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rh+ Shark Project: For when winter really bites

Introducing the latest top-end garment from rh+, the rainproof Shark Project. A perfect mix of technique, performance, and Italian style, the Shark collection embodies the never-ending technological research at rh+, who strive to offer waterproof cycling garments while also maintaining high standards of comfort and performance. 

Four-way stretch fabric makes the Shark outfit extremely comfortable, while also keeping out rain and snow. Despite its waterproof nature, the Shark outfit is both comfortable and aerodynamic, which means you’ll never have to sacrifice performance for comfort in the wet winter months. 

Newer, lighter fabrics are used in the rh+ Shark Project, which stretch to provide aerodynamic cuts without compromising in fit or ergonomics. The new Shark products are the answer that cyclists have been looking for in rain protection and breathability. With the latest technology from rh+, winter cyclists can face the elements without worrying about their apparel. 

RH+ jacket

(Image credit: Zero rh+)

The new WD Gold Biomorphic fabric, used for the Shark XTRM Jacket, is the latest evolution of technology developed for the rh+ snow collection. The jacket simultaneously ensures rain protection up to 10,000 mm/H2O and maintains 10,000 gr/m2/24h breathability. Developed for intermediate climates (5 to 12 degrees Celsius) and rainy conditions, the XTRM Jacket is constructed with a pre-shaped riding position, for a modern and high-performance fit all winter long. 

There are details throughout the Shark Project gear, including a neck cut design better fit in the aero position, and a long rear “tail” for better protection from splashes. Even on the pockets, there are laser-cut and reflective holes to ensure water elimination, and make the garment as versatile as possible in cold and wet climates. 

A cyclist wearing rh+ clothing cycles towards the camera in driving rain

(Image credit: Future)

There is nothing more important to protect in cycling than the legs, and the Shark Project tackles exactly that. The new ID Gold Biomorphic Thermoroubaix and ID Gold Biomorphic Thermodream fabrics, used in the new Shark XTRM Bibtight, protect against the elements while also providing the best comfort and fit on the bike. The Bibtight is the perfect product for wet winter riding, with extra protection down low, thanks to the waterproof insert that seals against water and wet roads. 

RH+ tights

(Image credit: Zero rh+)

The innovative AirXTRM Dual Pad makes the riding experience even better using two key elements: 10 mm thick padding and a 120 kg/m3 density. These features increase breathability by eliminating any possible chafing between skin and the pad, meaning that long winter rides are no longer a problem. 

New to the rh+ collection is the Shark Project, a waterproof second skin that is as fast as it is comfortable, and breathable as it is capable. With the same technologies and fabrics as the rh+ ski jackets, you’ll never need another high-performing cycling garment for the wet winter season. 

You can find the rh+ Shark Jersey and rh+ on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram at rhthelookofsport. 

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