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Garmin’s pedal-based Rally power meters

Garmin Rally power pedal
(Image credit: Garmin)

Whether you’re a seasoned racer or weekend warrior, you are always searching for that next big goal. Never before has goal-setting been as dynamic and easy to understand as in the modern age – with power meters, heart rate monitors, ride segments, and digital routes, the opportunities are endless. Perhaps you want to complete a 200km route, or hit 1000w for the first time. Whatever your goal, a high quality power meter should be your tool of choice. 

With a Rallypower meter by Garmin, you can track your training, monitor your fitness, and set power targets for each and every ride. This will allow you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and craft a structured training plan tailored to help you achieve your goals. Garmin offers a number of pedal-based power meters that are some of the most capable power meters on the market, and easily transferable between a wide range of bikes. 

Rally Power Meters are tested to the extreme, and you can take it there too. Challenge yourself on an hors catégorie mountain climb, test yourself on the gnarly gravel roads in Kansas, or push your bike to its limit on an ultra-endurance ride in the pouring rain. Whatever the challenge, Rally can handle it. 

Cleat compatibility 

The Rally power meter pedal family provides accurate power reading and dynamic data analysis for a wide range of cleat preferences and is compatible with Shimano SPD-SL (RS model), Look Keo (RK model), and Shimano SPD (XC model). Designed especially for off-road riders, Rally XC pedals feature Shimano SPD cleat compatibility, so you can have power on the gravel, cross-country, or cyclocross bike. 

Dual and single-sensing power meter pedals from Garmin

In its pedal-based power meter line-up, Garmin's Rally family comes in single and dual-sensing options. The RK100, RS100 and XC100 are all single-sensing, while the RK200, RS200 and XC200 are dual-sensing. Each pedal is built with a transferable spindle that can be installed and transferred between pedal body kits (sold separately), to keep you riding year-round. 

They deliver reliable power measurements to your head unit of choice and are easy to transfer from one bike to another. An entire swap shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, no matter what bike you’re on or where you’re riding. Rally power meters are designed to seamlessly transfer between bikes to provide advanced cycling dynamics to help you ride more efficiently and improve your overall fitness. 


(Image credit: Garmin)

Advanced cycling dynamics

Always at the forefront of cycling technology, Garmin has again achieved an advanced level of measurable performance data and cycling dynamics in their Rally power meters. The single-sensing versions (RS100, RK100, and XC100) allow you to measure total power and cadence, while the dual-sensing power meters (RS200, RK200, and XC200) provide this and allow you to tap in to cycling dynamics such as left/right balance, seated versus standing power, and platform centre offset. The Rally power meters even tell you where you’re producing the majority of power within each pedal stroke. You can then use these metrics to tailor your training, focusing on your weaknesses, and use your strengths to help you improve. Only with these advanced metrics can you put a number on improving your pedalling efficiency, and putting out peak power in the arc of your pedal stroke. 

Durable and reliable power meters

Rally power meters have been tested far beyond what most of us will experience in the real world. Each meter has undergone rigorous testing and features a superior design with internally-housed sensors. The sleek pedals install just like any other pedal and are quick to transfer between bikes. Each uses a pod-less design that improves cornering clearance and stack height, making for smarter ergonomics and improved efficiency. 

Rally power meters transferable spindle

Rally power meters pedals install like any other pedal for easy transfer from one bike to another. Not only can you transfer the pedals between bikes but, as the power meter sensors are housed inside the pedals on a transferable spindle, you are able to transfer between different pedal bodies. When the seasons change and from road to gravel to cyclocross and much more, you can keep riding year-round. The transferable spindle can be installed in Rally RS or RK road pedal body kits or Rally XC off-road pedal body kits (each sold separately).


(Image credit: Garmin)

The Garmin Ecosystem

Each Rally power meter fully integrates with the Garmin ecosystem, allowing for easy data analysis, software or settings updates via compatible Garmin watches, Edge® cycling computers, and Garmin Connect. You can use Garmin Connect to gather training data and transfer it to other third party platforms such as Strava, TrainingPeaks, and TrainerRoad. 

Crank-based power meters are great, but they are also a complicated commitment. In order for everything to work, you often need the correct crank length, bottom bracket, frameset, etc. But with a pedal-based power meter such as the Rally range from Garmin, you simply attach the pedals to your bike of choice, and you’re ready to ride. On top of that, you’ll have a host of power metrics available at your fingertips thanks to full integration in the Garmin ecosystem. For cyclists looking to take their training to the next level – whether it be on the road, gravel, mountain bike, or all three – look no further than the Rally power meter series from Garmin. 

For a single-sensing power meter compatible with Shimano SPD-SL cleats, check out the Rally RS100 which retail at £569.99. The Rally RS200 gives you the full experience, delivering a dual-sensing power meter for £969.99 (RRP).

For Look Keo cleat compatibility, the Rally RK100 (£569.99 RRP) and RK200 (£969.99 RRP) will be the perfect fit, with the former being single-sensing, and the latter being a dual-sensing power meter. 

Finally, primarily off-road riders should go for the Rally XC200 dual-sensing power meter, which comes in at £1,059.99 (RRP), and is compatible with Shimano SPD cleats. The single-sensing XC100 comes in at £619.99 (RRP) from Garmin. 

Conversion kits are also available for the Rally RS (£179.99 RRP), Rally RK (£179.99 RRP), and Rally XC series (£219.99 RRP). These kits include all of the components of the pedal bodies needed to attach the Rally power meter sensors and use with a different cleat choice.

You can learn more about Garmin Rally Power Meters at and @GarminUK

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