UCI Mountain Bike World Championships 2010

September 1- 5, 2010, Mont-Sainte-Anne, Mont-Saint-Anne, Quebec, Canada, Mountain Bike - CM

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Susan Westemeyer
  1. 13:46:03 EDT

    Welcome to the elite men's race!  We look for another exciting race over this challenging course.  And once again, Sue George is on the scene for us.

  2. 13:52:04 EDT

    Did you all catch the women's race earlier today? Maja Wloszczowska (Poland) took the title ahead of Russian Irina Kalentieva and American Willow Koerber.

  3. 13:56:26 EDT

    The men are at the start line, and we regret to say we see some umbrellas.


  4. 13:57:00 EDT

    Willow Koerber  of the US finished third in the women's race today. Sue George asked Willow who she thought would win this men's race:  "Nino Schurter, Julien Absalon, Jaroslav Kulhavy."

  5. 13:59:00 EDT

    Nino Schurter of Switzerland is wearing nr. 1 here today.  Nr. 2 goes to Julien Absalon of France.

  6. 13:59:00 EDT

    The men will have two start laps, followed by six laps.

  7. 14:00:22 EDT

    Off they go!  84 men are in chase of the world title!

  8. 14:00:38 EDT

    They are off to a fast start.

  9. 14:01:00 EDT

    Burry Stander of South Africa leads things, followed by Florian Vogel of Switzerland.

  10. 14:02:28 EDT

    SG:  Terrible start for Absalon. He's caught in mass of people, some who bobble.

  11. 14:02:00 EDT

    Jaroslav Kulhavy (Czech) is now in front.

  12. 14:03:44 EDT

    Kulhavy leads the way up.  There are aboaut 9 or 10 riders with a slight lead.

  13. 14:04:08 EDT

    Absalon about 10th or 11th at the moment.

  14. 14:04:00 EDT

    Kulhavy is ahead of Schuter and Vogel and is going down the shorter, more technical way.

  15. 14:05:02 EDT

    A number of riders coming off on this rocky descent.

  16. 14:06:00 EDT

    SG: The Ladies said the course wasn't really that slippery but was riding well. The leaders were all over the place on the last lap because they were so exhausted.

  17. 14:06:36 EDT

    We see US rider Todd Wells.

  18. 14:06:56 EDT

    They are now working their way up the hairpins.

  19. 14:07:31 EDT

    Schurter and Kulhavy have big lead.  Vogel is third.

  20. 14:08:05 EDT

    SG:  Tons of people out watching. They're heading up the mountain to find the good spots to watch.

  21. 14:08:48 EDT

    Those hairpins are tough.  Lots of riders coming off, having to put a foot down, slipping on the wet grass, etc.

  22. 14:09:41 EDT

    Schurter and Kulhavy are together in the lead.  We don't see the third placed rider yet.

  23. 14:10:00 EDT

    Remember, this is just the start lap.

  24. 14:10:41 EDT

    Behind the two leaders we have Stander leading 6 or 7 other riders.

  25. 14:11:34 EDT

    Schurter has moved ahead of Kulhavy.

  26. 14:12:45 EDT

    SG:   The course should be riding really well for men.  it was so dusty earlier this week and this rain was good for it.

  27. 14:13:00 EDT

    SG:  Just saw Spencer Paxson of the US go by. He must have won his petition to come to worlds after a podium at US nationals. Spencer was ahead of Adam Craig.

  28. 14:14:22 EDT

    Schurter looks determined to defend his title.  But perhaps he has gotten off too early? There's still a long way to go on this tough course.

  29. 14:14:54 EDT

    Next year the Worlds return to Europe.  They will be in Champery, Switzerland.

  30. 14:15:24 EDT

    The two leaders have a nice gap on their way to the first real lap.

  31. 14:16:00 EDT

    Stander has pulled away from the chasers.  Absalon is moving up, too.

  32. 14:17:54 EDT

    Kulhavy crosses the finish line one second ahead of Schurter.  Stander is third at 14 seconds and Naef fourth at 19 seconds.

  33. 14:20:01 EDT

    SG:  Schurter on hardtail. Kulhavy on full suspension. Mix of bikes at worlds this year.

  34. 14:20:48 EDT

    Absalon has already moved up to seventh place.  SG:  He makes it look so easy!

  35. 14:21:26 EDT

    Schurter and Kulhovy continue to lead.

  36. 14:22:22 EDT

    SG:  Todd Wells top American in 14th. Geoff Kabush right behind him.

