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rh+ Winter Collection

The latest soft shell jackets by rh+ are the best jacket for a temperature range of 5°C to 12°C with a Comfort fitting that fits with cycling-specific movements. Featuring the classic corporate colours of rh+, plus some new mountain bike styles with blue and green. The jackets use rh+’s own AirDry technology designed to offer air protection and simultaneous breathability to avoid that dreaded ‘wet feeling’ during a hard effort. 

Engineered in the R&D office of rh+, the soft shell jackets include features most important to a winter jacket: performance, comfort, breathability, and moisture management. Designed for both men and women, the best combination from the rh+ Winter Collection is the Wind Bibtight and the Reflex W Bibtight. 

Cyclist climbing on the road with snow down the sides wearing rh+ kit

(Image credit: rh+)

For men, rh+ has the Logo II Jacket and Logo II Printed Jacket, both technical winter pieces that feature Biomorphic AND windproof fabric in the front side, as well as the new ECO Biomorphic ID WR on the back. The ECO Biomorphic ID WR is a soft and warm fabric made with polyester recycled yarn, making it the perfect material for winter attire. 

The Jackets include the Water Repellent treatment that makes them even more protective from the harsh winter months and a main fabric whose honeycomb structure further increases breathability. Three Cargo Pockets and a mini zipped pocket on the back of the jacket leave plenty of space for valuables. 

The Logo II Jacket and Logo II Printed Jacket are ripe with even more features, including anatomic preshaped COMFORT Fit construction, Grip Fit Xlight waist gripper with anti-slip inner silicone, and a full zip with customized self-locking camlock. A preshaped neck on the back is designed specifically for the cycling position, plus reflective application on the back and left side that will help keep you safe on the road.  

Close details of the rh+ jersey pattern

(Image credit: rh+)

Completing the men’s winter ensemble is the Wind Bibtight, the warmest bibtight from rh+ with excellent cold weather protection thanks to front AD Biomorphic Light windproof inserts. The new Biomorphic Thermoroubaix ensures water protection, as do the ultra-flat stretch seams and inner elastic with anti-slipped silicon for the bottom leg. Increasing comfort and versatility is the exclusive AirXTRM Dual Pad from rh+; and with that, wet and cold conditions will no longer be a problem. 

In the Women’s Winter Collection from rh+ is the Code W Jacket and Reflex W Bibtight. The Code W Jacket is a soft shell jacket developed for low temperatures, and rich details to be both functional and comfortable. The new Morphic AD fabric is developed for wind protection combined with high breathability, while the front diagonal full zip is not only a style detail, but also increases neck comfort in the cycling position. Special design features such as these and the riding position preshaped SLIM Fit construction combine to create a soft shell winter jacket that is comfortable, warm, and enveloping. 

Cyclist climbing on the road wearing rh+ kit

(Image credit: rh+)

As in the men’s winter jackets from rh+, the Code W Jacket has three wide Cargo Pockets and a mini zipped pocket for valuables, plus reflective application on the front and back for increased safety in the darker winter months. 

Finally, there is the Reflex W Bibtight for winter cycling, a higher cut women’s bib tight with form-fitting details and technical features that offer increased warmth and an excellent fit. The Bibtights are warm and comfortable thanks to the new Biomorphic Super Roubaix ID fabric, and include reflective accents for safety on the road. The 3D breathable mesh back with soft braces further increases comfortability, as do the ultra-flat stretch seams of the Reflex W Bibtight from the rh+ Winter Collection. 

You can find the rh+ Winter Collection on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram at rhthelookofsport.