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Cycle Science: A centralised hub of training-based how-to advice

Neal Henderson presenting to studens
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Welcome to Cycle Science, an all-new central hub of science-led cycling-related training advice that will help cyclists meet their goals. 

Sponsored by Wahoo, the creation of Cycle Science hub marks the launch of Systm, the all new indoor training app from the leading indoor cycling specialists, which will sit at the centre of its indoor cycling ecosystem. 

Cycle Science will provide you with detailed advice on a host of topics, including interval training and an easy-to-follow training plan for aspiring cyclists. 

In addition, we'll outline our top strength training tips, and the workouts you can do to tackle common cycling injuries. We'll dive deep into the stretches that all cyclists should be doing, how to do them, and how often they should be performed, and we'll also take a detailed look at overtraining, outline the symptoms and how to spot the signs. 

We even put the 20 minute FTP test under the spotlight to see if it's really the best metric for testing fitness. 

Every single workout built into Systm is developed and built by Wahoo's team of scientists, so no matter what you're looking to get out of your cycling training, choose the scientific approach and choose Wahoo Systm. 


(Image credit: Wahoo)

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Wahoo training plan

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Yoga instructor performing a lumbar stretch

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Geraint Thomas on Pinarello Dogma mounted to Wahoo Kickr

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Wout Van Aert collapses, shattered, after his day-long efforts

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Cyclist performing a russian twist

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