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Speedplay levels up with Wahoo

(Image credit: Wahoo)

It was back in 2019 that Wahoo Fitness acquired SPEEDPLAY, and we recall feelings of excitement and optimism for both brands at the time of the announcement. 

Wahoo would certainly benefit from the new SPEEDPLAY range in its portfolio of products. The dual-sided engagement road pedal system is one that offers benefits to cyclists from all walks of life, including new cyclists who want an easy-to-use dual-sided system, high-performance athletes looking for the marginal gains of its reduced stack height and aerodynamic cleat, and even those seeking enhanced performance through better biomechanical adjustments

But even more so, SPEEDPLAY will benefit from being under the Wahoo umbrella, which in our opinion, will lead to a better experience for new and existing SPEEDPLAY customers.

In terms of cycling history, Wahoo is a relatively new company. Established in 2009, it has fast grown a reputation for a simple, forward-thinking range of products that are all feature-rich, yet incredibly easy to use. What's more, no matter the category in which you're shopping - be that turbo trainers, sensors or GPS computers - you can be certain that Wahoo's product range will be small, but meticulously refined, and therefore easy to navigate with an option for all budgets. 

Easy to comprehend, use and own

Today we see the first new SPEEDPLAY from Wahoo, a newly-launched range of four pedal systems. We've already covered what's new in our story about the launch, and we've also written a comprehensive Wahoo SPEEDPLAY Nano review, but one of the key takeaways is the way in which the range has been simplified - the first outward sign of how things have improved.

The new four-strong range of SPEEDPLAY pedals is now super simple to comprehend. Each comes with a clear target audience, it's easy to understand their key features to decide which pedal is right for you, and a simple pricing structure complements the newfound simplicity of the range. 

When it comes to the products themselves, simplicity remains the constant for Wahoo, ensuring the products are a joy to live with. 

While still being as feature-rich as the competition, the ELEMNT computers use a smartphone app for straightforward setup, the KICKR turbo trainers do likewise and can be set up in a matter of minutes. It's clear that similar principles have been applied to SPEEDPLAY pedals, making them a perfect addition to the Wahoo family of products.

For example, instead of using a traditional pedal spanner to fit and remove them, SPEEDPLAY pedals now require an Allen key, a much more common tool in home-workshops around the world. What's more, an adapted pedal platform and newly-designed sealed bearings offer a vastly increased lifespan, meaning less time needs to be spent on maintenance, and more time can be spent riding. 

Infrastructure and support

Even beyond the product specifics, there are benefits from the infrastructure that Wahoo has built up in its short existence. The brand's existing factories, headquarters, computer systems and headcount will undoubtedly make a huge difference when it comes to scaling up the new Wahoo SPEEDPLAY range, which should translate into a better product, with better aftermarket support, and ultimately a better experience for users of the SPEEDPLAY pedals. 

More significantly, the range will also benefit from the intangible infrastructure that Wahoo can supply. 

Expertise is one of those that Wahoo will have already brought to the table. For example, Wahoo's in-house team of physiologists will have helped with the development of the system that, with cleats that offer adjustable float, is a popular choice among bike fitters looking to optimise biomechanics.

What's more, the existing Wahoo dealer network will be invaluable. Due to the sheer popularity of the Wahoo product range, you'll find the brand stocked in almost every bike shop and at almost every online retailer across the globe. SPEEDPLAY, meanwhile, feels niche by comparison.

Thanks to the Wahoo connection, if you're interested in buying SPEEDPLAY pedals, you can be sure that your local shop or favourite store will stock them - or at least be able to source them with ease. 

In our opinion, this is the area that will serve customers the most. Whether it's the initial purchase journey, shopping for spares, seeking advice or even warranty support, this vast network of retailers with stock, dealer access and product experience will mean the SPEEDPLAY brand is no longer considered a niche proposition, but the right choice of pedal for all cyclists. 

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Josh Croxton

Josh is our Senior Tech Writer meaning he covers everything from buyer's guides and deals to the latest tech news and reviews. He'll spot something new in the pro peloton from a mile off, and is always keen get his hands on the newest tech. 

On the bike, Josh has been racing since the age of 13. After racing XC with friends in his teens, he turned to road racing in his early 20s. Pre pandemic, he was racing as a Cat 1 for Team Tor 2000, but for the time being, he's taking shelter in his garage racing on Zwift and RGT. In the real world, he enjoys a good long road race but he's much more at home in a local criterium.