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Vittoria Air-Liner Road

Vittoria Air Liner Road
(Image credit: Vittoria)

Flat tyres have been the bane of cyclists' existence for decades. Thanks to tubeless tyre technology, however, flats are becoming less of a problem. And tubeless tech has brought even more tyre technology improvements, like tyre inserts. 

Vittoria has been at the forefront of tyre innovation with products like its Air-Liner Road, a tubeless tyre insert designed for road cycling use. The Air-Liner uses a hexagonal shape and is inserted in between the tyre and rim, similar to an inner tube. 

This insert—the first of its kind and developed exclusively by Vittoria—compresses as the tyre is inflated with air. When air pressure decreases in the event of a puncture or flat, the insert’s volume increases. This allows a stable platform to safely ride on a flat tyre with no risk of damaging the wheel. 

Even if riders never experience a flat tyre, the Air-Liner Road has tangible benefits as well. The insert allows riders to run lower air pressures without the risk of burping the tyre or damaging the rim. The insert allows the tyre bead to sit on the rim more tightly, so there’s less chance that riders will experience tyre burping under strong cornering forces. 

Vittoria developed this revolutionary technology with the assistance of the EF Education-Nippo pro cycling team, proving that it can stand up to the rigours of the top level of the sport. 

“Guys punctured and didn’t even notice it,” said EF rider Jens Keukeleire. “You still had a good comfort, even though you had a puncture.” 

Research has proven time and time again that lower air pressures lead to better and faster cycling performance. Not only are lower pressures faster, but they also lead to more traction and vibration damping. Combine all of those factors and riders will experience a smoother and faster ride. 

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Vittoria Air Liner Road

Vittoria's Air Liner Road sits on the rim (Image credit: Vittoria)
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Vittoria Air Liner Road

How the Air Liner Road comes out of the box (Image credit: Vittoria)

In the unfortunate event of a flat tyre, the Air-Liner road will allow riders to ride the flat tyre back home. This is possible since the insert keeps the tyre on the rim and the expanded material provides a stable riding platform. 

The Air-Liner road is compatible with any brand of tubeless tyre and rim and provides the same riding benefits no matter which model. The insert also does not soak up tubeless tyre sealant, so the sealant will stay freshly topped off to seal any punctures that do occur. 

Many riders are hesitant to switch to tubeless road cycling technology in part due to the potential dangers of getting a flat when riding at high speeds. The Vittoria Air-Liner Road eliminates much of this risk, plus it allows riders to get home without having to stop and insert a tube.

The Vittoria Air-Liner Road is the only product that provides these superior tubeless road cycling benefits. 

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