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Super Light Project from rh+: Save weight, ride lighter

rh+ Superlight jersey
(Image credit: rh+)

rh+, a brand firmly rooted in the performance cycling and ski market have a new jersey collection for summer 2020; Super Light Project.

While there are other factors that in recent years have become searched-for terms when looking for a new bike or accessory, the top of that list is still “how much does it weigh?” it’s easily quantifiable even if you just have two items in your hands, which one is lighter is normally relatively easy to tell, and that can be an important factor in making a purchase.  

The new rh+ Super Light jersey combines the best of rh+ technologies and Italian style. The weight of your kit might not be the thing that comes to mind first, or even at all when making a purchase, but it is something that is really worth considering. Imagine you’re building up your dream bike and you’re wondering if the extra £800 is worth it for the 172g that represents between the weight of a Record or Super Record groupset. The rh+ Super Light jersey comes in at a barely believable 93g that’s over 50% lighter than most short sleeve summer jerseys and that saving is a third of the difference in weight between both of those groupsets. 

In a world where you can spend hundreds, if not thousands of pounds so save double digit grams from your bikes, the option of a super light kit offers a value-per-gram saving that far exceeds any component. After all, it’s not just the bike that needs to make it to the top of the climb, it’s the whole package, bike, rider and all of your kit that comes along with you. 

While weight was one of the main design factors that rh+ had in mind when setting out with the Super Light collection, it was not the only one; cooling and maintaining body temperature were high on the list too. To aid in cooling, rh+ has fitted the jersey with brand new Micro Mesh material on the under arms and back of the pocket to aid in cooling, while the main body of the jersey is made with the new Biomorphic Ultra Light Adaptive Stretch fabric. These two materials in combination allow the jersey to aid with cooling on scorching climbs while drying fast enough that they don’t leave you feeling the chill on the next descent. While some ultra-light jerseys can suffer from sagging on the back, sides and around the pockets when loaded, rh+ have placed strategic fabric strips in the jersey to reinforce these vital areas and avoid the problem.

With a slim fit construction and bonded sleeves, the jersey has a cut that is pre-shaped in a riding position, making the fit very aerodynamic, while rh+ makes no claims about the specific aero properties of the Super Light jersey, the technologies are there that are used in specific aerodynamic jerseys, from the cut of the longer sleeve length to the aerodynamic body shaping. 

If you’re looking for a jersey that is the perfect balance of performance with, weight, cooling, fit and aerodynamics all taken into consideration, the rh+ Super Light should be high on your list for consideration.

rh+ Superlight jersey colours

(Image credit: rh+)

Available in 4 colours and sizes S-XXXL the jersey features 3 rear cargo pockets, zipped rear pocket for valuables, pre-folded elastic webbing and a silicone printed gripper on the rear of the jersey for a secure fit, along with a custom self-locking full-length zip and thermoformed microfibre front zip garage for neck protection. 

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