Giro d'Italia 2012

May 5-27, 2012, Herning (ITT), Italy, Road - WorldTour

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Susan Westemeyer

The climbing starts! The Giro d'Italia heads into the mountains for the first time in stage six.

  1. 11:31:05 CEST

    Giro d'Italia, stage six – medium mountains. After all the excitement (and crashes) of the opening flat stages, we are finally getting into the climbing.

  2. 11:37:56 CEST

    We are on a bit early today, the race doesn't actually start until 11:40.

  3. 11:41:24 CEST

    If we have our clocks correctly co-ordinated, the race should now be underway!

  4. 11:48:10 CEST

    It is actually a lot more rolling than mountainous, but still – it is not flat! We have four ranked climbs, one category two and three category three. And when we look at the profile, we really don't see a lot of flat anywhere.

  5. 11:52:52 CEST

    As far as we know, all 198 starters are still in the race. And that despite all the nasty crashes we have seen!

  6. 11:56:49 CEST

    We are suffering from a lack of information so far, so let's see how we can fill the time....

  7. 11:58:50 CEST

    What does the CN “Bluffers guide” say to this stage? “The last 100 kilometres will be punch and counterpunch through the thinking man’s Tuscany, as the Giro begins in earnest. Scarponi, from nearby Filottrano, will look to deliver to his legions of Marchegiano fans.”

  8. 12:00:19 CEST

    The weather appears to be co-operating today.  At the start we hear it was 20°C, sunshine and virutally no wind. Sounds lovely!

  9. 12:04:22 CEST

    For the record, we are riding 210 km today from Urbino south-southeast to Porto Sant'Elpidio.

  10. 12:08:36 CEST

    After five stages, who is wearing what jersey and who is leading which ranking? Let's take a peek, starting with GC.

    1     Ramunas Navardauskas (Ltu) Garmin - Barracuda     14:45:13      
    2     Robert Hunter (RSA) Garmin - Barracuda     0:00:05      
    3     Ryder Hesjedal (Can) Garmin - Barracuda     0:00:11      
    4     Matthew Harley Goss (Aus) Orica GreenEdge Cycling Team     0:00:13      
    5     Mark Cavendish (GBr) Sky Procycling     0:00:14      
    6     Geraint Thomas (GBr) Sky Procycling     0:00:16      
    7     Manuele Boaro (Ita) Team Saxo Bank     0:00:19      
    8     Christian Vande Velde (USA) Garmin - Barracuda     0:00:26      
    9     Joaquim Rodriguez Oliver (Spa) Katusha Team     0:00:30      
    10     Alexander Kristoff (Nor) Katusha Team          

  11. 12:11:55 CEST

    And at the other end of things, our lowest-ranked rider is Miguel Minguez of Euskaltel-Euskadi, who is already 24:39 down.

  12. 12:15:09 CEST

    For the red jersey of the points competition:

    1     Matthew Harley Goss (Aus) Orica GreenEdge Cycling Team     65      pts
    2     Mark Cavendish (GBr) Sky Procycling     53      
    3     Tyler Farrar (USA) Garmin - Barracuda     30      
    4     Geraint Thomas (GBr) Sky Procycling     26      
    5     Taylor Phinney (USA) BMC Racing Team     25      

  13. 178km remaining from 207km

    12:15:50 CEST

    After 29km, it looks like a large-ish group is trying to get away. Only has 18 seconds so far, though.

  14. 12:19:08 CEST

    The gap is up to 40 seconds.Let's see if we can't get some of the names.

  15. 12:24:01 CEST

    We have barely had enough bumps to call mountains so far, but there have been enough to establish a mountain ranking. We can expect some changes here today for sure!

    1     Alfredo Balloni (Ita) Farnese Vini - Selle Italia     6      pts
    2     Pier Paolo De Negri (Ita) Farnese Vini - Selle Italia     3      
    3     Ramunas Navardauskas (Ltu) Garmin - Barracuda     2      
    4     Miguel Angel Rubiano Chavez (Col) Androni Giocattoli     2      
    5     Brian Bulgac (Ned) Lotto Belisol Team     2      
    6     Alessandro De Marchi (Ita) Androni Giocattoli     1      
    7     Olivier Kaisen (Bel) Lotto Belisol Team     1      
    8     Miguel Minguez Ayala (Spa) Euskaltel - Euskadi     1      

  16. 12:26:49 CEST

    1:15 is the gap now, at km 33.  Here the names we have gathered: A. Malori, A. Dyachenko, Rubiano, Belleti, Balloni, Rollin, Bauer, Kuschynski, Keukeliere, Smukulus, Lastras, Golas, Van Winden, Benedetti and Roberts.

