Santos Tour Down Under 2014

January 19-26, 2014, Adelaide, AUS, Road - WorldTour

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Zeb Woodpower

 Hello and welcome to Cyclingnews live coverage of the Tour Down Under's Stage 2

  1. 08:51:51 ACDT

    Today's stage is a 150km jaunt from Prospect to Stirling, a town which has seen its share of Tour Down Under finishes. Tom-Jelte Slagter won here last year on his way to winning the overall and Simon Gerrans would have to be a favourite for another victory today.

  2. 08:54:56 ACDT

    There will be one less rider today with Belkin's David Tanner having broken his right collarbone yesterday. Read more about what happened here


  3. 09:03:48 ACDT

    Having encountered the steep incline of Menglers Hill the day before, the peloton leaves Prospect, heading north to One Tree Hill before turning East and then making its way South to Stirling for three laps of the finishing town. A break is likely to form from the gun with UniSA a regular contributor to breaks on stages that have finished in the hilly town. In 2012 Will Clarke, then riding for UniSA team, won the stage having been in a two-man break with Martin Kohler as the chase finished over one minute behind. Last year saw Tom-Jelte Slagter launch a successful attack and steal the win.

    A Drapac appearance in a break is likely as the wild card entrants to the race will want to impress on their debut at WorldTour level. Whoever takes the win on Stage 2 is likely to finish high-up overall and those with aspirations for the Ochre jersey may just play some of their cards late in the stage.


  4. 09:34:23 ACDT

    There are two KOM's today with the points on offer after 34.8km at Seaview Road. The second point is at Checker Hill Rd after 56.3km

  5. 09:38:06 ACDT

    Having seen the back of the heatwave that was around last week, Adelaide is experiencing some nicer weather now. What will it be like for the riders today?

    Mostly cloudy with some sunshine peeking through the high cloud at times. SE winds will average 18-23km/h and gust 25-30km/h at times, potentially gusting to 40-50km/h towards the end of the stage, adding to the difficulty of the Checker Hill climb.


  6. 09:42:37 ACDT

    The Checker climb will test the rider today and here are the specifics of what they will encounter.

    3km of climbing, from 330 metres altitude to 480 metres altitude (average gradient about 5%). The steepest section is a 600 metre stretch in the middle with an average gradient of 14%, peaking at 18%.


  7. 09:43:45 ACDT

    The 600 metre stretch in the middle of Checker Hill is a climb of 86 metres.


  8. 09:50:17 ACDT

    Almost underway here with riders having signed in and having a last coffee


  9. 09:52:33 ACDT

    Yesterday saw a break get away immediately, will Drapac and UniSA try again today or will we see some WorldTour teams try to get off the front?


  10. 09:56:06 ACDT

    Maxime Bouet had a top ten finish yesterday and spoke to Cyclingnews about the upcoming season. read about it here


  11. 09:58:01 ACDT

    Just before we start racing here, catch up in the race from yesterday with Simon Gerrans post- race. Click here for the video.


  12. 150km remaining from 150km

    10:02:13 ACDT

    • Start

    Just about to start here with all the riders getting to go


  13. 10:04:08 ACDT

    The neutral start is a fair bit longer today with the riders to cover 6km before the the gun is fired


  14. 10:05:51 ACDT

    Making news last night was serial doper Danilo di Luca who made some suggestions that riders' bikes have engines in them. You can read his comments here and why he thinks doping should be legal


  15. 10:07:10 ACDT

    Despite having the start in Prospect, the race starts in Gepps Cross


  16. 10:10:59 ACDT

    Meanwhile over in San Luis we have some exclusive video interviews with riders. You can subscribe to our youtube channel and watch the videos, right here.


  17. 10:12:11 ACDT

    And don’t forget you can sign up to the Cyclingnews newsletter, right here too


  18. 150km remaining from 150km

    10:13:05 ACDT

    David Tanner (Belkin) is the only rider not to start today and the peloton has reached Gepps Cross so we are underway for Stage 2

  19. 150km remaining from 150km

    10:13:55 ACDT

    David Tanner (Belkin) and Jose Joaquin Rojas (Movistar)are the riders not to start today and the peloton has reached Gepps Cross so we are underway for Stage 2

  20. 150km remaining from 150km

    10:16:27 ACDT

    David Tanner (Belkin) and Jose Joaquin Rojas (Movistar)are the riders not to start today and the peloton has reached Gepps Cross so we are underway for Stage 2

  21. 10:17:57 ACDT

     Having been in the break yesterday, Will Clarke (Drapac) has tried his luck again today. Alberto Bettiol (Cannondale) and Bradley Linfield (UniSA) are also along for the ride