  37. 14:22:49 EDT

    Schurter tries to pull away, but Kulhavy won't have that!

  38. 14:24:16 EDT

    Sue told us earlier that the sun was peeking through, but we doubt that it is now.  In fact, the umbrellas are popping up.

  39. 14:24:43 EDT

    And even we typed that, Sue confirms that it is raining again.

  40. 14:26:30 EDT

    Looks like the gap is nearly closed. Two more riders are coming up behind the Stander group.,

  41. 14:27:05 EDT

    And it is now officially "absolutely pouring down rain".

  42. 14:27:35 EDT

    This is apparently a result of Hurricane Earl, who has now moved into Canada.

  43. 14:28:18 EDT

    Schurter has again moved ahead of Kulhavy.

  44. 14:29:35 EDT

    The riders are now at the rocky downhill section and a number are deciding to run it.

  45. 14:30:48 EDT

    Schurter hs a nice lead on Kulhavy now.  Naef, Fontana and Stander are behind them.  There are about seven riders in all who are away, and we think the race will probably be decided among them.

  46. 14:31:39 EDT

    Schurter continues to pull away and build up his lead.

  47. 14:33:22 EDT

    Kulhavy first over the finish line.  What happened? Schurter only fourth!

  48. 14:34:34 EDT

    Here are our top seven:  Kulhavy, Naef, Fontana, Schurter (at 13 seconds), Stander, Hermida, and Absalon (at 21 seconds.)

  49. 14:35:00 EDT

    SG:  Schurter was leading and stopped in tech zone for assistance. He dropped to fourth.  It was strategic of him to get there first with a bit of gap before seeking assistance. Kulhavy leads with 5 laps to go

  50. 14:36:06 EDT

    It is still raining heavily.

  51. 14:36:44 EDT

    Kulhavy alone in the lead, with Schurter leading the chase.

  52. 14:37:09 EDT

    Naef and Fontana together with Schurter.

  53. 14:37:00 EDT

    SG:  Kulhavy is looking good and fresh off his Windham World Cup win last week. He's having great season. He's also the European champ too.

  54. 14:38:00 EDT

    Kulhavy is building up his lead.

  55. 14:41:00 EDT

    Only two chasers now, with the others dropped slighlty back.

  56. 14:41:20 EDT

    Schurter and Fontana are second and third.

  57. 14:42:02 EDT

    SG:  Wells and Kabush look good but have some traffic in their way on uphill rock garden section

  58. 14:42:24 EDT

    Schurter now leads Fontana and Absalon.

  59. 14:43:34 EDT

    Schurter now moves ahead of Kulhavy.   Absalon and Fontana are not far behind.  Where are the others?

  60. 14:44:00 EDT

    SG:  Great Britain's Olympian Oli Beckingsale goes by and there is Sam Schultz (US) and Max Plaxton (Can)

  61. 14:45:03 EDT

    Kulhavy has now nearly caught Schurter again.

  62. 14:45:00 EDT

    SG:  Jeremy Horgan Kobelski, husband of Heather Irmiger and Mike Broderick, husband of Mary McConneloug just rode by.

  63. 14:46:00 EDT

    SG: Crowd favorite Carl Decker gets lots of cheers. Many ring cowbells as they pass.

  64. 14:47:11 EDT

    Schurter and Kulhavy alone in the lead.

  65. 14:49:00 EDT

    The finish line again.  Schurter is one second ahead of Kulhavy, with Hermida third and Stander fourth at 7 seconds.

  66. 14:50:00 EDT

    Naef was fifth and Absalon sixth at 38 seconds.

  67. 14:51:00 EDT

    Hermida promptly moved into the lead after the finish line.

  68. 14:52:00 EDT

    SG:  Absalon & Marco Fontana both stop in the tech zone and lose places.  Geoff Kabush gets a glasses handoff like many riders.   Rain and sun at same time!

  69. 14:53:21 EDT

    Stander has now nearly caught Kulhavy, so we could have a leading group of four.

  70. 14:54:02 EDT

    Naef has dropped back.

  71. 14:54:00 EDT

    It looks like Schurter and Kulhavy are in the lead again.  And we have lots of sunshine now!

  72. 14:56:00 EDT

    WE don't have the oversight on this race which we would like....

  73. 14:56:39 EDT

    Schurter and Kulhavy with a gap over Hermida.

  74. 14:57:16 EDT

    Then there is a long gap .......

  75. 14:58:00 EDT

    Wait -- that's not Schurter!  It's Burry Stander in front with Kulhavy!

