4 Jours de Dunkerque / Tour du Nord-pas-de-Calais 2011

May 4- 8, 2011, Dunkerque, FRA, Road - 2.HC

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Susan Westemeyer

Welcome to our live coverage of the Five Days, oops, Four Days of Dunkirk!

  1. 15:32:10 CEST

    Hello and welcome to the Four Days of Dunkirk. Today's first stage takes us 180 km from Dunkirk to Orchies.

  2. 15:38:25 CEST

    • Break

    We have a solo escape today. Stefano Borche of De Rosa Ceramica got away at about km 80 and has now built up a lead of 7.20!

  3. 15:46:51 CEST

    The race got started at 12:45. Julien El Fares of Cofidis was the first to try to get away, but he was caught. As were all other attempts until Borche.


  4. 15:58:40 CEST

    There are two climbs in today's stage, both of which came in the first 50 km. At the Mont des Cats, Anthony Colin of RLM took six points, ahead of Alexandre Geniez (Skil), and Bram Schmit VWA.
  5. 16:03:15 CEST

    The second climb was the Mont Noir, with Sylvain Georges (AUB) taking the honours ahead of Said Haddou (EUC) and Anthony Colin. Which we think gives Colin the mountain jersey....
  6. 47km remaining from 180km

    16:06:27 CEST

    Leopard Trek, Skil-Shimano and Katusha have given chase, and the gap is now down to 3:25 at km 133.
  7. 16:11:01 CEST

    THis race is called the Four Days of Dunkirk, but it runs for five stages and five days. This is one of those mysteries of life.
  8. 16:18:57 CEST

    The field has crossed the finish line for the first time, and the gap has dropped one more minute.

  9. 20km remaining from 180km

    16:42:34 CEST

    20 km to go and the gap is only 40 seconds.


    As you may know, we have a new live reporting system, and it is presenting a challenge to those of us who are not computer people..... so don't wonder at whatever you see here!

  10. 16km remaining from 180km

    16:43:27 CEST

    The escape is over and the peloton is together.

  11. 16:46:11 CEST

    We're having a bit of a problem getting info from the race here....

  12. 12km remaining from 180km

    16:48:44 CEST

    Katusha is in charge of things right now, trying to set it up for Pozzato and Galimzyanov.

  13. 10km remaining from 180km

    16:49:17 CEST

    Peloton still all together.

  14. 7km remaining from 180km

    16:54:18 CEST

    FDJ has now moved up to share the leadwork with Katusha.

  15. 5km remaining from 180km

    16:56:13 CEST

    No surprise, the group is still all together as it charges along....

  16. 3km remaining from 180km

    16:59:03 CEST

    Now Cofidis has taken over at the head of things.

  17. 17:01:29 CEST

    Oops and now we have lost our only source of information!

  18. 17:04:11 CEST


  19. 17:05:51 CEST

    That is the second win this season for the young German.  He earlier won the third stage of the Tour de Langkawi.

  20. 17:07:06 CEST

    And Kittel was second in Rund um Köln just last week.

  21. 17:09:30 CEST

    Galimzyanov was second, with Giacomo Nizzolo of Leopard Trek third.

  22. 17:10:48 CEST

    Casper and Hutarovich round out the top five.

  23. 17:18:27 CEST

    1 Marcel Kittel (Ger) Skil - Shimano
    2 Denis Galimzyanov (Rus) Katusha Team
    3 Giacomo Nizzolo (Ita) Leopard Trek
    4 Jimmy Casper (Fra) Saur - Sojasun
    5 Yauheni Hutarovich (Blr) FDJ

  24. 17:19:11 CEST

    That's it!  Thanks for joining us for a rather awkward effort today.  We'll be back again tomorrow, hopefully a bit more co-ordinated.

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