  22. 147km remaining from 150km

    10:19:56 ACDT

    While a handful of riders tried to get away, there are four riders now who have opened a gap. They are Matteo Trentin (Omega Pharma-Qquick Step), Cameron Wurf (Cannondale), William Clarke (Drapac) and Campbell Flakemore (UniSA)


  23. 145km remaining from 150km

    10:21:23 ACDT

    The group of four have been caught but Will Clarke (Drapac) and Campbell Flakemore (UniSA) are still a little way ahead of the main bunch


  24. 10:21:59 ACDT

    Boy van Poppel (Trek) is trying to join the leading duo


  25. 10:24:29 ACDT

    • Puncture

    Frank Schleck has dropped back to the car


  26. 140km remaining from 150km

    10:26:03 ACDT

    The group of three, Flakemore, Clarke and van Poppel have built a lead of 1:20 over the peloton


  27. 138km remaining from 150km

    10:27:46 ACDT

    • Break

    The lead has increased again and is at 1:55


  28. 10:29:12 ACDT

    If this break can get a lead of 2:32, van Poppel will become the leader on the road


  29. 138km remaining from 150km

    10:30:13 ACDT

    The gap is now at 2:00


  30. 136km remaining from 150km

    10:34:10 ACDT

    That lead is getting bigger again as its now at 2:10 and van Poppel is edging his way into the virtual lead


  31. 10:36:17 ACDT

    Over in San Luis, Adam Yates is making his debut for Orica-GreenEdge. He caught up with Cyclingnews to talk about racing at the top level, read about it here


  32. 10:38:19 ACDT

    Clarke won this stage back in 2012 when riding with the UniSA team and being over eight minutes back in gc, he may be able to ride away and try again for the stage


  33. 10:39:35 ACDT

    Cadel Evans

    It's coming along, we're into the first day with five more to go. Will it be close, down to seconds and time bonuses? Or will it be a hard, selective race? I'm hoping for the latter, and that's not just up to me. This race fits into my goals later this season. These shorter stages are not my strength but I will give it everything I've got.


  34. 10:40:36 ACDT

    The first intermediate sprint comes after 25km today in the town of One Tree Hill


  35. 130km remaining from 150km

    10:41:23 ACDT

    The three leaders have a gap of 2:35 now


  36. 10:42:03 ACDT

    Simon Gerrans

    We're off to a good start but we've got a heap of a long way to go. It's a nice stage for us today. There are some crucial bonuses up for grabs on the line hopefully we'll take some more seconds to protect the lead.


  37. 10:44:50 ACDT

    The break is going to go through the sprint point very soon to claim the first bonus seconds of the day


  38. 127km remaining from 150km

    10:45:48 ACDT

    • Break

    the lead is 2:40 back to the main bunch


  39. 10:46:46 ACDT

    Elia Viviani (Cannondale)

    I'm here to try to win a stage. The condition is good. It's a hard race and the Australian riders are in good condition. Stages 4 and 6 are good for sprinters, but we have a young team here. We don't have the sprint trains like Giant or Lotto.


  40. 126km remaining from 150km

    10:49:55 ACDT

    The gap is getting close to 3:00 as the break is getting close to contesting the sprint


  41. 124km remaining from 150km

    10:54:59 ACDT

    The peloton has crossed through the intermediate sprint point


  42. 10:56:55 ACDT

    Boy van Poppel was first over the line with Flakemore than it was Clarke


  43. 120km remaining from 150km

    10:59:44 ACDT

    Having contested the sprint, the break will soon tackled the first KOM of the day. The three leaders are holding a 2:05 buffer between themselves and the bunch


  44. 118km remaining from 150km

    11:02:43 ACDT

    1. Boy Van Poppel (Trek Factory Racing) 5 pts
    2. Campbell Flakemore (UniSA) 3  pts
    3. Will Clarke (Drapac) 2 pts


  45. 115km remaining from 150km

    11:05:28 ACDT

    The breakaway trio are about to start the climb for the KOM points on offer at One Tree Hill

  46. 11:09:23 ACDT

    Back in the main bunch there has been a small attack by two riders


  47. 11:10:37 ACDT

    Caleb Ewan

    My chances of getting a result today completely depend on the position I can get at the bottom of the climb before the finish. That’s what I missed yesterday. I was not well positioned before the climb.