  17. 12:30:21 CEST

    Best young rider is, of course, the GC leader, 24-year-old Ramunas Navardauskas.

    1     Ramunas Navardauskas (Ltu) Garmin - Barracuda     14:45:13      
    2     Manuele Boaro (Ita) Team Saxo Bank     0:00:19      
    3     Alexander Kristoff (Nor) Katusha Team     0:00:30      
    4     Peter Stetina (USA) Garmin - Barracuda     0:00:31      
    5     Michal Kwiatkowski (Pol) Omega Pharma-Quickstep     0:00:35

  18. 12:34:38 CEST

    Fast team classification is headed by Garmin-Barracuda:

    1     Garmin - Barracuda     43:01:35      
    2     BMC Racing Team     0:00:36      
    3     Radioshack - Nissan     0:00:45      
    4     Orica Greenedge            
    5     Sky Procycling     0:00:51     

  19. 165km remaining from 207km

    12:38:52 CEST

    This looks to be our group of the day: at km 42 they already have 4:55.

  20. 12:40:19 CEST

    Five riders in the group are within one minute of our leader in pink. The top-ranked rider is Luke Roberts of Saxo Ban, who is currently 41 seconds down in 25th position.

  21. 12:44:34 CEST

    Has Taylor Phinney had an up-and-down time of it in the Giro, or what? He has hit the ground in practically every stage. What an introduction the youngster has had in his first grand tour: winning the opening stage, wearing the leader's pink jersey and then crashing, crashing, crashing. He is pretty philosophical about it, though.

  22. 12:47:27 CEST

    And here again, the list of riders in this break: Miguel Rubiano (Androni-Giocattoli), Manuel Belletti (AG2R-LaMondiale), Alfredo Balloni (Farnese Vini-Selle Italia), Dominique Rollin (FDJ-BigMat), Jack Bauer (Garmin-Barracuda), Aliaksandr Kuchynski (Katusha), Jens Keukeleire (Orica-GreenEdge), Gatis Smukulis (Katusha), Pablo Lastras Garcia (Movistar), Michal Golas (Omega Pharma-QuickStep), Dennis Van Winden (Rabobank), Cesare Benedetti (Team NetApp), and Luke Roberts (Saxo Bank).

  23. 12:52:50 CEST

    A puncture for Navardauskas. Better now than later.

  24. 12:56:14 CEST

    It looks like Alfredo Balloni of Farnese Vini-Selle Italia is serious about holding on to his mountains jersey. He is in this group and has the potential to pick up a lot more points today.

  25. 12:59:19 CEST

    Let's all give one big “ooooooh, how sweet.......” for little Delilah Cavendish, who made her podium debut yesterday. Oh yeah, her Dad was there too.

  26. 152km remaining from 207km

    13:02:03 CEST

    With 152km still to go the gap has jumped to 8:36. Liquigas has moved to the front of the field, but at this rate, we can't really call it the "chasing" field.

  27. 13:07:47 CEST

    Alex Rasmussen of Garmin-Barracuda was considered a hot favourite to take the leader's jersey after the team time trial, but the Dane had to drop back before the finish line. He was happy the team won and that his teammate Navardauskas took the jersey, but felt “he let the team down.”

  28. 13:11:30 CEST

    • Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team's 2012 Jersey

    We have our first abandon of the 2012 Giro: Romain Feillu of Vacansoleil. He was one of those who finished 12 minutes down yesterday.

  29. 13:16:54 CEST

    Well, it looks like the peloton has finally woken up. The gap has come down to 7:43, with 144km to go.

  30. 13:23:20 CEST

    And moments later, the gap is back to over 8 minutes.

  31. 13:25:27 CEST

    Yvon Sanquer is sitting in the team car for FDJ-Big Mat. You may remember him as being with Astana, where he was team manager, or at least he was up until Alberto Contador left that team. He is still convinced that Contador won the 2010 Tour de France clean.

  32. 13:29:31 CEST

    Here's one for all you Ipad folks: issue two of Cycling News HD, our new weekly magazine. Click here to find out more.

  33. 13:35:20 CEST

    We have a birthday in the peloton today! Adam Hansen of Lotto Belisol has turned 31 today. Happy Birthday and good luck and stop crashing!

