UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships 2010

January 30-31, 2010, Tabor, Tabor - CZE, Cyclo-cross - CM

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Susan Westemeyer
  1. 10:53:58 CET

    Hello and welcome to the International Cycling Union's 2010 Cyclo-cross World Championships.  Isn't that a mouthful!  Today we will crown the women's and men's elite champions, and we expect some exciting action.  The ladies will be the first to go.

  2. 10:57:13 CET

    Cyclingnews' Rich Taylor is at the scene, and gives us this report:  Yesterday's relatively clear conditions have given way to colder temperatures this morning. On the ground here at the course light snowfall has covered patches that were exposed by the junior and under 23 men's races on Saturday.

    The temperature is hovering at -5 Celsius. The light snow has made it again tricky to judge braking in the corners, with a lot of the women training on the course this morning navigating the turns quite gingerly.

  3. 10:59:00 CET

    The women have taken off their heavy jackets and are waiting for the start.  The first row is orange, with seven Dutch women there.

  4. 11:00:07 CET

    And they're off!

  5. 11:00:39 CET

    Kate Compton (USA) has taken the startline. She warmed up on the rollers this morning and reported to be feeling clear of the cramps that have kept her out of competition for the past two weeks.

  6. 11:01:26 CET

    They take off at a fast pace on this snow-covered course, and we have our first riders down at the first hairpin curve.

  7. 11:02:23 CET

    As might be expected, the Dutch take advantage of their good placing.  Daphny van den and Marianne Vos jump into the lead.

  8. 11:03:02 CET

    It was some Czech riders who went down, but they are all up and going again.  Lots of walking and carrying bikes today! 

  9. 11:03:00 CET

    Hanka Kupfernagel (GER) and 19-year-old Sanne Cant of Belgium are up towards the front, being led by pairs of riders from The Netherlands and France.

  10. 11:04:39 CET

    Van Den Brand and Vos already have a gap over Cristel Ferrier-Bruneau (France), with another gap back to Kupfernagel.

  11. 11:05:29 CET

    Vos takes the lead now of the 44 riders who were at the start this morning.  Local rider Katerina Nash is in about 10th-15th place.

  12. 11:06:21 CET

    We are in Tabor, Czech Republic, in the Southern Bohemia Region.  Shall we all start humming the Bohemian Rhapsody?  Ok, forget that.  Back to cycling.

  13. 11:07:19 CET

    Ferrier-Bruneau and Kupfernagel now look to have nearly caught the two leading Dutch women.

  14. 11:08:08 CET

    Vos is still in the lead, slightly ahead of the others.

  15. 11:08:41 CET

    The only other riders in sight are two more French women.

  16. 11:09:02 CET

    The lead group hits the road, at least there is no snow there.

  17. 11:09:41 CET

    8.59 is what they needed for the first lap.  How far back is the field?  About 15 seconds or so, it looks like.

  18. 11:10:24 CET

    Who is our favourite today?  Who else but Marianne Vos?  She is a woman who can do it all, and has done most of it already, at the tender age of 22.   She is defending champion, and also won the title in 2006, when she was just a teenager.

  19. 11:11:21 CET

    Great Britain's Nikki Harris and Annie Last are riding well. They crossed the finish line close to the top-ten.  Things don't look so good for the Americans, though, as they have slipped away from the top 15.

  20. 11:12:54 CET

    We have a lead group of Marianne Vos, Daphny Van den Brand (Netherlands) Hanka Kupfernagel (Germany), Cristel Ferrier-Bruneau (France), followed by Pauline Ferrand Prevot and Caroline Mani (both France).

  21. 11:13:43 CET

    Katerina Nash (Czech Republic) is chasing on her own in seventh place. There's daylight to the next riders.

    Vos and Kupfernagel seem to be pulling away.

  22. 11:14:00 CET

    Ferrier Bruneau follows, with Van den Brand leading Prevot and Mani.

  23. 11:15:34 CET

    Nash has been joined by Italy's Eva Lechner. Sanne Kant  (Belgium) and Nikki Harris (Great Britain) are closing on Nash and Lechner.

  24. 11:16:42 CET

    Vos pulls away dramatically from Kupfernagel, but there is no one to be seen behind the German woman.

    Compton has dropped out of the race.  She was unable to overcome her physical problems, but at least she gave it a try.

  25. 11:17:07 CET

    Sorry, the Great British rider was Annie Last, not Nikki Harris. Harris is three places further back on the course.

  26. 11:18:00 CET

    Vos powers over the finish line with Kupfernagel 9 seconds back.  The others are nearly 30 seconds down.

  27. 11:19:16 CET

    Actually, Vos has not been the dominant rider this year.  In fact, she finished only second in the World cup rankings, as she was beaten by fellow Dutchwoman Daphny Van den Brand.  Van den Brand is also a favourite here, expectially when you consider that she beat Vos on slippery, snowy course in Kalmhout earlier in the season.

  28. 11:19:49 CET

    Vos shoulders her bike and runs up the stairs.  Kupfernagel still has her in her sights and does the same.

  29. 11:20:22 CET

    The women have torn much of the snow cover from the opening corners, but it's exposed the frozen ground below. That's making it tricky on the many descents on this course.

    The reigning World Champion Marianne Vos is looking comfortable with the outright lead.

  30. 11:20:54 CET

    Nash has returned to the back wheel of the French riders Prevot and Mani. A strong third lap so far for the Czech.

