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EUROBIKE CONNECT makes trade show networking digital

Eurobike Connect
(Image credit: Eurobike)

EUROBIKE is the world’s most significant cycling trade and exhibition event, creating an environment for industry professionals to engage with colleagues and discover new opportunities on an unrivalled scale.

Not even the most ambitious EUROBIKE attendee can harvest all the available contacts simply by roaming the floor space. To help industry professionals benefit from the quality of networking available, the show has now developed a digital component.

Recognising an underutilised space between the physical trade show and digital realm, EUROBIKE now offers a unique technology networking feature. With EUROBIKE CONNECT, users will be empowered to launch and manage their own networking profile within the powerful catalogue of connections available with the show’s attendees, exhibitors and associates.

Eurobike Connect

(Image credit: Eurobike)

A slick digital interface and powerful targeted search function will allow you to find what you are looking for and be easily discoverable by other cycling industry professionals. EUROBIKE CONNECT adds a responsive digital continuum of value to the traditional trade show experience.

For those users who wish to research their niche or segment of interest relating to the cycling industry, the database of users on EUROBIKE CONNECT offers an unrivalled quality of interactions.

The awesome size and scale of a EUROBIKE show can flood you with meet and greet opportunities. Instead of having to notate email addresses, names and contact numbers – the EUROBIKE CONNECT feature will offer you a full archive of everyone who you could possibly have met. There is no longer any memory remorse if you lose the business card of a new supplier or product manager. With EUROBIKE CONNECT, you’ll know exactly where and how to locate them.

By applying the same gatekeeping quality standards and metrics that exhibitors and attendees must adhere to for the physical trade show, EUROBIKE CONNECT is superior to any other cycling and mobility industry database, social media channel or general search function. Many other digital industry listings and social media channels suffer the annoyance of weak targeting and the possibility of spam connections. Both of these issues are prevented from contaminating the purity of EUROBIKE CONNECT. 

Eurobike Connect

(Image credit: Eurobike)

Attending the EUROBIKE show remains an unrivalled experience, as it relates to tangible product evaluation and exhibitor energy. The cycling and mobility industry never sleeps and when that moment of inspiration or enquiry happens in the months between each annual Eurobike, you can now access a digital version of the show to search and leverage its influential quality of networking.

EUROBIKE CONNECT gives users the tools to build and maintain their digital product listings and profiles with intuitive ease. Clever assistance features include a reminder function and meeting planner, which can help you schedule quality contact sessions with new connections.

A considered keyword search algorithm and uniquely cycling literate classification give any EUROBIKE CONNECT search a more rewarding relevance of results than any traditional search engines.

Built and designed for cycling and mobility industry professionals and product specialists, EUROBIKE CONNECT will offer users a perpetual presence relating to the world’s most valuable cycling trade show and its associated network.

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