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Own the road with Pirelli’s P Zero range

Pirelli P Zero Race
(Image credit: Graham Cottingham)

In the quest for road tyre performance, the ultimate proving ground remains motorsport. Pirelli has been a dominant force in F1 racing and that technical knowledge has transferred its P Zero cycling range. 

The iconic P Zero name denotes a broad range of tyres, for those road riders who value the purity of confident tarmac feedback and durability. 

As wider rims and tyre choices have become available, the trend to experiment and benefit from lower pressures and better ride comfort has reset the terms of reference. Pirelli’s response has been to create a generously configured P Zero range, which includes tubeless, tubular and traditional tube-type tyres. 

Larger tyre casings deliver superior support during high-speed cornering and better deceleration, especially paired with disc brakes. Pirelli’s P Zero tubeless ready Race TLR tyre comes in four sizes: 24c, 26c, 28c and 30c. 

The Pirelli P Zero product team knows that a supple, yet strong, casing makes for the best road feedback and puncture proofing. The P Zero Race TLR’s 120 TPI TechWALL+ casing will keep you confidently rolling along, even over the most challenging of British road conditions, with a much lower risk of puncturing. 

Pirelli has also shaped the bead to be hookless rim compatible and inflatable up to 73PSI, on the 28- and 30c versions. These tyres feature an asymmetric tread pattern, with lightning bolt patterns and straight sipes, providing grip when road conditions are greasy or wet. Clear evidence, that Pirelli’s tagline of ‘power is nothing without control’, has real-world application. 

For those riders who want a slick tread tubeless-ready P Zero, for summer training or racing, there is a Race TLR SL version. The SmartEVO compound is Pirelli’s sophisticated blend of active polymers, giving Pirelli’s latest P Zero Race TLR SL tyre great traction under cornering or climbing loads, whilst still delivering a low aggregate rolling resistance. Its Techwall casing reduces the hazard of puncturing. 

The P Zero Race TLR SL range has class-leading rolling resistance and a weight range of only 230-245g, for the two available sizes (24c and 26c). 

Proving that they understand the traditions of road cycling, Pirelli’s engineers and industrial designers have also managed to apply the P Zero’s advanced rubber, tread and casing technology, to a tubed product. 

Recognising that not all riders have transitioned to tubeless wheelsets, Pirelli offers its advanced P Zero tyres for inner tubes too, for those cyclists who wish to retain their legacy wheelsets – shod with some advanced rubber.

If you run the P Zero Race, all the benefits of a highly efficient clincher tyre combine with predictable cornering grip and robust puncture resistance.

Require a tyre that will last for huge mileages whilst remaining responsive to ride? That will be the P Zero Road, with its blend of Techbelt and Evo compound properties, delivering low rolling resistance, confident grip and excellent durability at a great price. 

To provide riders with the freedom of performance, even in those challenging winter months, the P Zero 4s compound finds grip on even the wettest road surfaces. Pirelli’s rubber specialists and engineers have formulated and integrated the brand’s SmartNet Silca+ compound into the P Zero 4s structure, giving it outstanding wet-weather performance. If rainy weather washes some debris upon your chosen riding line, the P Zero 4s rolls with a 127TPI casing and Aramid tyre breaker, a combination that notably enhances its puncture resistance. 

Pirelli’s P Zero Velo 4S is an all-weather performance tyre. Designed to run tubed, it is available in 23mm, 25mm or 28mm casing widths and a weight range of between 200- and 245g, per tyre.

The P Zero Velo 4S combines SmartNET silica rubber with an aramid band, delivering secure winter riding grip and robust puncture protection.

Pirelli’s Cinturato Velo TLR is a tubeless tyre with generous sizing options. It has five casing widths, from 24mm to a large volume 35mm tyre, delivering sizes for all applications. The 24mm wide Cinturato Velo TLR is 280g, with the 35mm version at 390g.

To keep to rolling along confidently, even if there is some road debris about, the Cinturato Velo TLR’s has an Armour Tech bead-to-bead nylon layer, supported by an aramid band and additional aramid fibres in the tread.

Like the P Zero Velo 4S, the Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLR contains the brand’s SmartNET compound, guaranteeing confident handling regardless of road conditions. 

As road riders have adopted the benefits of wider internal diameter rims and larger tyres, the issue of frame clearance has become prevalent. Pirelli takes the potential annoyance and guesswork out of your next tyre upgrade by supplying WAM (width as measured) and RAM (radius as measured) values for all its new P Zero tyres. 

Riders are empowered by Pirelli’s list of P Zero tyre dimensions, when mounted on different rim widths, to make the best possible choice for their frame and fork combination. 

One of the most challenging aspects of tyre engineering is to balance the opposing needs for traction and low rolling resistance. With Pirelli’s P Zero range there is an abundance of grip, whether you are rolling tubeless or tubed, without sacrificing rolling efficiency. 

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