Paris - Nice 2010

March 7-14, 2010, Montfort-l’Amaury, FRA, Road - HIS (Historical Calendar)

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
hedwig kröner
  1. 14:38:31 GMT

    Dutchman Lars Boom is leading the standings right now with a time of 10.56 minutes. The profile of the parcours is less flat than one could expect from looking at the map provided by the organiser.

  2. 14:42:52 GMT

    There's a cobbled street right within the first kilometre of the parcours, slightly uphill, too, which doesn'tb make for a smooth start. After that, the road continues to climb, out of the small town into a forest.

  3. 14:44:30 GMT

    A first rolling section comes after about 2 kilometres on a plateau.

    Jean-Christophe Péraud, French TT champ, has just started.

  4. 14:47:13 GMT

    AG2R's Tadej Valjavec is on the rolling part now, again through a forest.

    We've just heard that Gert Steegmans (Radioshack) has crashed earlier and has been taken to hospital. He's out of the race before it's even started - too bad. Let's hope he's not gravely injured.

  5. 14:49:31 GMT

    His rival sprinter André Greipel (HTC) is now off the start ramp. Let's see how he does but this doesn't look like a sprinter's prologue - more one for strong rouleurs and climbers like the overall favourites.

  6. 14:51:35 GMT

    Following up on Steegmans: Lance Armstrong just twittered that he possibly broke his collarbone...

    Tom Danielson got into the finish tenth, at 27 seconds.

  7. 14:54:07 GMT

    Good performance by Chris Horner (Radioshack): 8th at the moment.

  8. 14:57:51 GMT

    The sun is out now on the riders so weather-wise everything is fine.

    Péraud came in tenth, not bad for his first year as a road rider.

  9. 15:02:30 GMT

    Despite his big motor, Greipel is 43rd at the finish, 34 seconds behind.

    U23 world chamion Romain Sicard has also started now. He had a few problems last week but finally could participate. His Euskaltel team will be eager to see what he's capable of.

  10. 15:08:04 GMT

    Jakob Fuglsang (Saxo Bank) explained at the finish that it was important to start fast in this TT, using the big chainring, even though - or because of - the cobbled sector and the climb.

    Philippe Gilbert, Lotto's head man, is under way. He will be showing good form at this Paris-Nice, building up for the Ardennes Classics.

  11. 15:12:23 GMT

    Garmin's Svein Tuft, by the way, finished eighth, at 20 seconds of Boom, who's still sitting on the hot chair.

    Frenchman Sylvain Chavanel is off, and going flat out right away. He's motivated for this race, and wants to finish on the podium again.

  12. 15:16:20 GMT

    The big guns are here now, Alejandro Valverde (Caisse d'Epargne) has left the start ramp.

    The gaps at the finish won't be enormous between the overall favourites, but already might give an information on who's hot and who's not. The Spaniards (Valverde, his team-mate Luis Léon Sanchez, Alberto Contador, Samuel Sanchez) could be the driving forces of this year's race, against notably Fränk Schleck (Saxo Bank) and Chavanel.

  13. 15:19:25 GMT

    David Millar (Garmin) is also preparing to start, a TT specialist who will have ambition on this course.

    Schleck, also out on the loop, is on the rolling plateau now, digging into it.

  14. 15:22:06 GMT

    Schleck looks smooth and sharp already. The pre-race hype has been much around Contador and Valverde, maybe this has helped him tackle this race undisturbed.

  15. 15:25:02 GMT

    Chavanel finished, 37th, while David Millar sets off.

    Schleck is also in the finish: in 67th position. Valverde: 23rd.

  16. 15:27:10 GMT

    Let's see what Levi Leipheimer (Radioshack) can do. Millar could be a candidate for the victory here today, if he can find his rythm right from the start over the cobbles.

  17. 15:30:48 GMT

    There is quite a head wind on the last half of the parcours, when the riders return into town.

  18. 15:33:43 GMT

    Here comes the big race favourite, Alberto Contador (Astana), dressed in his Spanish TT champion skinsuit. His earpiece doesn't work, though - he signalled it to his team car.

  19. 15:34:53 GMT

    Jens Voigt (Saxo Bank) is also off.

    Here comes Millar: fourth! Boom will start to get nervous on his hot chair.

  20. 15:36:11 GMT

    Luis Leon Sanchez, the 2009 winner, is the lsat rider on the course. In ten minutes we'll know today's outcome!

  21. 15:36:43 GMT

    Leiphiemer comes in strong... but gets second, biting his teeth!

  22. 15:39:03 GMT

    Contador looks fast. He should be in good condition already after his Algarve win, and has declared wanting to win Paris-Nice again.

    Voigt powers through the forest.

    Samuel Sanchez finished sixth, that could give him a head strat over the other overall contenders.

  23. 15:41:34 GMT

    Sanchez also looks strong, while Kreuziger finishes.

  24. 15:42:27 GMT

    Contador has Tony Martin in view...!

  25. 15:43:21 GMT

    Here comes Contador... not the first place... third!

  26. 15:44:15 GMT

    Boom should be jubilating by now.

  27. 15:45:33 GMT

    Voigt gives it all and gets second! Great performance.

  28. 15:46:12 GMT

    Ah, Sanchez could make it... here he comes...

  29. 15:47:17 GMT

    No, too far away. Sanchez finishes ninth, and Lars Boom (Rabobank) takes the win! A surprise victor, but worthy nonetheless, congratulations!

  30. 15:51:03 GMT

    Top five are all within 10 seconds, as Voigt is at three secs, Leipheimer at six with Contador.

  31. 15:54:17 GMT

    That's all from us in France today; join us again tomorrow for the first stage of Paris-Nice from Saint-Arnoult to Contres. Au revoir!

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