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Sena's R1 EVO is coming soon

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The Sena R1 EVO

The Sena R1 EVO (Image credit: SENA)
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The Sena R1 EVO comes in multiple colourways

The Sena R1 EVO comes in multiple colourways (Image credit: SENA)
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A rear view of the Sena R1 EVO

A rear view of the Sena R1 EVO (Image credit: SENA)

Just in time for the start of the season, Sena will release the highly anticipated R1 EVO Smart Cycling helmet. This premier cycling helmet, which was unveiled in September, features a number of advancements combining technological and safety features – certainly an upgrade to the standard cycling helmet.

With a host of communication options, built-in audio functions, and a sleek design, this helmet is the right fit for any calibre of cyclist. 

The R1 EVO's features include:

  • Mesh 2.0
  • Voice command controls
  • A built-in tail light, microphone and speaker
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Mesh Intercom makes its debut in Sena's cycling helmet line. With the press of a button, you can communicate with other R1 EVO users within a half-mile (900 meters) of you. The perfect option for a training ride or just for chatting with your family, friends, or whomever else is along for the ride.

The R1 EVO accepts voice commands, giving you control of features by speaking rather than pressing a button, and also features a built-in tail light to improve your visibility to others on the road. With three brightness settings, you can enhance clarity in a variety of lighting situations.

Built-in speakers keep your ears clear of obstructions, leaving you attentive of traffic cues while you listen to fellow riders or your music. Bluetooth technology allows you to connect to your smartphone, enabling you to make phone calls, listen to music, hear GPS navigation and connect to fitness apps.

The Sena Smartphone App allows you to take control of the R1 EVO's features. Through the app, you can create groups of friends to easily connect to, save presets of your favorite FM stations, control taillight settings, and access the product Quick Guide on the go.

Stay tuned for more information and visit Sena's Facebook page to keep you updated! #RideConnected