Van der Poel wins junior men's world title

Pedersen and Nika take silver and bronze

Mathieu van der Poel (Netherlands) added the junior road race world title to his cyclo-cross crown with a devastating attack on the final ascent of Via Salviati. He then powered to the finish alone and even had to time to close his jersey and pull out a Dutch flag and celebrate in style.

Mads Pedersen (Denmark) won the sprint for second place three seconds after van der Poel, while Iltjan Nika claimed the bronze medal for Albania.

Logan Owen (USA) finished in fourth place, for a second consecutive world championship, just ahead of Italy’s Lorenzo Rota. Britain's Scott Davies finished seventh.

Van der Poel is the son of former professional and cyclo-cross world champion Adri van der Poel and he is the grandson of French legend Raymond Poulidor.

"This is special because it's my first international title on the road," van der Poel said.

"My attack was not prepared but I felt it was the moment to go. My dad gives me some advice but then I'm the one who has to race."

Van der Poel rode a smart race and used his bike handling skills and power to devastating effect. He dropped European champion Franck Bonnamour (France) on the steep slopes of Via Salviati and held a lead of 12 seconds at the summit of the climb. Although a group of 22 riders gave chase behind, he was able to hold on to win by three seconds at the finish.

"The race was long at 140km and so I opted to wait till the end. It was a technical descent, so I was able to reach the Frenchman on the descent and then get away," he explained.

Despite his world road race title, van der Poel announced he will focus on cyclo-cross for at least the next four years.

"I enjoy cyclo-cross more than road races so I'm going to focus on that for now but I will do some road races too. I've got a team already," he said.

"Boom and Stybar did cyclo-cross before switching to the road and they’re idols for me, so they prove you don’t have to make the change right now. There's time."

Iltjan Nika secured the first ever world road race championship medal for Albania.

"I didn’t know that. Let’s hope it's just the beginning for Albania," he said.

"You had to race with your head, not just the legs. We're one of the smaller nations and I only had two teammates. I live here in Toscana, race in a team that is from here and I know these roads, it was like racing at home." 


# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Mathieu van Der Poel (Netherlands) 3:33:14  
2 Mads Pedersen (Denmark) 0:00:03  
3 Iltjan Nika (Albania)    
4 Logan Owen (United States Of America)    
5 Lorenzo Rota (Italy)    
6 Lucas Eriksson (Sweden)    
7 Scott Davies (Great Britain)    
8 Artem Nych (Russian Federation)    
9 Sergey Shemyakin (Kazakhstan)    
10 Benjamin Brkic (Austria)    
11 Lorenzo Fortunato (Italy)    
12 Gracjan Szelag (Poland)    
13 Anatoliy Budyak (Ukraine)    
14 Anders Skaarseth (Norway)    
15 Daniel Martínez (Colombia)    
16 Aliaksandr Riabushenko (Belarus)    
17 Victor Langellotti (Monaco)    
18 Piotr Konwa (Poland)    
19 Robert Power (Australia)    
20 Franck Bonnamour (France)    
21 Jonas Abrahamsen (Norway)    
22 Alessandro Fedeli (Italy) 0:00:08  
23 Caio Godoy Ormenese (Brazil)    
24 Simone Velasco (Italy) 0:01:00  
25 Christoffer Lisson (Denmark) 0:01:09  
26 Matic Safaric Kolar (Slovenia)    
27 Julian Schulze (Germany)    
28 Geoffrey Curran (United States Of America)    
29 José Santoyo (Mexico)    
30 Evgeny Kobernyak (Russian Federation)    
31 Juan Felipe Osorio (Colombia)    
32 Sam Oomen (Netherlands)    
33 Pietro Andreoletti (Italy) 0:02:05  
34 Mark Padun (Ukraine) 0:02:07  
35 Laurens De Plus (Belgium)    
36 Daniel Fitter (Australia) 0:02:24  
37 Kristjan Kumar (Slovenia) 0:02:40  
38 Piet Allegaert (Belgium)    
39 Nikolay Cherkasov (Russian Federation) 0:03:34  
41 Stef Krul (Netherlands) 0:03:57  
42 Nathan Van Hooydonck (Belgium)    
43 David Rivière (France)    
44 Rémy Rochas (France) 0:03:59  
45 Yonas Tekeste Haile (Eritrea)    
46 William Barta (United States Of America)    
47 Alex Aranburu (Spain)    
48 Kristian Aasvold (Norway)    
49 Patrick Müller (Switzerland)    
50 Mathias Van Gompel (Belgium)    
51 Julien Van Den Brande (Belgium)    
52 Yerlan Pernebekov (Kazakhstan)    
53 Jhonatan Casillas (Mexico)    
54 Gregely Varró (Hungary)    
55 Stylianos Farantakis (Greece) 0:04:05  
56 Seid Lizde (Italy) 0:04:07  
57 Adrian Auerbacher (Germany) 0:04:14  
58 Andrej Petrovski (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) 0:05:48  
59 Marco König (Germany) 0:06:11  
60 Juraj Bellan (Slovakia)    
61 Ryan Cavanagh (Australia)    
62 Tom Wirtgen (Luxembourg)    
63 Amanuel Mengis Ghebreindrias (Eritrea) 0:06:17  
64 Elie Gesbert (France) 0:06:31  
65 Ivan Garcia Cortina (Spain) 0:06:36  
66 Yevgeniy Gidich (Kazakhstan)    
67 Zeke Mostov (United States Of America)    
68 Pontus Kastemyr (Sweden) 0:06:38  
69 Davy Gunst (Netherlands) 0:07:00  
70 Gustav Höög (Sweden)    
71 Abderrahmane Bechlagheme (Algeria)    
72 Marius Sylta (Norway)    
73 Jonas Gregaard (Denmark)    
74 Mykyta Zubenko (Ukraine)    
75 Áquila Roux (Brazil) 0:07:54  
76 Gaspar Gonçalves (Portugal) 0:09:04  
77 Thomas Terrettaz (Switzerland) 0:09:10  
78 David Ribeiro (Portugal) 0:09:45  
79 Lennard Kämna (Germany)    
80 Michael Svendgaard (Denmark) 0:10:17  
81 Aleksandr Komin (Russian Federation)    
82 Petter Theodorsen (Norway)    
83 Magnus Klaris (Denmark)    
84 Martin Schäppi (Switzerland)    
85 Michal Paluta (Poland)    
86 Andrejs Podans (Latvia)    
87 Pita Cristian David (Ecuador)    
88 Stepan Kurianov (Russian Federation)    
89 Matias Arriagada (Chile)    
90 Stepan Kochurov (Russian Federation)    
91 Gordian Banzer (Liechtenstein)    
92 Vladislav Galyanov (Uzbekistan)    
93 Ekke-Kaur Vosman (Estonia)    
94 Dzmitry Zhyhunou (Belarus)    
95 David Per (Slovenia)    
96 Onur Balkan (Turkey)    
97 Mario Stock (Austria)    
