in a world of uncertainty, look no further than the next generation Wattbike Atom. The indoor smart bike of choice for two decades’ worth of Olympic and World Champions, the Wattbike Atom is smooth, silent, and stable, with hundreds of workouts to choose from and industry-leading power accuracy. Despite lockdown restrictions in flux around the world, bike racing is here to stay, whether it is virtual or out on the open road. Indoor training allows us to stay safe and keep fit in the comfort of our own homes, and as the weather begins to turn, make sure to invest in your indoor training set-up for the winter. No matter what you currently have – a direct-drive trainer, wheel-on trainer, rollers, etc. – the next generation Wattbike Atom is the ultimate upgrade.

Announced in June, the next generation Wattbike Atom quickly rose to the top of the indoor trainer market. An evolution of the award-winning smart bike, the Wattbike Atom offers an electromagnetic resistance motor for a smoother and more realistic ride, data accuracy within 1% and a maximum resistance of 2500W. Compared to the rest of the indoor trainer market, there is nothing that can match the smoothness and accuracy of the Wattbike Atom.

Like so many other sought-after items during lockdown, the next generation Wattbike Atom started going fast. And with uncertainty lingering over society and sport, now is the time to pick up the Atom to ensure your training goals stay on track. Races will happen in 2021 – real, virtual, or socially-distanced, cycling has and will stand the test of time. In order to be ready for these events, at any time of year and maybe on a moment’s notice, you need to be fit. And where else does fitness begin but the indoor smart trainer.

The next generation Wattbike Atom is the perfect year-round training machine for its convenience, versatility, and professional-grade technology.

Training on the next generation Wattbike Atom

A partner of British Cycling and the UCI since 2000, Wattbike has led the way in developing indoor training technology to both identify, test, and train world-class athletes. With over 20 years’ experience working with athletes at the highest level of sport, Wattbike has achieved unrivalled accuracy in the indoor training space. In addition to pinpoint accuracy, the next generation Atom offers a brand new electromagnetic resistance system that allows for instant and seamless gear changes, and an improved ride feel. 

The next generation Wattbike Atom provides easy access to all of your favourite indoor training platforms such as Zwift, TrainerRoad, TrainingPeaks, FulGaz and more. You will also have free access to the Wattbike Hub, as opposed to required monthly memberships of aforementioned indoor training platforms. The Wattbike Hub contains a wide variety of training plans and workouts, including climbs, sprints, and all-out power tests. That’s a lot to offer, especially given the cost – or lack of! – which makes the Wattbike Hub one of the most undervalued features of the next generation Atom.

The Atom is not only a smart investment for the winter, but also as a year-round training tool, especially as uncertainty looms over current lockdown restrictions and the future of the pandemic. With unmatched power measurement accuracy, and a wide array of smart-assisted training technology, the next generation Atom is in a league of its own. Whether you’re training for time trials, sportive, or crits, the next generation Wattbike Atom has all the capabilities to fit the bill and more.

A few years ago, some thought that high-end indoor training technology might just be a fad. The advent of Zwift and other virtual training platforms, smart bikes, and direct-drive trainers all seemed like a bit much. But in light of recent and global circumstances, indoor training is here to stay. No longer a mind-numbing activity saved exclusively for the winter, indoor training and its associated technology has become an exciting, engaging, and effective year-round phenomenon.


(Image credit: Wattbike)

A Unique and Exclusive Indoor Training Setup 

Working people like you and me don’t have much time – whether it’s work, family, travel, etc., sometimes it seems impossible to squeeze a 30-minute ride in. When it comes to building an indoor pain cave, ‘convenience’ is at the top of our priority list. With the next generation Wattbike Atom, you just jump on and start pedalling. No need to worry about a loose skewer, removing a rear wheel, switching over cassettes, and ending up with a handful of grease.

The next generation Wattbike Atom is as simple as it gets. Especially as the temperature drops and darkness looms, it can be difficult to muster up the energy and motivation to train. The Atom removes all obstacles to indoor training – it is completely stress-free. Except for the pedalling part, of course, but that one’s on you.

Indoor trainers have come a long way in the last decade, but the next generation Wattbike Atom takes indoor training to the next level. There is not a smart trainer on the market that can match the crystal-clean aesthetics, unparalleled accuracy, and real-life ride feel of the next generation Wattbike Atom.

The next-generation Wattbike Atom is available for £90 per month, find out more.