Santos Tour Down Under 2014

January 19-26, 2014, Adelaide, AUS, Road - WorldTour

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Zeb Woodpower

Hello and welcome to live coverage for Stage 3 of the Tour Down Under

  1. 08:57:50 ACDT

    If you're wanting to catch up on yesterday's racing, we have several stories for you.

    Click here for the race report

  2. 09:06:42 ACDT

    Meanwhile, over in Argentina Trek won for the second straight day. Read the race report here


  3. 09:25:01 ACDT

    The Corkscrew will be desivive today in deciding the winner on the road to CAmpbelltown. One rider who is set to animate the race is Riche Porte.

    You can have a look at his bike here


  4. 09:30:10 ACDT

    Making headlines are the comments by Danilo Di Luca in the Italian press which has caused some reaction from the peloton. You can read what Vincenzo Nibali and others have said by clicking here


  5. 09:31:28 ACDT

    Following his comments, CONI have requested that Di Luca is called in for questioning. You can read what CONI have said here


  6. 09:46:02 ACDT

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  7. 09:49:08 ACDT

    We are about 15 minutes away from the start of the race today which begins in Norwood. The riders will be enjoying a coffee or two as the suburb is known for its cafe culture


  8. 09:55:08 ACDT

    The riders will have a 9km neutral ride to the town of Paradise and then the race will begin in earnest. Will Drapac and UniSA attack again from the get go?


  9. 09:58:56 ACDT

    This is the first time that Campbelltown has hosted a finish of the Tour Down Under


  10. 09:59:52 ACDT

    The riders have signed in and about to make their way out onto the course


  11. 10:04:52 ACDT

    On offer today are two sprint points and one KOM. The first sprint point comes at 38.7km in Kersbrook.

    The second is after 53.5km in Williamstown.

    The sole KOM points on offer today will be awarded to the first rider over the Corkscrew.


  12. 10:09:03 ACDT

    It'll be a warm up 9km but watch for some teams getting ready to launch attacks once the gun is fired


  13. 10:15:30 ACDT

    The Corkscrew is a 2.4km Cat 1 climb. The average gradient is 9%


  14. 10:24:32 ACDT

    After a crash in the finale yesterday, Lampre-Merida are down one rider today as Rafael Valls Ferri has retired from the race


  15. 10:26:05 ACDT

    To start the day Travis Meyer (Drapac) has continued the team's early approach of attacking and has built a small lead


  16. 144km remaining from 145km

    10:26:39 ACDT

    Also attacking are Jérôme Cousin (Europcar) and Andriy Grivko (Astana)


  17. 10:27:44 ACDT

    Today's conditions for Stage 3. Today is the cloudiest day of the Tour with only brief glimpses of sun. There are lighter winds compared to the first two stages but changes in direction will mean there is a slight head wind most of the way. Light winds of about 10km/h for the start, tending ENE at about 15km/h in the hills before winds shift WNW at 10-15km/h from about Mt Pleasant onwards, strongest for the Montacute KOM section.


  18. 143km remaining from 145km

    10:29:22 ACDT

    The temperature is 30-31 degrees from Norwood to Paradise for the start, then 26-28 degrees through the hills and 30-31 degrees for finish at Campbelltown.


  19. 142km remaining from 145km

    10:30:14 ACDT

    • Break

    Jens Voigt (Trek) has attacked

  20. 140km remaining from 145km

    10:31:52 ACDT

    Cousin and Grivko have a lead of 2:00 and Jens Voigt is trying to bridge the gap. He is 1:02 behind the duo


  21. 10:34:39 ACDT

    There are four riders together now at the front with Andriy Grivko (Astana), Travis Meyer (Drapac), Jérôme Cousin (Europcar) and Jens Voigt (Trek)


  22. 136km remaining from 145km

    10:35:27 ACDT

    The four riders are all together now with Voigt having latched on in the last few km


  23. 135km remaining from 145km

    10:40:15 ACDT

    • Break

    The leading four riders have a lead of 2:05


  24. 10:41:25 ACDT

    Just as yesterday saw Boy van Poppel become the virtual leader on the ride in the break, Andriy Grivko is now the virtual leader of the race as he started the day 67 seconds off Simon Gerrans


