Taking it easy today to make it harder tomorrow

A day in the life of Steve Fisher

Rider: "Life is relatively easy for us here at Euro 'Cross Camp VIII."
Reader: "I thought Belgium hosted the hardest cyclo-cross races in the world! How can this be?"
Rider: "Perhaps the bike racing in Belgium is about as hard as it gets, but, in all honesty, the rest of life here is made to be pretty easy for us."

Let me take you through a typical day of easiness here in Izegem. I woke up this morning and stumbled my way down the stairs knowing plenty of food was awaiting me for breakfast. The fridge is always well stocked with a variety of food choices.

After a leisurely breakfast it was time to head out for some training, although you could hardly call it that since we are right in the heart of the Christmas racing period here in Belgium. With multiple races over this past weekend for everyone and another one coming up tomorrow a restful day was on the agenda for most. Photographer Matt Clark accompanied us on our ride by car to capture some photos as well as some video footage.

After the nice easy spin I hung up my bike knowing that our excellent mechanical staff here at the house will prepare it for tomorrow's race in Loenhout. I quickly headed upstairs and into a hot shower to warm back up.

Next up on the rest day docket was a massage from Herman here at the house. Now we arrive at my present location, relaxing in bed and writing this entry. Soon will be a wonderfully prepared dinner from Els and Bridgette. While we are dining the mechanics will have loaded all of our freshly tuned bikes into the van for tomorrow's race. Really all that is left for the riders is getting to bed on time.

So if you look at things as a whole, life here in the house is easy thanks to all of our supporters. I suppose a vacation on the beach in Mexico might be easier, but where would the fun in that be? There certainly wouldn't be any guys in spandex yelling at each other in foreign languages while fighting for position in a bike race. I can't wait for that tomorrow!

The bottom line is that there are so many people pouring their energy into helping all of us here at EuroCrossCamp race to the best of our abilities, far too many people to name. There are those that are working with us here on a daily basis as well as those who have supported us throughout our racing careers. I think the best way to thank all of them is to race harder than we have ever raced before.

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