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Why the Wattbike Atom is your perfect year-round training partner

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The Wattbike Atom can help you with your training all year round – not only during winter

The Wattbike Atom can help you with your training all year round – not only during winter (Image credit: Wattbike)
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The Wattbike Atom's tri-bar and tablet holder

The Wattbike Atom's tri-bar and tablet holder (Image credit: Wattbike)
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Wattbike Atom

Wattbike Atom (Image credit: Ciamello Courtesy)
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Wattbike Atom indoor training bike

A wide base makes for a stable platform and belt drive offers a quiet ride (Image credit: Wattbike)
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Wattbike Atom (Image credit: Wattbike)

SPONSORED: Indoor training is efficient, it's not only a way to avoid the winter weather – here's how the Wattbike Atom will make sure you're riding faster than ever this summer.

When the sun starts to shine after a winter of indoor training, you might consider ditching the trainer in favour of outdoor pedalling, but if you're intent on making this your best season yet, continuing to train indoors as your targets approach will get you in the best shape possible. The Wattbike Atom provides the ultimate indoor training experience for the serious cyclist, regardless of the season.

The Atom is a standalone, dedicated smart indoor trainer. It helps you get more bang for your training buck by offering unrivalled realism, class-leading power accuracy and in-depth ride analysis, alongside a range of fully-connected smart features. This is Wattbike's most advanced training bike yet and data is at the heart of the Atom, with an in-built power meter that samples 100 times a second to an accuracy of +/- two per cent across the entire power curve, with a range of 0-2,000 watts.

If you're short on time to ride, the Atom is the ideal tool to help you balance the demands of family, friends and work alongside your ambitions on the bike. Indoor training is widely known to offer the best return for your time in the saddle and the Atom ensures you don't have to sacrifice your sportive or race targets – getting you to the start line in peak form.

The Atom's resistance is controlled either manually via the integrated shifters – it feels just like your normal bike, with 22 gears to choose from - 11 if you want a shorter ratio - or automatically in erg mode, meaning you'll never miss another interval and can hit your target power time and time again, without worrying about traffic, the weather or unsuitable roads for your training session.

The Atom is fully adjustable to match your riding position (it can also be easily used by a number of riders in the same household) and the plug-and-play design makes it ready to ride from the off, with no need to remove your bike's rear wheel for every session – unlike a regular smart trainer, saving you time every time you come to train. The Atom's small footprint (100cm (l) × 50cm (w) × 150cm (h) – tri-bar & tablet holder fully extended) also takes up less space than a typical turbo and road bike setup and the near-silent magnetic resistance system means you won't be disturbing your family or neighbours when cranking out a max power effort.

Wattbike's Real Ride Feel technology replicates the sensation of cycling on the road, thanks to the realistic riding position and the trainer's dynamic magnetic resistance, which keeps things silky-smooth. The Atom is ready to improve your pedal stroke, too, with Wattbike's cutting-edge analytical tools, Polar View and Pedalling Effectiveness Score, offering a visual representation of how you apply force through each revolution, so you can improve your efficiency in real-time, as well as your FTP and watts per kilogram. All this comes via the Wattbike Hub – the free app that digests your data and unlocks some of the Atom's most advanced training tools, workouts and plans.

Sticking to a dedicated training plan is a challenge for any rider, not least if you have other demands alongside your time on the bike, but the Wattbike Hub provides all the tools you need to become a stronger cyclist. Take your pick from a series of performance tests to benchmark your fitness and embark on one of Wattbike's training plans, devised in partnership with world-class coaches and sports scientists to help you achieve your goals. Whether you're targeting a mountainous multi-day sportive or you want to unleash your inner time trialist, the Wattbike Atom will be with you on every pedal stroke.

The Atom also offers an unbeatable climbing experience and allows you to tackle some of cycling's most iconic ascents, including Mont Ventoux, Alpe d'Huez and Monte Grappa, from the comfort of your home. The Atom uses Strava GPS and VeloViewer data to automatically adjust the resistance and match the gradient as you climb – and with the Atom capable of replicating a gradient of up to 25 per cent, you'll be ready for everything from the super-steep bergs of Belgium to the giants of the Tour de France.

On top of that, full ANT+ and Bluetooth FE-C compatibility means you can connect to a range of third-party training apps, including Zwift, TrainerRoad and The Sufferfest, with the Atom's automatically-controlled resistance and road-like feel providing the most realistic training experience on the market. Whether you want to use the Wattbike Hub to embark on a training plan or line-up at the start of a race in Zwift's virtual world, the Wattbike Atom has you covered.

There's no denying indoor training is a great tool for the cold, dark months of winter, but the Wattbike Atom allows time-crunched cyclists to efficiently and effectively improve their fitness year-round, regardless of the season and ensures they are ready to truly make the most of their time on the road.

The Wattbike Atom is available with free shipping, a two-year guarantee and a 30-day return option. Visit for further information on all of the Atom's features.