  25. 10:44:38 ACDT

    Having placed Will Clake in the break for the last two days, Drapac's representation today is Travis Meyer


  26. 135km remaining from 145km

    10:46:22 ACDT

    The lead is growing and is 2:30 now


  27. 131km remaining from 145km

    10:50:34 ACDT

    2:40 is the gap now


  28. 10:51:58 ACDT

    Voigt has been a very active rider at the Tour Down Under who usually is the first rider to try to get into a breakaway so to only get into one on Stage 3 seems a little late but it's good to see the 42-year-old out in front.


  29. 10:56:16 ACDT

    Bunch in the bunch Simon Clarke (Orica-GreenEdge) has dropped back to the team car for a chat


  30. 10:59:22 ACDT

    Simon Gerrans

    I'm feeling good. Today is harder than yesterday. We're off to a fantastic start. I've got a few seconds on everyone else, the team is backing me up every day, so we hope to keep it going. We rode the Corkscrew last week as a refresher. It's a real climb. It's hard to come back after that King of the Mountains summit. It's all very fast, very close, so it will be hard for any guys to come back after that point. Positioning is key.


  31. 124km remaining from 145km

    11:03:36 ACDT

    Like yesterday, the break is being given a lead somewhere between two to three minutes

  32. 11:05:46 ACDT

    Geraint Thomas (Sky)

    It's a hard climb. If you're on good legs, someone can get 20-30 seconds over the top. It's important to be in good position at the base of the climb. It's a drag race down that gorge coming into the climb. We have a few options for the stage. Richie is keen, but Gerro's got great form. Today it's important to keep Richie up front today. Hopefully the legs will respond.


  33. 124km remaining from 145km

    11:07:11 ACDT

    No change with the break remaining steady at 2:20.


  34. 11:07:36 ACDT

    Diego Ulissi (Lampre-Merida)

    I’ve climbed Corkscrew before the Santos Tour Down Under started. It’s a pretty hard climb. It’s going to split the bunch. It makes today’s stage adapted to my characteristics as well as yesterday’s. I wasn’t expecting to go so well so early in the year but my first victory of 2014 gives me a great confidence and definitely increases my ambitions for the Santos Tour Down Under. Today, the finish isn’t uphill though. The favorite is once again Simon Gerrans but I’m looking forward to see if I can come up with something in the finale again.


  35. 11:08:44 ACDT

    Caleb Ewan (UniSA)

    Today I’ll just try and recover from yesterday’s crash. It’s a tough stage for me. It’ll be a test for the GC guys. I’m a bit disappointed after the crash. I had put myself in a good position. I’m all right but there’s a bit of skin off.


  36. 11:09:56 ACDT

    Yukiya Arashiro (Europcar)

    We are super motivated for breaking away today. I feel strong and I hope to win a stage at the Santos Tour Down Under. I’m delighted to race here. I don’t like the cold at all. I was training in Thailand before coming to Australia. It’s a great pleasure for me to be back here as I’ll never forget my top 10 at the world championship (9th) and that was in Geelong in 2010.


  37. 119km remaining from 145km

    11:10:48 ACDT

    The gap is at 2:20 and its 10km until the first sprint points on the day are set to be decided


  38. 11:11:47 ACDT

    Cadel Evans (BMC):

    Today is a different kind of racing. The Corkscrew will shake up the GC. I've only ridden the climb in training. I've heard stories about it. With the downhill after the summit, it will make for some unpredictable and exciting racing. The team is coming together well. We'll see if I have the legs today to try to win.


  39. 11:13:01 ACDT

    • Orica GreenEdge

    Daryl Impey (Orica-GreenEdge)

    Today is a decisive stage. Gerro's shown he's got the legs, so we'll be riding today to protect him like we have the past few days. I think he's shown he can get up the Corkscrew. The race won't be decided today, but it's very important to not lose time. We've had a great start to the race, so we hope to keep that going. This is a big goal for us. We'd love to win our home race again.


