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Eight reasons to upgrade your wheelset

Wheels are one of the most vital components on a road bike. When looking to upgrade a set of wheels, many factors can impact your buying decision. Not only can a nice wheelset save plenty of weight for smashing the local climb, but a wheelset upgrade can mean increased stiffness too. 

Cadex’s range of carbon wheels are light, stiff, and much more. Upgrading your wheelset is one of the best ways to reap increased performance benefits short of entirely replacing the frame. Here are ten considerations to take into account when shopping for new wheels and why Cadex wheels are a top contender. 

Hookless rim design 

A wheel may seem like a simple component, but there’s a lot that goes into wheel design. For example, the best cycling wheels like the Cadex 42 and 65 use a hookless rim design. On a hookless rim, there is a smoother transition between the rim and the tyre. This reduces aerodynamic drag, which in turn makes you faster.

Spoke Lacing 

A wheel is useless with improper spoke tension. That’s why Cadex wheels utilise Dynamic Balanced Lacing to optimise weight, strength and airflow. This unique technology ensures that the spokes are set to the optimal tension, meaning that you ride is as efficient as possible. 


(Image credit: Cadex)

Aerodynamic spokes 

The benefits of aerodynamic components are evident as soon as the winds start blowing. An area of the bike that can be greatly impacted by aerodynamics is the spokes. Upgrading to a set of wheels that uses aero spokes can allow riders to cut through the wind better and go faster. However, conditions on the road are rarely linear, with crosswinds presenting a serious problem. Aero spokes can also increase stability, so riders don’t have to fret when it gets gusty. 

Low-friction hubs

Going fast is all about reducing rolling resistance. One place to do this is inside the hub. Anytime there are moving parts in a cycling component, there is friction, and friction slows the bike down. The top wheel manufacturers have adopted precision manufacturing to decrease friction inside the hub. 


(Image credit: Cadex)

Disc brakes 

With disc brakes becoming ubiquitous in the road bike market, manufacturers have created high-quality disc brake-compatible wheelsets. If you’re looking to squeeze out more performance on your disc brake equipped bike, Cadex has you covered. The Cadex 42 and 65 models are offered in disc brake options so you don’t have to sacrifice performance. 


Most cyclists know that a lighter bike is faster, and one of the best places to decrease weight on a bike is the wheels. Wheels can be one of the heaviest parts of the bike, so upgrading to lightweight carbon wheels can quickly lead to gains on the road.


(Image credit: Cadex)


Factors like spoke design and carbon construction also lead to a stiffer, more durable wheelset. There’s no worse feeling than grinding up a steep climb or smashing a sprint only to realise that the bike feels smooshy underneath you. Upgrading to stiffer wheels can ensure that all of that power turns into speed in an efficient manner. 

Time Trial 

A solid set of aero wheels is even more important during time trials. Cadex has used its engineering brilliance to create full-carbon time trial wheels in both tubeless and tubular variants. The front wheel features four spokes and the rear is a full disc wheel for the fastest results. 

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