  76. 14:58:59 EDT

    Schurter had fallen back for some unknown (to us) reason.  He is now together with Absalon and Naef.

  77. 15:00:00 EDT

    SG:  Veteran pro racer Hermida - the only time he's not smiling or joking is when he's concentrating this hard.

  78. 15:01:16 EDT

    Schurter goes down the rocks with full risk.  He is trying all to get back up to the front.

  79. 15:01:59 EDT

    Stander has pulled ahead of Kulhavy.  They are now plugging their way up the muddly hairpins.

  80. 15:03:23 EDT

    Stander and Kulhavy have a nice lead now.

  81. 15:04:25 EDT

    Schurter just ahead of Absalon.

  82. 15:05:25 EDT

    three laps to go.  Stander leads the way with Kulhavy at one second and Hermida at nine seconds.

  83. 15:06:00 EDT

    Absalon is fourth and Schurter is fifth, both at 35 seconds.  Naef sixth at 49 seconds.

  84. 15:06:35 EDT

    Stander won the U23 Worlds title last year.

  85. 15:07:00 EDT

    SG:  Great Britain's top racer is Liam Killeen and Canada's Geoff Kabush race by together.

  86. 15:08:46 EDT

    The three leaders all fairly close.

  87. 15:09:00 EDT

    SG:  It's an exciting race with many leaders so far.  It's been very competitive!

  88. 15:11:40 EDT

    We hear that it has gotten pretty warm out there in the sun, with high humidity.  Lovely!

  89. 15:12:03 EDT

    The three leaders are still together with two and a half laps to go.

  90. 15:12:28 EDT

    How did things end up last year in the Worlds race in Canberra, Australia?

    1      Nino Schurter (Switzerland)      2:04:39
    2     Julien Absalon (France)     0:00:03
    3     Florian Vogel (Switzerland)     0:00:58
    4     José Antonio Hermida Ramos (Spain)
    5     Geoff Kabush (Canada)     0:02:04
    6     Cédric Ravanel (France)     0:02:35
    7     Jean-Christophe Peraud (France)     0:02:59
    8     Todd Wells (United States of America)     0:03:06
    9     Jaroslav Kulhavy (Czech Republic)     0:03:22
    10     Christoph Sauser (Switzerland)     0:03:45

  91. 15:12:49 EDT

    Kulhavy drops back slightly.

  92. 15:13:24 EDT

    Schurter is clawing way back up. He's 4th at 31 seconds, with Absalon at 41 seconds.

  93. 15:14:08 EDT

    Last year was a sprint finish and a major upset in that the young (first year elite) Nino Schurter (Switzerland) stayed with and then outsprinted
    Julien Absalon (France).

  94. 15:15:01 EDT

    Hermida moves into the lead.  Stander is right behind him, with Kulhavy a bit back.  Schurter is fighting his way up, as is Absalon.

  95. 15:15:41 EDT

    No, Absalon is actually further back than we thought.  Naef is not so far behind him now.

  96. 15:16:00 EDT

    Hermida, Stander, Kulhavy -- the same three are at the front.

  97. 15:17:13 EDT

    Lots of shadows here, so the track isn't drying out.

  98. 15:17:49 EDT

    Schurter is moving closer and closer to the leading trio, as Abaslon falls further back.

  99. 15:18:17 EDT

    Hermida moves ahead of the other two as they go up the hairpins.

  100. 15:18:52 EDT

    Hermida was U23 world champ in 2000, and later won a team World title.  Now he would like to add this title to that collection.

  101. 15:19:31 EDT

    SG:  Killeen in 8th. Kabush 9th. They keep getting stronger.

    Moritz Milatz grabs a tree to help him in Uphill rock garden

  102. 15:21:00 EDT

    Hermida pulls away at the finish line.  He is first, Stander second at eight seconds and Kulhavy at nine seconds.  Two laps to go.

  103. 15:21:00 EDT

    Schurter fourth at 36 seconds.  Can he make that up?

  104. 15:22:36 EDT

    It looks like Hermida is pulling away.

  105. 15:23:12 EDT

    Abasalon is another 30 seconds back.  Almost impossible to make up one whole minute on this course.

  106. 15:25:14 EDT

    Hermida has about 10 seconds on Kulhavy, with Stander about another five seconds back.

  107. 15:26:12 EDT

    The first three seem determined to get away from Schurter and give him no chance, and Hermida seems to see his chance of a victory.