  40. 112km remaining from 145km

    11:18:23 ACDT

    The riders are approaching the first sprint point for the day


  41. 11:19:57 ACDT

    The lead is 2:25 back to the main bunch at the moment


  42. 107km remaining from 145km

    11:23:24 ACDT

    Just about to contest the sprint


  43. 106km remaining from 145km

    11:27:56 ACDT

    Travis Meyer took out the sprint point

  44. 11:31:33 ACDT

    Sprint results

    1: Travis Meyer (Drapac) 5 pts/3 seconds
    2: Andriy Grivko (Astana) 3 pts/ 2 seconds
    3: Jérôme Cousin (Europcar) 2 pts/ 1 second


  45. 11:35:50 ACDT

    While Mark Cavendish isn't at the Tour Down Under this year, how he goes with Mark Renshaw leading him out again will be one of the things to watch in 2014. You can read how Cav's approaching 2014 right here


  46. 11:36:49 ACDT

    The riders are feeling the warm weather out on the roads with Anthony Giacoppo and Darren Lapthorne the next guys to drop back to the team cars


  47. 11:40:37 ACDT

    With under 100km to race, the lead four have a lead of 2:20 which has remained steady almost since the break was made


  48. 11:45:52 ACDT

    Up next is the second sprint point of the day which comes 53.5km into the race


  49. 11:48:33 ACDT

    Not much change with the break working togther and the peloton happy to let them enjoy some TV time.

    Once the riders go through the feedzone with 64km to race, things will heat up 


  50. 91km remaining from 145km

    11:51:13 ACDT

    The results for sprint point two are:

    1- Andriy Grivko (Astana) 5 pts/ 3 second
    2 - Travis Meyer (Drapac) 3 pts/ 2 second
    3 - Jérôme Cousin (Europcar) 2 pts/ 1 second


  51. 89km remaining from 145km

    11:56:26 ACDT

    The break having gone through the sprint point are sitting with a lead of 2:20 over the bunch


  52. 11:59:58 ACDT

    André Greipel (Lotto-Belisol):

    Yesterday, I told Adam Hansen to have a go, because he doesn't get many chances, but in the end, he stayed with me. There will be a natural selection up the Corkscrew. I know that today is not for me. I will save my legs for tomorrow and Sunday.



  53. 83km remaining from 145km

    12:05:15 ACDT

    The four leaders have 2:25 over the bunch and with little change to proceedings in the last 30 minutes


  54. 12:08:12 ACDT

    Caleb Ewan (UniSA) and Robert Gesink (Belkin) have dropped back to their team cars for a drink


  55. 12:13:14 ACDT

    After 65km of racing, the average speed is 37.8kmh but that will pick up significantly on the way to the Corkscrew


  56. 12:15:24 ACDT

    The riders will soon enter the feedzone which is in Mt Pleasant and everyone will be hoping for some nice cool bidons


  57. 75km remaining from 145km

    12:19:39 ACDT

    The gap is getting close to dropping under two minutes


  58. 12:24:43 ACDT

    Grivko is the virtual leader on the road with 1:25 over Gerrans at this point in the race


  59. 12:27:41 ACDT

    The members of the group seem to be enjoying each others company and are happy to keep themselves on the TV screen. Drapac will be pleased they've made the break for the third straight day


  60. 12:34:11 ACDT

    • Feed

    The peloton has passed through the feedzone so expect the chase to start in earnest rather soon


  61. 12:36:13 ACDT

    Its under 60km to go with Orica-GreenEdge on the front of the peloton lead by Matt Goss


  62. 60km remaining from 145km

    12:39:00 ACDT

    The lead has dropped under 2:00 minutes with GreenEdge driving the bunch


  63. 12:41:07 ACDT

    Greipel (Lotto-Belisol) has swapped the white knicks for black today as he sits in around 13th wheel behind Team Sky


  64. 57km remaining from 145km

    12:42:08 ACDT

    The lead is 1:50 and this break won't stay away for too much longer


  65. 12:46:17 ACDT

    In a around one hour, the riders will hit the slopes of the Corkscrew where we should see some fireworks


  66. 53km remaining from 145km

    12:48:25 ACDT

    Its a three man break now as Cousin has fallen off the back and will be collected by the peloton in a bit


  67. 51km remaining from 145km

    12:53:12 ACDT

    The lead is back out over 2:00 now


  68. 47km remaining from 145km

    12:55:34 ACDT

    Goss is still on the front for GreenEdge and its Matthew behind him.