98 Eduardo Estrada (Colombia)    
99 Yam Poliak (Israel)    
100 Ryan Felgate (South Africa)    
101 Juan Camacho Del Fresno (Spain)    
102 Jaap De Jong (Netherlands)    
103 Hampus Anderberg (Sweden) 0:10:50  
104 William Elliott (Canada) 0:11:01  
105 Dmitriy Rive (Kazakhstan) 0:11:33  
106 Saya Kuroeda (Japan) 0:12:25  
107 Linas Rumšas (Lithuania)    
108 Uladzimir Gorohovik (Belarus) 0:12:28  
109 Larry Valvasori (Luxembourg)    
110 Abderrahmane Mansouri (Algeria) 0:12:31  
111 Rémi Aubert (France) 0:12:35  
112 Aurélien Paret-Peintre (France)    
113 Michal Schlegel (Czech Republic)    
114 Lukas Schlemmer (Austria) 0:13:14  
115 Florian Schipflinger (Austria)    
116 Matthew Gibson (Great Britain) 0:13:17  
117 James Knox (Great Britain) 0:13:22  
118 Tao Geoghegan Hart (Great Britain)    
119 Mateusz Kazimierczak (Poland) 0:13:27  
120 Eric Süßemilch (Germany)    
121 Atsushi Oka (Japan) 0:14:46  
122 Vasili Strokov (Belarus) 0:14:51  
123 János Pelikán (Hungary) 0:14:55  
124 Brent Luyckx (Belgium) 0:15:02  
125 Ayden Toovey (Australia)    
126 Mathias Rask Jeppesen (Denmark)    
127 Ben Ganon (Israel) 0:15:05  
128 Luc Turchi (Luxembourg) 0:17:30  
129 Edward Dunbar (Ireland) 0:17:44  
DNF Vladimir Cludin (Republic of Moldova)    
DNF Omer Goldstein (Israel)    
DNF Karlis Jirgensons (Latvia)    
DNF Elgun Alizada (Azerbaijan)    
DNF Dániel Móricz (Hungary)    
DNF Sean Mackinnon (Canada)    
DNF Adam Jamieson (Canada)    
DNF Adhanom Zemekael (Eritrea)    
DNF Balázs Rózsa (Hungary)    
DNF Maksim Nidodirov (Belarus)    
DNF Vlad Dobre (Romania)    
DNF Petr Fiala (Czech Republic)    
DNF Tomas Harag (Slovakia)    
DNF Jairo Lopez (Mexico)    
DNF Kwong Lau (Hong Kong, China)    
DNF Chris Jooste (South Africa)    
DNF Lucas Motta (Brazil)    
DNF Martin Duben (Slovakia)    
DNF Adrian Dumitru Zamfir (Romania)    
DNF Raivis Sarkans (Latvia)    
DNF Luka Kotur SRB    
DNF Husnudin Hakimov (Uzbekistan)    
DNF Lucian Buga (Romania)    
DNF Grigoriy Shtein (Kazakhstan)    
DNF Axel Journiaux (France)    
DNF Abdelghani Fellah (Algeria)    
DNF Federico Olei (San Marino)    
DNF César Martingil (Portugal)    
DNF Facundo Crisafulli (Argentina)    
DNF Alexander Wachter (Austria)    
DNF Domen Novak (Slovenia)    
DNF Ridion Kopshti (Albania)    
DNF Mark Downey (Ireland)    
DNF Marco-Tapio Niemi (Finland)    
DNF Miguel Bryon (United States Of America)    
DNF Justin Oien (United States Of America)    
DNF Dylan Foley (Ireland)    
DNF Kota Yokoyama (Japan)    
DNF Cristofer Jurado (Panama)    
DNF Ivan Venter (South Africa)    
DNF Hendrik Pineda (Canada)    
DNF Félix Lapointe (Canada)    
DNF Andrei Covalciuc (Republic of Moldova)    
DNF Svetikas Gintaras (Lithuania)    
DNF Andrea Maccagli (San Marino)    
DNF Martynas Stasikelis (Lithuania)    
DNF Patryk Krzywda (Poland)    
DNF Sapar Serdarov (Turkmenistan)    
DNF Sergey Medvedev (Uzbekistan)    
DNF Andrei Grigoriev (Republic of Moldova)    
DNF German Nicolas Tivani Perez (Argentina)    
DNF Fethi Acar (Turkey)    
DNF Enes Talha Ay (Turkey)    
DNF Nako Georgiev (Bulgaria)    
DNF Cristian Cornejo (Chile)    
DNF Zoheir Benyoub (Algeria)    
DNF Hichem Amari (Algeria)    
DNF Kristoffer Halvorsen (Norway)    
DNF Martijn Budding (Netherlands)    
DNF Nijat Niftaliyev (Azerbaijan)    
DNF Eno Rrucaj (Albania)    
DNF Zahar Slugin (Turkmenistan)    
DNF Carlo Noia (San Marino)    
DNF Ziga Rucigaj (Slovenia)    
DNF Santiago Quiroga (Argentina)    
DNF Filip Cengic (Croatia)    


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