  108. 15:28:00 EDT

    Here's how the guys finished the 2010 season:

    Final 2010 World Cup standings Elite men

    1         Nino Schurter (Swi) Scott-Swisspower MTB Racing         1136          pts
    2         Julien Absalon (Fra) Orbea         1040        
    3         Jaroslav Kulhavy (Cze) Rubena - Birell - Specialized Cycling Team         1040        
    4         Florian Vogel (Swi) Scott-Swisspower MTB Racing         795        
    5         José Antonio Hermida Ramos (Spa) Multivan Merida Biking Team         795        
    6         Mathias Flückiger* (Swi) Trek World Racing         710        
    7         Christoph Sauser (Swi) Specialized Factory Racing         590        
    8         Manuel Fumic (Ger) Cannondale Factory Racing         570        
    9         Burry Stander (RSA) Specialized Factory Racing         567        
    10         Ruben Ruzafa Cueto (Spa) Orbea         494        

  109. 15:29:08 EDT

    Hermida and Kulhavy pretty much together now.

  110. 15:29:45 EDT

    SG:  Stander pedalling big gear compared to others

  111. 15:30:07 EDT

    There is now a significant gap back to Stander.

  112. 15:30:00 EDT

    But now Stander is catching up again.

  113. 15:31:18 EDT

    A very significant gap back to Schurter.  Absalon not yet in sight.

  114. 15:33:54 EDT

    I asked Sue George which of our two leaders she would pick to take the win.  "Tough question. Both won world cups this year.   Kulhavy, just cause he's on a roll."

  115. 15:34:50 EDT

    Hermida looks back on the hairpin curve to see Kulhavy not far beind him.  Stander is back a bit, and Schurter still further back.  He doesn't seem to have moved up much.

  116. 15:36:05 EDT

    They three leaders are flying along now.

  117. 15:37:19 EDT

    Going into the bell lap, it is Hermida again.  Kulhavy second at three seconds.

  118. 15:38:01 EDT

    Stander has fallen back to 22 seconds, and Schurter is fourth at 51 seconds.

  119. 15:38:48 EDT

    It looks like we have our podium!  Will Hermida be able to stay away and hold on to his lead?  He has already pulled even further away.

  120. 15:41:14 EDT

    They charge uphill with no changes.

  121. 15:42:09 EDT

    Schurter is doggedly doing all he can to catch Stander, really going all out.

  122. 15:42:37 EDT

    Hermida powers his way along on a flat section.

  123. 15:43:24 EDT

    We hear that Hermida grew a mustache especially for today!

  124. 15:43:54 EDT

    SG:  Hermida opened gap to 15 sec and looks awesome. Kulhavy looks tired.  half a lap to go.

  125. 15:44:38 EDT

     SG:  Stander a steady 3rd. Schurter not gaining time on bronze

  126. 15:45:05 EDT

    Hermida continues to pull away from Kulhavy.

  127. 15:47:04 EDT

    Stander still has hopes of second, but it looks doubtful.

  128. 15:47:00 EDT

    SG:  Absalon gets tons of cheers as he rides by in fifth. It might be the French speaking connections and he's won here in the past.

  129. 15:48:28 EDT

    Hermida goes down the rocks for the last time.  Only one more climb for him.

  130. 15:48:50 EDT

    Also Kulhavy successfully negotiates the descent.

  131. 15:49:11 EDT

    Now it is Stander's turn. 

  132. 15:49:34 EDT

    SG:  Barring disaster hermida should have it.

  133. 15:50:13 EDT

    Kulhavy is two hairpins behind Hermida.

  134. 15:50:36 EDT

    Absalon only now descending, as fifth.

  135. 15:51:00 EDT

    Hermida works the transition from the climb.  Now he just has to concentrate on the descent and not think of the title.

  136. 15:51:44 EDT

    Kulhavy files down the descent.

  137. 15:53:00 EDT

    Hermida crosses the finish line on foot, carrying his bike over the line.  He's doing some major rejoicing, and it looks like there are some tears.

  138. 15:53:41 EDT

    Kulhavy taks second 29 seconds later, and gives the winner a hug.

  139. 15:54:00 EDT

    Stander proudly points to the South Africa on his chest as he finishes third, at 1:10. That is the first medal ever for an African in the men's elite race.

  140. 15:55:15 EDT

    Schurter now makes his way over the line and pounds his handlebars in frustration, at 2:03.  Absalon is fifth at 2:23.

  141. 15:55:58 EDT

    Congratulations to an emotional Hermida and his two companions on the podium.  And, of course, to all the riders today.

  142. 15:56:21 EDT

    Thanks for reading along with us!

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