    The man known as 'Bling' had a tumble yesterday and said after the race he was feeling a little sore. He's looking good out there today


  69. 44km remaining from 145km

    12:57:24 ACDT

    Cousin has joined his teammates back in the bunch now. 


  70. 43km remaining from 145km

    12:59:39 ACDT

    The bunch getting a little strung out on the descent while up ahead, Grivko is taking a turn on the front


  71. 41km remaining from 145km

    13:01:31 ACDT

    2:20 is the gap as Bling is now on the front


  72. 13:03:48 ACDT

    Gerrans is looking very relaxed in the bunch with teammates to the left and right keeping him safe


  73. 40km remaining from 145km

    13:07:29 ACDT

    With Voigt in the break, they aren't giving up easy as the time gap remains at 2:20


  74. 13:09:02 ACDT

    Its mostly downhill to the base of the climb and after the riders make their way up the Corkscrew, it'll be a very fast descent


  75. 13:10:28 ACDT

    Team Sky have two cards to play with Thomas and Porte but also have Deigan and Earle for support, Porte will be hungry to get a good result today


  76. 13:13:11 ACDT

    The last 5km has seen the pace increase with an average speed of 47kmh


  77. 13:14:01 ACDT

    As a narrow climb, anyone with aspirations today will need to be in the top ten positions when the peloton hits the base of the Corkscrew


  78. 13:14:43 ACDT

    Weather update

    Still about 29 degrees in the hills. Campbelltown is about 35 degrees now but the freshening WNW wind should cool the finish line to about 31 degrees by Stage end.


  79. 35km remaining from 145km

    13:15:28 ACDT

    The lead is steady at 2:10

  80. 31km remaining from 145km

    13:18:23 ACDT

    The race is heating up with several teams moving toward the front but the break is still 2:00 to the good


  81. 24km remaining from 145km

    13:24:23 ACDT

    Its a lead of 1:30 now


  82. 13:25:18 ACDT

    • Crash

    Bradley Linfield (UniSA) and an Ag2r rider have crashed on a hairpin bend.


  83. 13:25:55 ACDT

    The lead is only 1:05 now as the peloton is trying to make the catch before the climb


  84. 13:27:18 ACDT

    The break is in the gorge just before the beginning of the climb


  85. 21km remaining from 145km

    13:30:23 ACDT

    The lead has been cut down to under 1 minute now with just 45 seconds between the break and the peloton. Catch should now happen before the climb


  86. 13:31:20 ACDT

    • Crash

    FDJ rider down on a corner


  87. 13:32:01 ACDT

    The rider to go down was Pierre-Henri Lecuisinier (FDJ)


  88. 20km remaining from 145km

    13:32:55 ACDT

    30 seconds is now the time gap


  89. 16km remaining from 145km

    13:34:56 ACDT

    Omega Pharma-Quick Step and Sky are at the front now as the break has been caught


  90. 13:35:31 ACDT

    Voigt and Grivko were the last to be caught


  91. 13:36:02 ACDT

    Cannondale and Lampre also moving up


  92. 14km remaining from 145km

    13:37:01 ACDT

    The peloton is strung out with Sky setting it up for Thomas and Porte as everyone is trying to get into position


  93. 13:38:15 ACDT

    BMC and Greipel are now on the front with Lotto looking to protect Hansen's lead in the KOM


  94. 13km remaining from 145km

    13:39:12 ACDT

    The riders are getting into position for the corner that leads into the Corkscrew


  95. 13:39:51 ACDT

    Its Lotto and Giant-Shimano on the front


  96. 13:40:37 ACDT

    Garmin have a strong representation here looking to set it up for Rohan Dennis


  97. 9km remaining from 145km

    13:41:38 ACDT

    Hansen is looking good in third wheel while BMC are looking to get Evans across the line in first place