  31. 11:21:00 CET

    Katerina Nash, 32, is another multi-talent.  She was born in the Czech Republic, and rides for that country, but has lived in the US since 2000.  She has been in three Olympics, skiing in two of them and on her mountain bike in Beijing.

  32. 11:22:00 CET

    Kupfernagel looks to be working much harder than Vos, though the latter may have a better poker face.

    Or is the age difference?  Vos is 23, and Kupfernagel is 35.

  33. 11:23:00 CET

    Hanka Kupfernagel (GER) is 35, and has been a dominant force in women's 'cross for years.  She is currently German and European 'cross champion, and finished second in the Worlds last year.   She has been 'cross World champ in 2000, 2001, 2005 and 2008.  But she is also successful on the road, having won the Olympic silver medal in 2008, and the World time trial title that same year.

  34. 11:23:32 CET

    Here's how it stands at the moment: Vos leads alone. Hanka Kupfernagel is also riding solo. Van Den Brand and Ferrier-Bruneau are trading turns. Nash has assumed fifth place as Prevot and Mani show the effects of the frantic opening laps.

  35. 11:24:33 CET

    Feet out on a lot of these corners. It's slippery out there!

  36. 11:25:12 CET

    Ferrier-Bruneau finds out for herself how slippery it is, and how hard the ground is.

  37. 11:26:18 CET

    Vos really is flying. She looks significantly more comfortable than her rivals.  She and Kupfernagel are the only two with a chance here.

  38. 11:27:12 CET

    Or shall we say that Vos is the only one with a chance?  She crosses the finsish line 24 seconds ahead of Kupfernagel and 41 seconds ahead of van den Brand.

  39. 11:27:35 CET

    Much bigger crowds here than yesterday. The bus loads started arriving early. Many Swiss, Polish and, of course, Belgian and Czech flags being waved.

  40. 11:28:00 CET

    Christel Ferrier-Bruneau (FRA) is 30, and is the French women's road champion.  She won two French 'cross races this season.

  41. 11:29:07 CET

    Kupfernagel passes a fan waving an Italian and Flandrian flag: interesting combination!

  42. 11:30:00 CET

    Nash is surging towards van den Brand. She's really hitting her straps now for the home fans.  She takes a corner too fast and goes down, but bounces right back up.

  43. 11:31:12 CET

    That slip broke Nash's rhythm but she is giving chase again.  No changes at the front, as Vos continues to pull away from Kupfernagel, with van den Brand somewhere behind.

  44. 11:32:42 CET

    Van den Brand looks comfortably settled in third place, as Nash's crash has thrown her back.

  45. 11:33:39 CET

    Daphny van den Brand (NED) is 31 years old, and also has a slew of titles to her credit.  She won the world 'cross title in 2003, and the European 'cross title in 2006 and 2007.   She is also 10-time national 'cross champion, and even won the national MTB title in 2002.

  46. 11:34:10 CET

    Vos puts her foot down as goes around a tight curve, but keeps on going.

  47. 11:35:00 CET

    Vos crosses the finish line for the next-to-last time, with a time of 31.27.  Kupfernagel is 33 seconds back, and van den Brand comes in at .52.  They now head off on the last lap!

  48. 11:36:03 CET

    Nash crosses at 1.07. Will she be able to catch van den Brand and claim a spot on the podium?

  49. 11:36:51 CET

    Vos wends her lonely but winning way around the course, looking to have some difficulty with the snow at the moment.

  50. 11:37:41 CET

    Nash is not so far behind van den Brand now.

  51. 11:38:38 CET

    Vos is still pedalling with an intense cadence, she's not leaving anything to chance today.

  52. 11:39:19 CET

    Vos is up out of the saddle in her intensity.

  53. 11:39:39 CET

    Kupfernagel laps anothr rider.

  54. 11:40:22 CET

    Vos makes her careful way around a tight corner .. not worth taking a big risk now.

  55. 11:41:51 CET

    Nash has given her all but it wasn't enough.  She has fallen back to fifth, behind Lechner.

  56. 11:42:28 CET

    We have snow and ice but no studded tires here today. The UCI said no to that earlier this year, specificially banning them.

  57. 11:43:26 CET

    Vos crosses the finish line with her arms raised high and a huge smile on her face.  Her total time was 42.59.

  58. 11:44:00 CET

    Kupfernagel hits the finish now, waving happily to the crowds, 45 seonds down.  Van den Brand  fills the  podium at 1.07.

  59. 11:45:00 CET

    Looks like Nash was able to hold on to fourth after all, as she finished at 1.20, with Lechner at 1:41.

  60. 11:45:56 CET

    Our winners today: 

    1 Marianne Vos (Netherlands)
    2 Hanka Kupfernagel (Germany)
    3 Daphny Van den Brand (Netherlands)
    4 Katerina Nash (Czech Republic)
    5 Eva Lechner (Italy)

  61. 11:46:48 CET

    Meredith Miller was the best placed US rider in 12th. She followed Britain's Annie Last across the line.

  62. 11:47:44 CET

    What a stunning victory for Vos!  She led the race start to finish and there was never really a doubt of her winning it.

  63. 11:49:10 CET

    Congratulations to our podium of Vos, Kupfernagel and van den Brand, and to all of the women out there today!

  64. 11:50:26 CET

    We will be back in about two hours for the men's race.  Will it be as one-sided as this one?  Who knows?  Join us then!

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