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Best adjustable bike straps

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There are many useful tools in our bike workshop but there are few items that are used more often than our adjustable bike straps.

There's no end to their usefulness, and we're forever finding new reasons to buy more of them. Whether it's strapping your front wheel to your frame to keep your handlebars from twisting when your bike is hung on the wall, or strapping your spare inner tubes to your seatpost on those extra-mileage kind of days, the adjustable bike strap is a humble, but heroic cycling accessory. 

We find they're useful on the bike, in the workshop, even in the home when we've put the bike away for the day. We can't get enough, and once you've begun using them, you'll never want to stop. 

Most durable


(Image credit: Amazon)

Bike Rack Strap, Bike Wheel Stabilizer Straps, Replacement Rubber Straps compatible with Thule 534 Accessory Strap Kit, Adjustable, Bicycle Wheel Stabilizer Straps 4 Pack

Sturdy rubber strap with belt-buckle style punch holes

This rubber adjustable bike strap will stand the test of time thanks to its simple belt-buckle-style operation, and durable rubber material. 

With eight holes, it doesn't have quite the finite level of adjustment that other straps might possess, but the rubber's stretch should make it suitable for securing anything and everything you need to keep in place. 

Measuring 9.25 inches in length, it's perfect for those heavy duty jobs such as securing bikes on your car rack. 

Best value


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4 Pieces Adjustable Bike Rack Strap,Storage Strap for Bicycle Wheel,Securing Cinch Straps,Bicycle Wheel Velcro Elastic Stretch Stabilizer Straps,Durable Hook & Loop Storage Strap

Easy to use hook-and-loop strap

With a selection of four colors, this pack will not only transform your toolbox, but it will add a bit of style to the party too. 

With a hook-and-loop operation, it works in a similar way to the strap on velcro shoes, for example. It also means an almost infinite amount of adjustment. 

They're super lightweight, fold up small, and at just shy of two feet long, the straps are suitable for a wide range of operations. Such is the versatility that we're currently using them to keep our sleeping mat from unrolling as well as keep a shelf upright in the shed. 

Most versatile


(Image credit: Amazon)

LuBanSir Bike Rack Straps, 8 Pack (8" & 26") Adjustable Bike Stabilizer Straps to Keep Bike Wheel from Spinning

Different sizes for different applications

When it comes to versatile usability, the next level of adjustable strap ownership comes in the form of multiple size options. 

This pack of 8 comes with 4 x 26 inch long straps and 4 x 8 inch straps, which means you can use the minimum effective size for the required job and don't have to use oversized straps for the small jobs.

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