  98. 8km remaining from 145km

    13:42:33 ACDT

    Evans is siting in second wheel here


  99. 13:43:07 ACDT

    BMC are splintering the pack and there are only around 20 riders left now


  100. 13:44:11 ACDT

    Its Porte and Evans who are at the head of the race while Robert Gesink and Simon Gerrans are watching very closely


  101. 13:44:50 ACDT

    Evans and Porte are riding away now and Gerrans is trying to catch them


  102. 13:45:48 ACDT

    Evans is riding off on is own now


  103. 7km remaining from 145km

    13:46:26 ACDT

    Evans is putting lengths into Porte here and Gerrans is with him


  104. 13:47:18 ACDT

    With 7.5km to go Evans is riding alone here and with 200m to go the summit he will need to descend to his best ability here


  105. 13:47:57 ACDT

    Evans has 15 seconds ahead of Porte and Gerrans


  106. 13:48:40 ACDT

    Evans is riding like a local on the descent


  107. 13:49:18 ACDT

    The speed of that climb was 24.5kmh by Evans


  108. 13:49:35 ACDT

    Its 5.7km to go for Evans


  109. 5km remaining from 145km

    13:50:22 ACDT

    Evans is still alone and hitting the corners hard and building his lead


  110. 13:50:55 ACDT

    Its 25-seconds between Evans and the chasing duo


  111. 4km remaining from 145km

    13:51:43 ACDT

    Porte has tried to get away from Gerrans


  112. 13:52:20 ACDT

    Evans has extended his lead on the descent to around 18-seconds as the group behind is about to catch the duo of Porte and Gerrans


  113. 13:52:58 ACDT

    Just 2.5km to go and the big group is trying to get organised to catch Evans


  114. 2km remaining from 145km

    13:53:22 ACDT

    Evans is time trialling his way to the win


  115. 13:54:02 ACDT

    Evans is into the final kilometre now


  116. 13:54:43 ACDT

    Evans will take the win but now its a matter of whether he can grab the Ochre jersey as well


  117. 13:55:29 ACDT

    • Finish

    Evans wins and Gerrans misses bonus seconds


  118. 13:57:19 ACDT

    Evans hardly celebrated as he tried to get as much time as possible


  119. 14:13:19 ACDT

    Results Provisional stage 3 result # Rider Name (Country) Team Result 1 Cadel Evans (Aus) BMC Racing Team 3:34:06   2 Nathan Haas (Aus) Garmin Sharp 0:00:14   3 Diego Ulissi (Ita) Lampre-Merida     4 Adam Hansen (Aus) Lotto Belisol     5 Simon Gerrans (Aus) Orica Greenedge     6 Rory Sutherland (Aus) Tinkoff-Saxo     7 Brent Bookwalter (USA) BMC Racing Team     8 Ben Hermans (Bel) BMC Racing Team     9 Daryl Impey (RSA) Orica Greenedge     10 Robert Gesink (Ned) Belkin-Pro Cycling Team     overall classification # Rider Name (Country) Team Result 1 Cadel Evans (Aus) BMC Racing Team 10:46:40   2 Simon Gerrans (Aus) Orica Greenedge 0:00:11   3 Diego Ulissi (Ita) Lampre-Merida 0:00:14   4 Nathan Haas (Aus) Garmin Sharp 0:00:26   5 Robert Gesink (Ned) Belkin-Pro Cycling Team 0:00:28   6 Geraint Thomas (GBr) Team Sky     7 Daryl Impey (RSA) Orica Greenedge 0:00:32   8 Brent Bookwalter (USA) BMC Racing Team     9 Rory Sutherland (Aus) Tinkoff-Saxo     10 Ben Hermans (Bel) BMC Racing Team    


  120. 14:14:47 ACDT

    Thanks for joining us to see Evans claim his first win of 2014 and jump into the lead of the Tour Down Under. Click back to the Tour Down Under page for full results, photos, standings and what happened today.


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