  34. 13:41:46 CEST

    Well, well, the gap is finally coming down for real. It is now at 6:30. We can't give you an exact km measure right now, but the lead group is apparently approaching the first climb, which tops out at km 95.

  35. 122km remaining from 207km

    13:46:51 CEST

    Thor Hushovd is the next to abandon. He too finished way down yesterday. Perhaps he is ill?

  36. 125km remaining from 207km

    13:49:47 CEST

    The group has started up the day's first climb and four riders have already fallen back: Keukeleire, van Winden, Belletti and Balloni. Not what we would expect from the man wearing the mountain jersey!

  37. 13:54:44 CEST

    Here is a short look at today's climbs, courtesy of the Giro: This is the first hilly stage of the Giro d’Italia, with only the final
    section on flat roads. The whole stage climbs and descends through the Macerata and
    Fermano Apennine hills, with short and sharp ascents followed by technical descents.
    The route includes 4 classified climbs: Cingoli, 3rd cat -746m after 95.4km; Passo
    della Cappella 2nd cat -772m after 118km; Montelupone 3rd cat 251m after 154.7km;
    Montegranaro 3rd cat 241m after 176.5km.

  38. 115km remaining from 207km

    14:01:13 CEST

    The 11 rides still in the lead group are now heading up the day's first ranked climb, the Cingoli. It is 6.4 km long, with an average 6.5% gradient, maximum 13%.

  39. 14:04:26 CEST

    The gap is now down to six minutes.

  40. 14:07:24 CEST

    Before the start of the stage, during the morning TV show on Italian television, race leader Ramunas Navardauskas and Michele Acquarone (the general director of RCS Spor)t, gave a pink jersey to Paolo Pantani, the father of Marco Pantani.

  41. 14:10:25 CEST

    Tyler Farrar had been a favourite to take yesterday's stage, but, well, it sure didn't work out that way, did it? "I just had an off day," he said.

  42. 14:13:21 CEST

    Today's stage sees the corsa rosa return to Porto Sant’ Elpidio exactly 20 years after Mario Cipollini’s victory in 1992.

  43. 14:14:55 CEST

    The leaders have crossed the first ranked climb of the day, and now have only a 5:38 lead.

  44. 14:19:18 CEST

    Today's first mountain points went to Golas, with Rubiano in second.

  45. 14:23:47 CEST

    Did Jonathan Atkins purposely take down Isaac Howes down in a race? Atkins says no, Howes says yes.  No, this is not a soap opera but an incident in a US criterium race, which USA Cycling is looking into. Our Peter Hymas has all of the “Atkins said/Howes said” for us here.

  46. 14:27:15 CEST

    100km to go. The gap is back up to 5:50. But those remaining kms are pretty bumpy ones!

  47. 14:31:09 CEST

    The lead group is now starting up the second climb of the day. The Passo della Cappella climb includes a four kilometre dirt section with a gradient of 9% and sections at 15%. And it starts with a gravel section!

  48. 14:33:17 CEST

    Just a reminder that our lead group is: Miguel Rubiano (Androni-Giocattoli), Dominique Rollin (FDJ-BigMat), Jack Bauer (Garmin-Barracuda), Aliaksandr Kuchynski (Katusha), Gatis Smukulis (Katusha), Pablo Lastras Garcia (Movistar), Michal Golas (Omega Pharma-QuickStep), Cesare Benedetti (Team NetApp), and Luke Roberts (Saxo Bank).

    And as far as we know, the following have fallen out of this grouß
    Dennis Van Winden (Rabobank), Jens Keukeleire (Orica-GreenEdge), Manuel Belletti (AG2R-LaMondiale), Alfredo Balloni (Farnese Vini-Selle Italia),

  49. 14:40:05 CEST

    Here is some good news for Bjarne Riis: the Spanish timeshare company Anfi says it is will move in as co-sponsor. What would you think of Team Saxo Bank-Anfi?

  50. 97km remaining from 207km

    14:41:38 CEST

    97km to go and the gap is 5:22.

  51. 14:44:34 CEST

    Rollin is having problems staying up with the lead group on this climb.

  52. 14:45:26 CEST

    Rubiano attacks on the climb!

  53. 14:48:49 CEST

    That's it for me today.  Dan Benson will take you in for the rest of the stage.

  54. 14:49:49 CEST

    Thanks Susan

  55. 14:51:12 CEST

    Some big news from this morning, that we've already mentioned, Thor Hushovd out of the race. His poor season goes on and on. Marquee signing he may have been but it's not worked out so far since his move from Garmin.

