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E-bike Live: An in-depth Q&A with Jamie Burrow and Toby Pantling

As mentioned in our welcome letter, it's E-bike Live here at Cyclingnews and across our sister publications Bike Perfect, MBR and Cycling Weekly, so to kick things off, we sat down with two experts from within the industry. 

Jamie Burrow is the Head of Product at Ribble Cycles nowadays, but he's been around the block. Formerly a pro rider with US Postal Team, Burrow has won the U23 world cup and raced alongside Lance Armstrong in a longstanding road career. As part of E-bike Live, he joined us alongside Ace Bicycles' Toby Pantling, a former pro in his own right - but from the mountain biking scene - who rode for Orange Factory Racing among others, to answer some burning questions about the past, present and future of electric bikes. 

As part of the video, we touch on the basics such as how to care for your battery, how long they are likely to last (in both short-term range and long-term lifespan) as well as some more hotly-debated topics such as whether e-bikes are cheating. 

Watch the video above to get the lowdown. 

Josh Croxton

Josh is our Senior Tech Writer meaning he covers everything from buyer's guides and deals to the latest tech news and reviews. He'll spot something new in the pro peloton from a mile off, and is always keen get his hands on the newest tech. 

On the bike, Josh has been racing since the age of 13. After racing XC with friends in his teens, he turned to road racing in his early 20s. Pre pandemic, he was racing as a Cat 1 for Team Tor 2000, but for the time being, he's taking shelter in his garage racing on Zwift and RGT. In the real world, he enjoys a good long road race but he's much more at home in a local criterium.