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Prologo give the Scratch M5 the CPC treatment

(Image credit: Prologo)

Prologo's Scratch M5 has long served as the brand's top-end, high-performance saddle; the 2020 revamp saw the saddle retain its short and wide shape, and the addition of multi-section padding. It's designed to support and aggressive riding position allowing the pelvis to rotate naturally while supporting the lumbar, and the width and shape distribute pressure over a wider surface area — it also happens the saddle of choice of 2020 Tour de France winner Tadej Pogačar. After plenty of feedback from Pogacar and Prologo 25 sponsored men's and women's road and MTB teams — eight of which are World Tour teams — the Scratch M5 has now been upgraded with the brand's CPC technology. 


(Image credit: Prologo)

CPC or Connect Power Control made up of 3D polymer cones, is used in F1 and military applications, but Prologo holds the exclusive license for cycling. The hollow, conical nanostructures, reduce muscle fatigue and improve recovery by absorbing and dispersing road buzz and shock before it can reach the rider. Beyond just the rubbery texture, the cavity in the middle of each nanostructure creates a 'vacuum effect' keeping your rear planted on the saddle, further improving stability and support. As each cone is an individual structure, there are channels between them that allow for air to flow through, taking heat and sweat with it in the process, and making CPC saddles 10-per cent cooler compared to their non-grippy counterparts.

The new Scratch M5 CPC is available both with and without Prologo's Perineal Area System or PAS. This sees a centre cutout improving blood flow and airflow, while also reducing the soft tissue pressure that can cause pain and numbness.

The closed version is built around what Prologo calls it's Active Base System, which still has a cutout in the shell, but sees the cover and light padding across the void; maximising the sitting surface and providing a barrier to stop water and mud flicked up off the rear wheel, while still offering pressure relief. 


(Image credit: Prologo)

 To make up for the lost airflow, Prologo has spec'd a special AIR CPC on the closed saddle, increasing the space between each polymer to further improve cooling air airflow. 

Prologo's MSS or Multi-Sector System which not only contributes to the Scratch M5 CPC's unique aesthetic, it also improves rider comfort. Designed in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Milan, each pad is composed of different interactive foams and single-cell padding and is separated from its neighbour. This space allows each to work independently, providing support where you need it and squish where you don't. 

Through the MMS system, the Scratch M5 CPC is divided into five separate sections, which allows for the targeted support and relief, and the individual sections of foam follow the cyclist through the riding phase and supporting leg thrust on both the push and pull of the pedal stroke. 

Using a T-Shape, the rounded profile of the Scratch M5 Nack CPC is 250mm long and 140mm wide, it's suitable for male and female riders, and will keep you sitting pretty both on and off-road. Better still, even with the Scratch M5 CPC sitting and the pinnacle of Prologo's range, it’s available at multiple price points, with both the Nack carbon rails and Tirox alloy rails. 

Click here to learn more about the Prologo Scratch M5

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