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Rapha’s summer cycling range

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In cycling, you get what you pay for. Cheap wheels are heavy and rob you of energy, whilst budget riding gear might feel okay when you try it on but is sure to become deeply uncomfortable during a ride. 

Jersey creeping on that long climb? Bib shorts shifting to their own agenda when you are powering away on the flats? It’s worse than having someone in your riding group, who only comes to the front when the coffee shop is a short sprint away. 

With the promise of long summer days and ideal riding conditions, you don’t want to be constrained by gear that underperforms. Life is too short to be that rider, constantly pinching and pulling at invisible discomfort – because you bought the wrong jersey and bib. 

Looking good, feeling strong and riding long. It’s not vain, it is part of your sanity plan. Wishing away segments of your ride or shortening a route due to kit discomfort? Your rides shouldn’t feel like the inaugural 1903 Tour de France or single-speed cyclocross world champs. 


(Image credit: rapha)

Rapha’s summer range uses the latest fabrics and advanced construction. The style theme is classic and tasteful because, you know, the 1980s were a long time ago and neon should only be used for industrial safety gear, not a summer revival garment range. 

Spent your winter cycling budget on some wider carbon wheels and 28c tyres? Rapha’s Core range is affordable - not cheap. The Core Lightweight Jersey is relaxed and with 105gsm fabric, you’ll get great airflow, even at moderate speeds – preventing you from having to zip down on a sweltering day. 

If you prefer carrying additional items without creating a higher centre of gravity, the Core Cargo Bib Shorts have a lot of pockets. There are two storage pockets on the legs and another two around the back. Mesh construction is used for the leg pockets, which means that cargo capacity doesn’t compromise your overall bib short ventilation. 

Annoyed at people who don’t round off their Strava data to the decimal? The Pro Team jersey is for you. A serious piece of summer training and racing kit, it stays put even when your heart rate is all over the place. 


(Image credit: rapha)

A great chamois doesn’t just happen by chance and Rapha’s designers know that riders move about on the saddle. Rapha’s Pro Team bib shorts have a dual-density foam – different front to back – and the Pro Team II is available in two leg lengths. 

For long days with early starts and late sunsets when you want to crush huge mileage, summer provides, and whether riding solo or in a 'wattage cottage' with your mates, you want to retain independence. No one else should be carrying your snacks, tools or smartphone. For those big summer outrides, you need pockets. Lots of them. But adding pockets can create sag.

Rapha’s Brevet Jersey has half a dozen pockets, all carefully designed to maintain comfort and prevent this sag when loaded. Snacks, spares, smartphone, keys, the Brevet Lightweight Jersey has room to cargo all your essentials on a mega ride, and in typical Rapha fashion, the zipped front pocket is elegantly integrated into the jersey’s chest stripe. There is an additional front pocket, too – because you can never have too many Haribos on a ride. 

To ensure the Brevet Lightweight Jersey remains comfortable even when fully laden, Rapha has added an elasticated hem to prevent pocket sag. Rapha’s Brevet Lightweight lets you carry all the gear, without looking like an overladen domestique. 


(Image credit: rapha)

For sun-worshipping riders, UV awareness is a thing. Rapha’s Pro Team Training jersey, so in recognizing that a rider’s greatest radiation risk is from the top, the Pro Team Training jersey has a close-knit back fabric, enhancing sun protection whilst maintaining maximum breathability. 

Feel the need to manually adjust your ventilation? The Pro Training Team Jersey has a snaplock zip, that falls easily to hand, even when you are cranking away close to threshold, and need to open the jersey to increase airflow volume. 

Want something a bit more classic, with that invisible garment feel? The Rapha Classic Flyweight jersey will please gram counters. It might be feathery light, but it remains cool, optimising moisture wicking and airflow. sun protection, with a UPF rating of 15. Rapha’s Classic Flyweight Bib Shorts use a four-way stretch material with multiple mesh panels to ensure lots of cooling airflow when you are underway.

Regardless of your style, riding type or budget, Rapha has an assortment of kit to keep you riding with delight on those long summer days. Not just this year but for many summers to come, because Rapha’s kit is built to last, with enduring value. Leaving you to focus on what really matters, absorbing all the joy from your ride, or beating your mates to the town sign.

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