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Selle Italia celebrates 30 years of Flite with its new Boost

Selle Italia Flite Boost
Selle Italia's new Flite Boost carries you with comfort in all conditions (Image credit: Sella Italia)

Fashion is temporary but function remains timeless. Selle Italia has been crafting cycling saddles since 1897. Its heritage is indisputable and although the celebrated Italian cycling brand is guided by a progressive design sensibility, its industrial designers never forget the Selle Italia tradition.

The brand’s latest road bike saddle offering is its Flite Boost, the 2020 model year evolution of a name which first appeared in 1990. As the bicycle industry was transitioning from aluminium to carbon-fibre frames, Selle Italia’s designers realised that lightweight saddles should be appropriate to riders, regardless of hip shape.

With a design which has matured the concept of a broad coverage saddle over three decades, Selle Italia’s latest iteration of the Flite is a high-performance saddle which blends all the benefits of advanced design with comfort. No cycling brand can claim greatness without a chronicle of innovation and Selle Italia’s designers never stop learning.

All new Flite Boost saddles prioritise contour ergonomics. Cycling body types are diverse: riders can be short or tall, with powerful hip structures or slimmer lower body proportions. Not all riders have the physiology of pro team athletes, with a narrow build.

Selle Italia’s tradition with the Flite saddle range has always been to accommodate riders with a stronger build and larger hips. The new Flite Boost builds on this tradition of performance and comfort by shaping a generous seat padding surface, to ensure the most appropriate fit for powerfully built riders.

A narrow seat can never comfortably support all body types and Selle Italia doesn’t wish to limit customers. All riders are valuable to the Italian saddle brand as its Flite Boost seat range embraces the full diversity of riders, large and small.

If you are a large rider and require endurance riding seat comfort for your road ride, Selle Italia provides that with the Flite Boost. The saddle’s wide tail support powerful and larger riders, with a strong hip action and leg drive dynamics.

Riders can choose a Flite Boost with the shaped centre channel for pressure relief, or the lighter full Superflow cut-out design. Both of these Flite Boost designs ensure that riders can spend hours in the saddle without suffering pelvic pressure discomfort.

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Selle Italia

Selle Italia Flite Boost - TI316 rails (Image credit: Selle Italia)
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Selle Italia

Selle Italia Flite Boost Superflow - TI316 rails (Image credit: Selle Italia)
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Selle Italia

Selle Italia Flite Boost - Kit Carbonio rails (Image credit: Selle Italia)
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Selle Italia

Selle Italia Flite Boost Superflow - Kit Carbonio rails (Image credit: Selle Italia)
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Selle Italia

Selle Italia Flite Boost - Manganese (TM) rails (Image credit: Selle Italia)
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Selle Italia

Selle Italia Flite Boost Superflow - Manganese (TM) rails (Image credit: Selle Italia)

True to Selle Italia’s legacy of providing the rider with a broad choice of saddle configurations, with specific structural finishes to create a range of price points, the Flite Boost can be built with three different rails.

If you seek value, there’s a manganese rail. Riders who appreciate the metalworking art of titanium can opt for a Flite Boost set on TI316 rails, and for those customers who desire the lightest possible rail structure, Selle Italia also fabricates the new Flite Boost with Kit Carbonio composite rails.

Different rail types affect weight classification. The new Flite Boost, depending on seat size and saddle structure, has a mass range of between 157g and 243g.

Available in four sizes there is a Flite Boost comfort saddle solution for any rider, who desires Italian style and performance atop their seatpost.

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