  56. 14:52:28 CEST

    We're hearing over race radio that Lastras has crashed. He attacked after Rujano but has come down.

  57. 14:53:48 CEST

    Rubiano , my mistake, Rujano is back in the bunch

  58. 14:55:31 CEST

    Back with the peloton, Liquigas and Astana are doing most of the work. With jack Bauer up the road, the American team dont need to that much work at all.

  59. 88km remaining from 207km

    14:58:07 CEST

    We're over the main climbs for the day but with the maglia rosa already in difficulty we could see a shift in the race lead.

  60. 15:05:38 CEST

    the maglia rosa is off the back of the bunch and there's still a long way to go. It's going to be very hard to come back from there. Hesjedal is riding towards the pink jersey.

  61. 77km remaining from 207km

    15:08:47 CEST

    77 km to go. The break continues to splinter, while Liquigas are continuing to do a lot of work. They clearly want to keep the pace high, and keep Basso out of trouble but there's still a long way to go in the race, in the stage even. They're certainly showing that they mean business though.

  62. 15:10:48 CEST

    Rodriguez and Hesjedal will be content with the day so far, the Spaniard has Basso's team on the front doing the work and the Canadian is riding into pink, assuming a few other riders have been dropped as well, Hunter for example.

  63. 15:11:59 CEST

    Astana have moved up, sitting just behind the Liquigas train, which has thinned out a lot in the last 10 km. The gap is 4:22 to the break.

  64. 15:15:45 CEST

    Navardauskas has made contact with the bunch. A combination of things allowed him back on, 1, he was chasing like a mad man, 2, Liquigas have eased off, 3 the bunch have slowed for a comfort break. Saved pink due to Ivan Basso's full bladder. That's bike racing.

  65. 15:16:22 CEST

    The gap to the break will start to creep up again, it could reach around 6 minutes. We've got 70km to race.

  66. 15:19:44 CEST

    Jack Bauer is nursing some injuries on the bike, his shorts ripped. I'm not sure where he crashed though but he looks okay to make the stage.

  67. 15:21:19 CEST

    The Garmin rider is back with the break though, perhaps he came down at the same point as Lastras? We'll try and get confirmatio as soon as we can.

  68. 65km remaining from 207km

    15:24:35 CEST

    The gap is up to 6:17, with 65 kilometres to go. We've still got two categorised climbs to come and both will test the peloton. After what we've seen around in the stage, we could still see a change in race leadership. The maglia rosa is not safe by any means.

  69. 15:28:53 CEST

    And again Liquigas move to the front -  all of them this time - setting the pace.

  70. 15:34:18 CEST

    We're coming up to the next climb, we'll see what the maglia rosa is made up when we hit the slower slopes. Robbie Hunter is up there at the front for Garmin, who are looking a lot more organised now. Still, Liquigas set the pace though.

  71. 15:35:47 CEST

    Basso looks comfortable, keen for his team to flex their muscles on the front of the peloton. The leaders in the break have reached the climb, max gradient of 15%.

  72. 15:37:51 CEST

    Luke Roberts come through in the break and takes a turn.

  73. 15:39:46 CEST

    Rubiano who was brought back by the break earlier, sits at the back of the group. He took the points on the last climb so if he has any legs he'll go for it again.

  74. 15:42:33 CEST

    And Rubiano has gone for it. He's on his own and heading towards more mountain points. He doesnt look that smooth on the pedals but he's effective.

  75. 15:48:01 CEST

    The peloton on the climb, and lots of riders are struggling on the lower slopes. There's a pretty good chance of this break staying away at this rate. Liquigas have spread over the road and set the pace, it's not too fast so Basso looks happy with containment for now.

  76. 15:49:21 CEST

    And the bunch crest the top of the climb, the gap still over 5 minutes with 51 kilometres to go.

  77. 15:50:55 CEST

    Rubiano is been brought back again by the break.

  78. 15:51:18 CEST

    The gap is down to 4:50 and there are a lot of tired legs in the break.

  79. 15:53:21 CEST

    Savio leans out of the window, and gives Rubiano some advice about the finale.

  80. 15:55:01 CEST

    Two Garmin men in trouble now, Bauer is being dropped from the break and our race leader, Navardauskas, is at the back of the bunch.

  81. 15:58:23 CEST

    Navardauskas is certainly giving it everything but it's not going to be enough. Garmin have to stay with their GC man for the day so the race leader is on his own now.

