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Gravel bikes allow you to follow all roads and create a much broader riding adventure. 

With frame geometry and tyres, appropriate to the task of exploring routes that start where conventional roads end, gravel bikes are different for a reason. They roll more robust tyres than a conventional road bike and feature reinforced frame structures. 

Gravel specific detailing kit and component choice can significantly improve your all-terrain riding experience. The PRO’s Discover range of gravel-specific bike components and bike bags are expertly designed for riders looking for better control to explore off-road terrain.

Touchpoints and rider position are essential for gravel riding comfort and control. On a high-speed gravel road descent, an unpredictable surface requires more predictable steering geometry. To that end, wider handlebars are safer, allowing for superior leverage to balance those critical steering inputs. 

The PRO Discover Carbon Handlebar is shaped to deliver both comfort and confidence on any gravel bike. With a 20-degree flare, 75mm reach and 110mm drop, you have all the width required to guide the front wheel along an ideal line, through those gravel surface corners. Available in widths of 40, 42 and 44cm with a 5-degree backsweep there’s no compromise on performance or comfort. 

Endurance gravel rides place your hands at far greater fatigue risk than the equivalent distance ridden on tarmac. High-frequency gravel road surface buzz can lead to numbness and PRO Comfort Tape uses its 3mm thickness to cushion your hands on even the roughest of rides.

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Pro Discover carbon handlebar

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Pro Discover comfort gravel tape

Pro Discover comfort gravel tape (Image credit:
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Pro Discover compact 2.7l frame bag

Pro Discover compact 2.7l frame bag (Image credit:
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Pro Discover 15l seat bag

Pro Discover 15l seat bag (Image credit:
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Pro Discover phone wallet

Pro Discover phone wallet (Image credit:
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Pro Discover 8l handlebar bag

Pro Discover 8l handlebar bag (Image credit:
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Pro Discover 0.6l saddle bag

Pro Discover 0.6l saddle bag (Image credit:

Adventurous bike touring and gravel bikes are wonderfully compatible, yet carrying kit and provisions on your frame can be frustrating, when using inappropriate bags. The PRO Discover range of bike bags can fit on your gravel bike frame or components without causing damage or annoyance. 

Whether you wish to mount your gear on a handlebar, beneath the seat or attach it to the frame, PRO’s Discover range has an assortment of gravel travel appropriate bike bags. Regardless of your requirement for a compact 0.6l saddle bag or generously sized 8l waterproof handlebar bag, PRO’s Discover range is tailored to ensure seamless ergonomics, for ease of use, whilst the soft Velcro tabs prevent any friction damage to your gravel bike frame. 

If you love to grind gravel or wish to embrace multiday off-road touring, the PRO Discover range has an ideal portfolio of products. Freewheel is now offering you a chance to win a PRO Discover bike packing and gravel riding bundle worth over £500. 

With its innovative online ordering and physical fulfilment model, using traditional bike shops, Freewheel is your local bike shop with a slick online interface. Customers can choose between home delivery or local bike shop collection. 

Freewheel combines all the convenience of browsing bikes and components in the comfort of your own home, with the sense of cycling fraternity that comes from supporting a local bike shop. Its commission programme ensures that local shops benefit from facilitating Freewheel order collections and keeps the cycling value chain of community strong. Find your local store here.

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