Best Gore C5 Shakedry jacket deals

Best Gore C5 Shakedry 1985 jacket deals
(Image credit: Gore )

Gore Shakedry has to be the ideal fabric for a cycling jacket. It's super-lightweight, very breathable and pocketable, but when the rain comes down, the material keeps it out really effectively. Plus, as its name says, when you take it off you can just shake it and the water will fall off - no cold, heavy, soggy lump in your jersey pocket, and no worrying about it still being wet the following day. 

That's thanks to Gore's two-layer Shakedry fabric. Gore has always been at the forefront of weatherproof fabric innovation, having developed the original three-layer laminate way back in 1969. The clever bit with Shakedry is that the membrane is on the outside of the jacket, rather than being sandwiched between layers of fabric. That makes the fabric a lot lighter, plus since the membrane is hydrophobic it won't wet out - and shakes dry.

Shakedry is taking over the premium end of the market for the best waterproof cycling jackets, with options from Castelli and Rapha available too, but as the developer of the material, unsurprisingly Gore has a wide range of Shakedry jackets. That starts with the Gore C5 Shakedry jacket, but now also includes insulated versions with Polartec Alpha on the inside as well as higher visibility options with added reflectives and the minimalist Race Shakedry with stretch panels for a close fit.

If you've decided that the C5 Shakedry jacket is the perfect choice for you, but want to double-check you're getting the best price among the sea of bike deals, you're in the right place. We've set our system, which checks through millions of prices and updates in real-time, to hunt the internet for the best prices available today, shown below. 

The Gore C5 Shakedry 1985 jacket is a premium product and that's reflected in its list price of around £300.00, but hunt around and you can save money. As usual, that's particularly true if you're on the smaller or larger end of Gore's range of five sizes from S up to XXL. It's also true if you're after the less popular insulated version. It's not as foldable as the shell jacket but is ideal for days spent training in cold wet conditions. 

One thing to look out for with the Gore C5 Shakedry jacket is that there's little stretch in the Shakedry fabric, so don't be tempted to size down and hope it will fit.

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