  82. 45km remaining from 207km

    16:01:42 CEST

    45km to go, the gap is down to under 4 minutes. The bunch is down to around 50 riders so it's been a really, really tough stage for the riders. 

  83. 16:03:12 CEST

    Navardauskas is a minute down on the peloton .Bennati was dropped with him, a testament to how tough today's finish. Pozzato is in the peloton, he's a good bet for today if the break is caught.

  84. 16:06:21 CEST

    The race is going to splinter on the final climb, and no mistake. We're about 10km away.

  85. 16:08:19 CEST

    The leaders hit the climb, and they're all weaving all over the road, the pace almost at a standstill.

  86. 16:09:15 CEST

    Navardauskas has come back to the bunch again. Great riding from the young man.

  87. 16:11:13 CEST

    And Scarponi has come to the front to see what's going on. Cunego is close by.

  88. 16:12:51 CEST

    Scarponi and Ballan both on the front with more riders struggling at the back. Navardauskas digs in at the back. And he pops, again. He'll go at his own pace and just hope he can come back again.

  89. 16:16:01 CEST

    More and more men from Lampre swarm the front of the bunch.

  90. 16:17:22 CEST

    Navardauskas you guessed it, has made contact again, but the road is getting stepper, so you know what's going to happen next.

  91. 16:18:46 CEST

    The break has splinted, Malori, Golas, Benedretti, Dyachenko and Rubiano going clear.

  92. 16:19:54 CEST

    Rubiano goes again, aiming for more points.

  93. 16:21:05 CEST

    We're hearing that Tyler Farrar has crashed out of the Giro.

  94. 16:23:38 CEST

    BMC now driving the field along. Huge crowds on the peak of the climb, with Rubiano set to take maximum points and the lead in the KOM.

    The gap is still 4:11 so it's going to be decided by the break, surely.

  95. 16:26:17 CEST

    With Roberts dropped and the bunch starting to chase hard the complexion of the race changes again. Roberts was 41 seconds down on pink at the start of the stage.

  96. 16:27:42 CEST

    The bunch at the top of the climb with all the GC favourites near the front. Rugano, Roman K, Scarponi, Cunego, but Basso has slipped back just a bit.

  97. 16:29:47 CEST

    Rubiano is pushing on alone this time, he's got 4:35 on the bunch and I fancy his chances of winning the stage if he can stay clear of the remnants of the break.

    Pozzato has attacked from the bunch.

  98. 16:31:26 CEST

    Pozzato is just trying to keep the pace up and get some urgency in the main field because right now Rubiano is riding away with the stage win. he has 23 seconds on the chase group and over 4 minutes on the main field.

  99. 16:35:03 CEST

    Maroli is the maglia rosa on the road at this moment.

  100. 16:35:53 CEST

    Rubiano still have a gap. He's 4;30 on the peloton, Colnago are leading the chase but it's not enough, surely.

  101. 16:38:34 CEST

    Rubiano in the saddle, churning away, he appears to be slowing but the gap doesnt appear to be coming down fast enough. It's at 4:11 with 24km to race.

  102. 16:40:26 CEST

    Liquigas take over the pace setting.

  103. 16:42:45 CEST

    Rubiano dives down a descent, this is where he can still be brought back by the Malori group. Malori will want to secure the pink jersey and might sacrifice the stage win just to make sure he takes it.

  104. 16:44:45 CEST

    Visconti has attacked. A couple of riders have gone with him but Liquigas bring them all back together.

    Rubiano has 1:11 on the chasers.

  105. 16:50:07 CEST

    The chasing foursome are not making much of an impact. Rubiano is holding them all off at the moment.

  106. 16:51:17 CEST

    Malori needs to work though and make sure he takes pink. Same with Golas. They also dont want Roberts to come back as then he'll be in pink.

  107. 16:51:56 CEST

    Frank Schleck, sits on Basso's rear wheel. Liquigas have done so much work today.

  108. 16:53:43 CEST

    If Rubiano takes 1;26 on the bunch he'll move into pink. He takes 20 seconds in a bonus as well, so Malori needs to get a move on and fast. 

  109. 13km remaining from 207km

    16:55:38 CEST

    The stage and the race are so tightly poised. Golas is just a few seconds down on Malori so the Lampre rider needs to be careful.

  110. 16:57:59 CEST

    Garmin have committed Vande Velde to the front and the American is setting the pace.

  111. 10km remaining from 207km

    16:59:13 CEST

    10km to race. Rubiano has 1:21 on the chase and 3;36 on the peloton.

