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Why the Wattbike Atom is much smarter than any exercise bike

(Image credit: Wattbike)

The best training plan is one you follow and execute.

In a world of pressured schedules and multiple time commitments, the fitness journey is often derailed by a lack of convenience and proximity, regarding your exercise regime and equipment.

The stationary bike has been an indispensable part of any home training regime for decades, but the mechanically unsophisticated and unnatural exercise bike riding experience can be un-inspiring.

As digital cadence and power metering technology has spread beyond the professional sports science laboratory, it has triggered a revolution in home exercise bike design. As with many other devices in our lives,  there are now smart bikes too, capable of replacing real world riding feel and allow you to interact with amazing virtual routes and races, through a vast selection of training and racing apps like Zwift and TrainerRoad.

With a rapid evolution in digital sensors and better understanding of how to engineer mechanical resistance for a natural riding feel, smart bikes are far superior to traditional trainers. That horrible elastic band pedal stroke dynamic, a bane of many static training bikes, does not afflict Wattbike’s Atom.

Creating the most realistic possible riding experience, is a sophisticated electromechanical motor using magnets and clever algorithms. Wattbike’s software specialists have written a powerful code that harmonizes all your pedal input, as recognized by the Atom’s sensors. The smart bike then meticulously responds with an adequate level of resistance, using magnets on the flywheel motor system.

The sensitivity and range of an Atom’s magnetic resistance are remarkable. It can provide the simulation of riding up a 25% gradient, which double the most agonizing climb on this year’s Tour de France. You can also add shifters to create an even truer road bike riding experience.

Unlike the simplistic mechanical systems used by traditional training bikes and some current market leaders, an Atom’s can vary resistance to either your right or left pedal too, helping to correct asymmetry in riding posture and power output. With the pedal effectiveness score, you’ll be coached to achieve the most efficient possible pedal stroke in real time – something which makes you more efficient out on the road and reduces injury risk over time.

There is little joy in being part of an immersive digital cycling experience on Zwift or Sufferfest, if you aren’t feeling a true sense of gradient or resistance. No matter the virtual riding program you are using to train or race in your living room, a Wattbike Atom’s ANT + and Bluetooth FE-C technology will allow third party virtual cycling apps to make you feel even marginal changes in gradient.

Ride virtual cycling worlds whilst on your Atom (image credit: Wattbike)

Ride virtual cycling worlds whilst on your Atom (image credit: Wattbike) (Image credit: Wattbike)

Go beyond, with a wealth of workouts and virtual rides 

A Smart bike might be in your living room, but its potential for workout diversity is enormous. Wattbike’s Hub app is free with the Atom and delivers an extensive database of workouts totalling hundreds of sprints, climbs, constant cadence endurance rides and targeted programs, guiding you to that smart bike enabled fitness goal. Additionally, there are an array of tests to help you understand your improvement over time, and there is no better motivator than seeing your FTP figures improve over time.

Ownership of an Atom also allows you access to free extended trails of the TrainerRoad, TrainingPeaks, The Sufferfest and FulGaz virtual riding apps.

All the electromechanical technology and processing power of an Atom is enabling, instead of potentially overwhelming. Wattbike’s industrial designers and product engineers have ensured that an Atom seamlessly interprets your ride, without you having to obsesses about configuring a myriad of settings. Choose your training app, get the screen device of your choice in place, and start riding. It is that simple.

Smart technology is only a slick user experience, without the burden of configuration. Wattbike’s Atom intuitively syncs personal devices, screens and whichever training app you prefer. It creates a vast digital training world with an enormous number of routes, workouts and training plans that you’ll struggle to exhaust – even after years on your Atom.

The Wattbike Atom is available for $85 per month an includes free shipping, find out more.

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Lance Branquinho is a Namibian born media professional, with 15-years of experience in technology and engineering journalism covering anything with wheels. Being from Namibia, he knows a good gravel road when he sees one, and he has raced some of Africa’s best-known mountain bike stage races, such as Wines2Wales and Berg&Bush.