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Canyon launches all new Endurace:ON AL 7.0 e-road bike

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Canyon Endurace_ON AL 7.0

The Endurace:ON AL 7.0 is Canyon's first e-road bike (Image credit: Canyon)
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Canyon Endurace_ON AL 7.0

The Endurace:ON owes much of its riding characteristics to Canyon's existing non-motorised Endurace road bikes (Image credit: Canyon)
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Canyon Endurace_ON AL 7.0

Canyon aims to break barriers with the Endurace:ON and make e-road bikes and cycling more accessible (Image credit: Canyon)
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Canyon Endurace_ON AL 7.0

Canyon H17 bars, V15 stem and carbon seatpost make up the finishing kit (Image credit: Canyon)
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Canyon Endurace_ON AL 7.0

Thru-axles and 160mm rotors keep the bike stiff and controlled (Image credit: Canyon)
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Canyon Endurace_ON AL 7.0

The Fazua motor will assist when it's needed but won't hold you back with pedalling resistance if you choose not to (Image credit: Canyon)

German direct-to-consumer brand Canyon has now entered the e-road bike market with their new Fazua Evation powered Endurace:ON AL 7.0.

The rise of e-bikes has been a phenomenon in recent years. Fitness has always been a gatekeeper for cycling enjoyment whether its new riders starting cycling, riders with busy schedules or veterans that want to keep riding as they did in the past. However, as technology has advanced, more cyclists across all disciplines have begun taking advantage of electrically assisted bikes to ride with friends, keep up with faster groups or experience longer demanding routes. 

Canyon’s road bike engineering and the Fazua motor eliminate the barriers to cycling enjoyment by letting riders control their effort when the miles start piling up or stay with the group on climbs. More importantly, Canyon’s design of the Endurace:ON means it feels like a road bike rather than an e-bike.

Canyon has based the ride characteristics on their Endurace range, transposing the Sports Geometry and lengthening the chainstays by 10mm. The Endurace:ON benefits from confident yet comfortable handling that is expected from a road bike whilst increasing stability to compensate for the added motor weight.  

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Canyon Endurace_ON AL 7.0

Fazua Evation motor and battery unit is compact and located in the downtube (Image credit: Canyon)
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Canyon Endurace_ON AL 7.0

A subtle touch sensitive FX controller on the down tube lets you control the motor whilst keeping the handlebars free of clutter (Image credit: Canyon)
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Canyon Endurace_ON AL 7.0

Other than the cooling fins and USB port, it's hard to tell that the Endurace:ON is an e-bike (Image credit: Canyon)

Fazua Evation motor with Black Pepper Performance Update

Canyon chose Fazua to power the Endurace:ON due to the system's unobtrusive and compact nature. Rather than overpowering the pedalling input the Fazua motor offers gentle assistance for a more natural pedalling experience. There are three modes - Breeze, River and Rocket - which offer different levels of support.

A huge advantage for the Fazua motor is its nonassisted pedalling characteristics. While other motor systems suffer from resistance when not providing assistance, the Fazua pedals like a normal bike when the motor isn't in use. Combined with the Evation system's light 4.6kg weight, the Endurace:ON’s riding experience isn’t hampered when choosing to ride with no assistance or pushing beyond the 25kph limit.

Canyon’s Endurace:ON AL is the first bike in production to feature Fazua’s Black Pepper Performance update. The “firmware” update retunes Fazua’s Evation motor, not only boosting the performance to give more power but managing the way that the power is delivered.

With the Black Pepper Performance Update already installed, the Evation motor is transformed. The smoothness of the pedalling assistance is enhanced in all three modes as well as broadening the efficiency and consistency of power to a wider cadence range between 50-120rpm.

The 250Wh battery takes around 3 1⁄2 hours and although battery life is very dependent on terrain and motor use, Canyon claims it has achieved around 90km in Breeze mode which should be more than enough for a good day's riding.

Canyon Endurace:ON AL 7.0

A 1x Shimano GRX drivetrain is tough and simplifies gear changing (Image credit: Canyon)


Canyon has released a single Endurace:ON AL model which has been specced to strike a balance between performance, durability and value. While most e-road bikes are the reserve for those with top-end budgets, Canyon wanted to make the benefits of assisted riding available to a wider spectrum of riders.

Shimano’s GRX drivetrain follows conventional road ergonomics and smooth shifting but has the robustness to manage an increased workload that comes with e-bikes. The 1x drivetrain adds simplicity and reduces maintenance, using a 48t chainring to drive an 11-42 cassette for a wide gear range and fuss-free shifting.

Shimano brakes are also GRX and paired with 160mm rotors to maximise braking performance, managing the added weight and enhancing control on descents. The tyres have been beefed up as well. Grippy 32mm Schwalbe E-One tyres protect against punctures and the increased volume adds comfort. Wheelsets on e-bikes are put through a lot of stresses, Canyon has specced Alexrims RXD5C’s to handle the extra motor forces and specced the bike with thru-axles for better stability and increased steering precision.

For an alloy e-road bike, the full-build weight is competitive, coming in at a claimed 15.2kg for a medium.

The Endurace:ON AL 7.0 comes in sizing between S-XL and is available exclusively from Canyon retailing for €2,999 (£2,799).

Buy at Canyon

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