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The world's richest collection of sport prescription solutions

Rudy Project
(Image credit: Rudy Project)

When it comes to riding glasses with corrective lenses, beyond dorky-looking Rec Specs, there aren’t many great options that combine the technical feature set or the style of non-prescription shades. 

Italian Eyewear brand Rudy Project has sought to fill this hole in the performance eyewear world for those who don’t have perfect vision, offering prescription lenses for its latest and greatest frames, with the same technology as its standard lens.

ImpactRX - RX Direct

Rudy Project

(Image credit: Rudy Project)

Rudy’s top of the line ImpactRX lenses offer the world’s most advanced corrective lens program. Made from the same proprietary material used in its top of the line ImpactX lenses, they are available both in the fixed tint and adaptive photochromatic. 

Each lens is created individually with what Rudy Project calls Free Form Technology, using computer algorithms and the wears prescription to ensure a full field of view, while also preventing distortions around the edges of wrap-around sunglasses. This prescription technology is also available in Rudy Project’s polarized tints, tuned Polar 3FX HRD optics, RP Opicts static colour lenses, and the High Index Material. Rudy Project also offers this technology in a transitional lens with the corrective version making lightning-quick changes to ambient light, preventing eyestrain no matter if your riding at dawn or mid-day.

With the RX Direct lenses, you will have the entire 180-degree unobstructed field of view offered by Rudy’s riding sunnies, and be able to see clearly across that whole line of sight, just as you would through your everyday prescription glasses.

Beyond just simply preventing distortion, the lenses are impact-resistant, not only keeping your peepers safe from flying debris, they won’t shatter or pose a risk to your eyeballs should they connect with flying gravel, a branch, or other errant pokey objects.

The best part, the Impact RX, RX Direct program is available across almost every frame Rudy Project makes. The Optical in-set platform also allows for integrating ophthalmic lenses within the Cutline and Tralyx shield lens, so you can see clearly and still take advantage of the ultimate in wrap-around protection.  

RX Insert

Rudy Project

(Image credit: Rudy Project)

For those looking for a more wallet-friendly solution to prescription riding sunnies, Rudy Projects’ RX Insert is the ideal solution. Specially design for cyclists who only need slight vision corrections, the RX Optical Insert can be clipped in just behind the non-prescription lenses of just about every performance-oriented frame in Rudy Project’s range, including the flagship Cutline, which is used by Team Bahrain Victorious.

Thanks to the brand’s patented easy-in, easy-out system, the clips can be installed or removed with minimal effort or pressure on the frame and lens, ideal for those who swap back and forth between contacts and corrective lenses depending on their ride. 

The RX Insert allows the wearer the ultimate freedom in prescription performance eyewear, with easy swappability and wide-ranging compatibility, without a heavy price tag.

 Optica Dock and Optical Dock 2 

Rudy Project

(Image credit: Rudy Project)

The Optical Dock is a full rim clip that provides an exciting opportunity for eye doctors and their patients. Using frames like the Rydon, Fotonyk and Stratofly, any material can be used for prescription lenses, including the stock lenses, and allows lateral protection and stability in the event of an impact or crash. 

There is a slight reduction in peripheral vision, but the range of prescriptions is extensive, making this the ideal solution for those who need significant correction to see clearly. Using the optical doc, eyecare providers can take full advantage of the technology, design and ergonomics offered by Rudy Project sunglasses, while having flexibility in timeline and budget.

For 2021, Rudy Project launched a revamped version of the Optical Dock to provide a more integrated and elegant solution to the corrective lenses in performance eyewear. The new Optical Dock 2 offers seamless integration and a wider shape, allowing for an even more comprehensive range of prescriptions. With an easily RX-able 6-Base, the full-rim clip is made from soft and durable polymer and can interface with any lens material, including entry-level edging. 

The new shape offers a wider field of view and plays nice with both standard and progressive prescriptions, allowing vision to be corrected for even higher and more complex alterations without looking like something Steve Urkel would wear. 

The Optical Dock 2 Clips are interchangeable and easy to mount, thanks to Rudy’s proprietary screwless system, and are fully compatible with one of the brand’s best selling models, the Rydon. 

For riders who need substantial corrections to see clearly, the is no other RX system that offers the flexibility, technology, comfort and price point of the Optical Dock. 

Direct Clips

Direct Clips are correction clips compatible with Rudy Project performance frames allowing opticians to quickly refine edged corrective lenses without the need for complex cutting machinery.

The directional clip line allows for an expanded prescription range and has the same curvature as Rudy Project's Sports Frames allowing for an unobstructed, wide field of view.

This does mean opticians will need to use a specific optical design for curved lenses but opens up the versatility thanks to the interchangeability of the clips. If riders occasionally wear contacts, the direct clips allow for easy swaps to plano lenses. 


Rudy Project

(Image credit: Rudy Project)

Flip-up sunnies bring a bit of retro flair to performance eyewear while also allowing you to take advantage of the glasses you know and love. Utilizing Rudy’s quick-change technology, the Flip-Up allows the solar filters to be raised or lowered over prescriptions lenses on the fly. 

The brand new Inkas Flip-Up combines the functionality of the direct clip and flip-up solutions, making something totally unique in sports corrective eyewear.

The new Inkas combines advanced materials, clever correction options and a bit of style, raising the bar on performance for riders who need corrective lenses on the road. Using advanced materials like Kynetium, a sustainable aerospace-grade aluminium for the best possible durability, and ensures they will survive when you inevitably sit on them by accident. 

The t-lock soft and adjustable temple tips and ergonomic adjustable nose pads are integrated into the frame to ensure your glasses sit comfortably on your face and don’t work their way down your nose when you encounter rough roads.

The Inkas can also mount two kinds of removable flat base optical piles to support both single vision and progressive corrections so riders with high prescriptions can take advantage of the Inkas’ comfort, style and versatility. 

Rudy makes the Inkas in two different configurations, with customizable Direct Clips using Nylor Pods or classy full-rim dock pods. 

The XL Inkas employ an effective flip-up lens to allow the tined lens to be raised or lowered on the go as the ambient light changes thanks to the easy-in, easy-out lock. With an extensive flat profile, the Inkas fit right in among popular non-corrective sunnies from Rudy Project and other performance brands, and are also removable, meaning they can be stored in a pocket when not in use. 

Rydon and Propulse Sport readers

Rudy Project

(Image credit: Rudy Project)

For those who only need slight correction to see their 3-second power or how they are faring on a Strava segment, Rudy Project is offering the Rydon and Propulse frame with a prescriptive panel in the lower part of the lens. 

The Sport readers are available in the Smoke, Multilaser Ice and Multilaser Red tints, and correction powers from 1.5+ to 2.5+.

For more information and to find a Rudy Project authorized optician/distributor head over to Rudy Project’s RX page and see clearly on your next ride. 

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