  112. 17:02:19 CEST

    Garmin put another man on the front.

  113. 17:02:52 CEST

    I think they've come to the front too late.

  114. 17:03:57 CEST

    They're going to have to motor. They need to get the gap to around 2:30-2:40 in order to put Hesjedal into the pink jersey.

  115. 17:05:21 CEST

    Right now Rubiano is heading for the stage, pink and the mountains jersey.

  116. 17:07:26 CEST

    Another Garmin rider joins the chase.

  117. 17:07:58 CEST

    The stage is going to Rubiano, no doubt about that now. We're down to the battle for pink.

  118. 3km remaining from 207km

    17:08:20 CEST

    Rubiano is 1:28 clear with 3km to go.

  119. 17:09:38 CEST

    2:55 so Hesjedal is getting close. They need to bring back more and more time.

  120. 17:10:11 CEST

    Malori and Golas still huge factors in the destination for the pink jersey as well. They need to take a few more seconds though.

  121. 17:11:10 CEST

    Malori gets on Golas's wheel.

  122. 17:12:16 CEST

    And Rubiano takes the stage. A very impressive ride from the climber.

  123. 17:13:06 CEST

    Start the clock for the fight for pink. Remember Rubiano takes another 20 seconds for the win.

  124. 17:13:24 CEST

    Here come the chases, 12, second and  8 seconds on hand

  125. 17:13:42 CEST

    Malori takes second , Golas third.

  126. 17:13:49 CEST

    Here come the bunch.

  127. 17:14:20 CEST

    I think Malori will be in pink this evening.

  128. 17:14:41 CEST

    Malori is surrounded at the finish. Does he know yet?

  129. 17:19:19 CEST

    Impey won the bunch sprint by the way but the ride of the day came from Rubiano. He was the strongest rider out there.

    Malori did what he needed, fair play,and will pull on the pink jersey, an honour for any rider, but especially for an Italian.

  130. 17:25:01 CEST

    1 Miguel Angel Rubiano Chavez (Col) Androni Giocattoli 5:38:30
    2 Adriano Malori (Ita) Lampre - ISD 0:01:10
    3 Michal Golas (Pol) Omega Pharma-Quickstep
    4 Alexsandr Dyachenko (Kaz) Astana Pro Team
    5 Cesare Benedetti (Ita) Team NetApp
    6 Daryl Impey (RSA) Orica GreenEdge Cycling Team 0:01:51
    7 Filippo Pozzato (Ita) Farnese Vini - Selle Italia

  131. 17:32:58 CEST

    1 Adriano Malori (Ita) Lampre - ISD 20:25:28
    2 Michal Golas (Pol) Omega Pharma-Quickstep 0:00:15
    3 Ryder Hesjedal (Can) Garmin - Barracuda 0:00:17
    4 Miguel Angel Rubiano Chavez (Col) Androni Giocattoli 0:00:30
    5 Christian Vande Velde (USA) Garmin - Barracuda 0:00:32
    6 Joaquim Rodriguez Oliver (Spa) Katusha Team 0:00:36
    7 Peter Stetina (USA) Garmin - Barracuda 0:00:37
    8 Daniel Moreno Fernandez (Spa) Katusha Team 0:00:39
    9 Enrico Gasparotto (Ita) Astana Pro Team
    10 Luke Roberts (Aus) Team Saxo Bank 0:00:41

  132. 17:33:00 CEST

    1 Adriano Malori (Ita) Lampre - ISD 20:25:28
    2 Michal Golas (Pol) Omega Pharma-Quickstep 0:00:15
    3 Ryder Hesjedal (Can) Garmin - Barracuda 0:00:17
    4 Miguel Angel Rubiano Chavez (Col) Androni Giocattoli 0:00:30
    5 Christian Vande Velde (USA) Garmin - Barracuda 0:00:32
    6 Joaquim Rodriguez Oliver (Spa) Katusha Team 0:00:36
    7 Peter Stetina (USA) Garmin - Barracuda 0:00:37
    8 Daniel Moreno Fernandez (Spa) Katusha Team 0:00:39
    9 Enrico Gasparotto (Ita) Astana Pro Team
    10 Luke Roberts (Aus) Team Saxo Bank 0:00:41

  133. 17:34:27 CEST

    Thanks for joining us today for what has been a fascinating day's racing. Most of the favourites looked good, Basso and Liquigas doing a lot of work, and a fantastic ride from Rubiano. Malori in pink this evening...

    Tune in tomorrow for stage 7.

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