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Prestige and PSN from La Passione

La Passione jersey collection
Comfort, style and performance with Prestige collection kit (Image: La Passione) (Image credit: La Passione )

Creating a truly premium cycling garment requires a deep understanding of advanced fabrics and rider needs.

To make the best of developments in active textiles, designers need to understand riders and their needs. La Passione interfaces directly with its customers, instead of working through dealers, enabling them to know what rider preferences are.

With the Prestige range La Passione has combined a dynamic aesthetic with classic colour awareness, all structured around the latest activewear technology.

Purposed for summer to mid-season riding, the Prestige jersey has specific design features to ensure dynamic and thermal comfort.

La Passione jersey collection

(Image credit: La Passione )

An ideal garment, for all riders

A riding jersey that is always in contact with the rider’s skin surface area, can provide optimal moisture-wicking. La Passione uses a premium knit fabric, to this end.

Whether you are simply cruising with friends or racing in an out-of-the-saddle climbing effort, the Prestige jersey remains faithfully in place, thanks to La Passione’s ergonomically aware design. 

The V-cut neck, laser-cut sleeves, hip shaping and silicone waist grippers all keep a secure fit, no matter how active a rider’s cadence or body movements become. When you are cruising, at a gentler cadence, the jersey settles with your form, delivering effortless comfort.

As a digitally native brand, La Passione can evaluate customer needs, expectations and feedback with unrivalled accuracy. The result is a dynamically excellent garment that looks classically elegant. The Prestige jersey’s seamless waistband and neatly integrated rear pockets blend an ergonomically appropriate fit with great small-item storage space.

La Passione’s matching Prestige BibShort recognizes the desire that most riders have for vertical elasticity, without sacrificing overall comfort. By using a super-fine thread fabric, La Passione’s designers have found the ideal formulation between enabling cadence and keeping a rider safety centred on the saddle.

To ensure superior riding comfort, especially on a warm day, the Prestige BibShort features a multi-density foam pad, by Cytech. With its perforations, this pad delivers outstanding airflow, negating the risk of chaffing on a long ride, when temperatures are soaring.

For those riders who want a more classic look, with all the sophisticated design and fabric technologies of La Passione’s Prestige range, there is the PSN option. The race-fit neck and colour contrast piping on sleeves and back pockets, give the PSN range an enduring look.

La Passione jersey collection

(Image credit: La Passione )

Luxury feel and premium performance - at a very reasonable price

The Prestige and PSN ranges combine timeless aesthetics with the very latest fabric technologies, shaped and finished into garment geometries that provide excellent performance and comfort. And then here is the issue of value.

Without intermediary retailers, La Passione can offer its Prestige and PSN garments at much lower prices than you would expect for such premium activewear. Beyond the intrinsic pricing value, La Passione’s Prestige and PSN ranges also show how being digitally integrated with your riding audience can benefit product development.

La Passione directly fields all requests, comments, experiences and suggestions from its riding customers. As a digitally native brand it can analyse, absorb and apply customer responses much swifter than more traditionally structured cycling apparel companies.

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