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How to choose the best bib shorts for you

A quality pair of bib shorts is essential to a good cycling experience. While a poorly designed pair of bibs can lead to discomfort both during and after a ride, a well-constructed pair of shorts can be the difference between loving cycling and hating it. 

There are multiple factors that impact comfort on the bike, and your choice of bibs is one of the most important. No rider should be uncomfortable when riding, so choosing the best bib short for your needs is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

No matter who you are though, the price point is going to be a factor when choosing new cycling kit. Most consumers will strike a balance between performance attributes, price, and what their personal needs are. If you are new to the sport, you likely won’t need to break the bank for bibs to go on your first rides of just a couple of hours. On the other hand, more experienced cyclists who are going on all-day epic rides may want to spend more on a more premium product. 

Altura has designed its bib shorts range with this exact philosophy in mind. With over two decades of experience designing cycling products, the brand has used its expertise to offer a range of products that will satisfy any rider seeking to meet their riding goals. 


(Image credit: altura)

At the budget end of the spectrum, Altura offers the Progel Plus Bibshorts, priced at £60. This is a great product for entry-level riders or anybody who sticks to shorter rides, as Altura says they are designed for rides of up to four hours. The pad has a gel insert that moves with the rider, so the shorts are constantly supporting key pressure areas, leading to improved comfort. 

Comfort is the name of the game when it comes to buying a new pair of bib shorts, and improved comfort can come from two areas: the chamois pad or the fabric. Altura worked to improve both of these on its Icon bib shorts, which are offered for just a marginal price increase to £70. 


(Image credit: altura)

The Icon bib shorts are offered in two different padding options that were designed with chamois pad experts Elastic Interface. The two pad sizes use different densities of foam, so you can choose the option that best suits and supports your body. The fabric has also been upgraded to Mitti fabric, which increases sweat wicking. 

The top cycling products are designed and tested by the best cyclists, which is why the Endurance bib shorts were created with Mark Beaumont. It features Elastic Interface’s Endurance pad that has stitched dual-density foam and a high wicking anti-Microbial top layer for the ultimate performance and comfort properties. This all adds up to the ability for the Endurance bibs to support rides of 8+ hours. The bibs also feature Schoeller ceramic fabric for protection in the case of crashes. 

Altura’s bibs are designed for specific riding experiences in mind. The UK-based brand knows that each rider is different, which is why they’ve tailored their range for different types of riders. No matter your budget, Altura offers a solution for your riding style. 

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