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Tacx NEO 2T Smart: The ultimate indoor training tool

Tacx Neo 2T
(Image credit: Tacx)

Never has indoor training been more at the forefront of cycling. From indoor training apps to full-on indoor smart bikes, the options for training and entertainment are almost unlimited. 

Cue the NEO 2T Smart trainer, the ultimate indoor training tool from Tacx. With the NEO 2T Smart, Tacx has created an indoor smart trainer designed for serious indoor cyclists who want the best on the market. Exceptionally silent, incredibly accurate, and simultaneously powerful and stable, the NEO 2T Smart takes the pinnacle of indoor bike training and raises it even higher. 

With an improved design and revamped components, it provides even more immersive features, new pedal stroke analysis capabilities, and even more improvements that make it one of the quietest, realistic, and accurate bike trainers available.

Here are five things you didn’t know about the Tacx NEO 2T Smart: 

Powerful climbs and sprints

The NEO 2T Smart features an unmatched ride feel thanks to a new motor design that improves comfort and realism during a climb or acceleration. Delivering more power than previous generations, the upgraded motor allows for higher resistance levels during sprints at a low speed. Even the most powerful indoor cyclists needn’t worry about breaking the wattage ceiling on the NEO 2T Smart.

This smart trainer is one of the most capable on the market, with a power ceiling of 2200w, and the ability to simulate climbs up to a 25 per cent incline. The NEO 2T Smart’s design integrates 32 neodymium magnets that allow for high brake force and high power levels.

What does this mean? The NEO 2T Smart delivers during the most intense training sessions, measuring power within one per cent accuracy.  

The NEO 2T Smart even generates energy from your own cycling movement, meaning there’s no need for an external power source or plug. Unlike other indoor smart trainers, you could take your NEO 2T Smart on the road, or set it up in a car park for your pre-race warm-up. With a foldable frame and small size of 24.4 x 10.2 x 17.3 inches, the NEO 2T Smart is incredibly easy to transport, with legs that act as handles when folded. 

Tacx Neo 2T

(Image credit: Tacx)

Quiet and still

The internal components of the NEO 2T Smart are made of the highest quality, with newly redesigned magnets that make for a significant improvement in the stillness of the NEO 2T Smart. The noise generated from internal air displacement is greatly reduced, as are the vibrations transferred to the floor at a low cadence. The result? A smart trainer that’s quieter than ever. 

Improved Pedal Stroke analysis

Previous generations of the NEO 2 were equipped with dual-sided detection sensors which measured the exact position of your legs, but the NEO 2T Smart takes it up a notch. A few other smart trainers offer pedal stroke breakdown, but none can match the completeness and depth of the NEO 2T Smart’s pedal stroke analysis. By adding ANT+ connectivity and cycling dynamics, you can now analyse your pedal stroke via third-party software, including the software on Garmin Edge bike computers.

While training for an even pedal stroke is difficult, Tacx has created specific training modes to help you improve your pedal stroke. In the Tacx Utility app, you will have access to Isokinetic and Isotonic training modes for the NEO 2T Smart, which help you even your pedal stroke, and build power by training at a high wattage and low cadence. 

Axle design

As rapidly as the bike market has changed, so has the NEO 2T Smart. Its new rear axle has been redesigned to be compatible with even more bikes, without the need for adaptors. In fact, the NEO 2T Smart is directly compatible with all bikes apart from 135x10 and 135x12, for which you’ll simply need an additional adapter. In the world of indoor smart trainers, there is not an axle more diverse than the NEO 2T Smart’s.

Tacx Neo 2T

(Image credit: Tacx)

Realistic ride

One of the standout features of the NEO 2T Smart trainer is its realistic ride feel. Its unique design allows a few degrees of left and right movement while riding, and features dynamic inertia. This feature controls your mass inertia and compensates for weight, speed, and angle of inclination, to make your ride feel as realistic as possible. The frame of the NEO 2T Smart is designed to follow the natural course of your body, enabling more freedom of movement, and creating a class-leading ride feel. 

The NEO 2T Smart communicates via Bluetooth Smart technology and ANT+ FE-C protocol, making it compatible with all of the most popular training apps. You can also connect to the Tacx indoor training software, which offers over 100 high-quality, real-life videos where you can experience the rush of riding the steep hills of the Alps, or the cobblestone roads of Milan. 

From incredible power capabilities and dynamic inertia, to pedal stroke analysis and easy transport, the Tacx NEO 2T Smart is one of the very best. For cyclists looking for the ultimate indoor training tool, the NEO 2T Smart will help you take your training to the next level. 

You can learn more about the Neo 2T Smart at and @GarminUK