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Riding into the eBike future with Ride1UP

eBikes Ride1UP
Ride1UP eBikes are stylish and affordable! (Image credit: Ride1UP)


The cycling and active transport revolution is upon us. A time of crisis has reset perspectives and the eBike has moved from hybrid transport to true car alternative. 

Surging eBike demand and adoption has forever changed the way we commute, shop and plan our leisure time venue journeys. The tyranny of distance, gradient and wind, have all been moderated by the magic of motor assistance, helping you to pedal with much greater power. 

Riders can cover a lot more distance in the same timeframe, with an eBike. But as with all new technologies, early adopters pay a premium. With their sophisticated motors and lithium-ion battery packs, an eBike that is thoughtfully designed to feel like an agile and confidence-inspiring bicycle, is often priced beyond the logic of most budgets. 

This is exactly the issue that inspired a group of disruptors to build better eBikes. Ride1UP founder, Kevin Dugger, has lived a life around bicycles. With Dutch roots, that is hardly surprising. Putting himself through college as a self-employed bicycle mechanic, Dugger has an intuitive knowledge of what riders really need and where your money counts. 

After designing and building his own eBike 5 years ago, Dugger discovered that with huge increases in consumer electronics availability and battery endurance, the potential was there for a cycling and transport revolution. And so, Ride1UP came into being. 

For eBikes to truly achieve a transformative effect, more riders need to be on them, and price is the barrier. Carbon-fiber frames and trick mid-drive motors have made many eBikes unaffordable and unattractive as motor vehicle alternatives for progressive urbanites. 


(Image credit: Ride1 UP)

Ride1UP’s product planning is all about delivering the value, directly. Without dealer margins, the Ride1UP customer direct model allows for terrifically low pricing. 

You can get on a Ride1UP Roadster V2 for only $1095 and with a myriad of other choices that are easy on the eyes and the wallet, there is no wonder why Ride1UP has caught our attention. Feast your eyes on another popular model, the Core-5 priced at $1195.

The Roadster V2 flat-bar commuter boasts tidy internal cable routing and rim brakes, which are entirely adequate for flat city riding. 

It also features a belt-drive, which should prove hugely durable through even the harshest of winters  - and requires no maintenance or lubrication. It also won’t drip greasy chain lube residue on your floor. 

Take a look at the YouTube video of the V2.


(Image credit: Ride1 UP)

 Ride1UP’s premium eBike offering is the all-terrain capable Prodigy, at $2295. This hardtail mountain bike moves Ride1UP’s motor assistance from its rear hub to the bottom bracket. The Brose mid-drive motor sources from Germany and spins 90Nm of torque, assisting you in effortlessly cranking up the steepest climbs.  


(Image credit: Ride1 UP)

Ride1UP is a rider company, producing and retailing eBikes for the broadly inclusive active transport and riding revolution. 

Battery integrity is a crucial part of having a happy eBike ownership experience and the Ride1UP bikes are all powered by LG and Samsung lithium-ion packs, delivering endurance that can run up to 70 miles, depending on terrain and wind conditions. 

For eBikes to deliver on their potential, they need to replace cars and be adequately affordable for more riders to own. If you want to be part of the eBike transformation, Ride1UP’s portfolio of models will unquestionably have an eBike appropriate for your lifestyle – and more importantly, within your budget. 

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