  48. 115km remaining from 150km

    11:12:19 ACDT

    Golden Grove KOM points were taken out by Will Clarke ahead of Flakemore and then it was van Poppel


  49. 11:13:18 ACDT

    Björn Thurau

    I had good legs yesterday so I told ‘flick’ [DS Andy Flickinger] that I’d do something in the finale, so we did together with Yukiya Arashiro who did a great job for me. I’m just sorry I didn’t cap it off. Maybe I’ll try again today. I need to try anyway because we have no chance to get a result from a sprint, and if it comes down to a sprint again, I believe Simon Gerrans will win again. He’s so used to the weather here and the roads.


  50. 114km remaining from 150km

    11:15:08 ACDT

    The leaders gap is at 2:50 and van Poppel again becomes the virtual leader of the race


  51. 11:16:35 ACDT

    • Climb

    The KOM points were;

    1 - Will Clarke (Drapac): 10 pts

    2 - Campbell Flakemore (UniSA): 6 

    3 - Boy van Poppel (Trek) 4


  52. 11:18:09 ACDT

    Maxime Bouet (Ag2r-La Mondiale)

    Yesterday it was my first time being the captain at a WorldTour race and I’m quite happy with how it went [5th]. Maybe I could have finished 4th but the top three riders [Simon Gerrans, André Greipel, Steele von Hoff] were unbeatable. Today, the most important will be to avoid gaps like the four seconds lost by Richie Porte yesterday. I’ll be very attentive in the finale because I want to get a good GC result to start the season on a high note. I was very frustrated last year after I crashed at the Tour de France and I had an appendix operation in August


  53. 11:19:18 ACDT

    Back in the bunch Adam Hansen (Lotto-Belisol) gobbled up the last 2 points on offer to remain in the KOM lead


  54. 11:22:02 ACDT

    Daryl Impey (Orica-GreenEdge)

    We have come here with a very strong team. We start as the favorites and we can carry the pressure of the race. We are looking forward to protecting the jersey. Today’s finish is good for Gerro. He should be at the front and perhaps he can win again. He obviously has the legs to win the overall.


  55. 106km remaining from 150km

    11:24:29 ACDT

    The lead is coming down now with the break's advantage 1:55


  56. 104km remaining from 150km

    11:28:16 ACDT

    • Break

    The lead is decreasing now with 1:45 the difference


  57. 11:32:46 ACDT

    The riders are getting close to Checkers Hill where the final KOM points of the day will be awarded


  58. 99km remaining from 150km

    11:37:54 ACDT

    its under 100km to go now and the gap is 2:05


  59. 11:38:26 ACDT

    Checker Hill area is now 22 degrees with an ESE wind of 20km/h gusting 30km/h


  60. 11:40:06 ACDT

    The chasing peloton are only 1km behind the break on the road as they start to make their up Checkers Hill which will be slightly blustery 


  61. 96km remaining from 150km

    11:43:28 ACDT

    The leading trio have 2:10


  62. 11:46:36 ACDT

    Hansen leads the peloton over the line to pick some more points as it was Flakemore who picked up maximum points


  63. 90km remaining from 150km

    11:48:25 ACDT

    The break has a lead of 2:20 after Checkers and now will make their way to Stirling with the feedzone in Woodside


  64. 11:49:51 ACDT

    • Climb

    1: Campbell Flakemore (UniSA) 10pts
    2: William Clarke (Drapac) 6pts
    3: Boy Van Poppel (Trek) 4pts
    4: Adam Hansen (Lotto) 2pts


  65. 11:58:17 ACDT

    Cameron Wurf (Caanondale) is enjoying the Tour Down Under and spoke to Cyclingnews about the race. Read what he had to say here


  66. 11:58:56 ACDT

    1: Will Clarke (Drapac) 10pts
    2: Campbell Flakemore (UniSA) 6pts
    3: Boy Van Poppel (Trek) 4pts
    4: Adam Hansen (Lotto) 2pts


  67. 84km remaining from 150km

    12:04:26 ACDT

     The gap is 2:04

  68. 12:09:27 ACDT

     Andre Greipel (Lotto) has almost been the face of the Tour Down Under in recent years and spoke to Cyclingnews this morning about the race so far. Read what he had to say here

  69. 82km remaining from 150km

    12:10:16 ACDT

    The gap is coming down even more now as its just 1:36 back to the peloton


  70. 12:11:18 ACDT

    Just like he did yesterday, Luke Durbidge (Orica-GreenEdge) is once again on the front controlling the pace


  71. 80km remaining from 150km

    12:16:02 ACDT

    The gap is hovering around 1:45 now with Orica-GreenEdge at the front of the grupetto


  72. 12:16:59 ACDT

     The gap is hovering around 1:45 now with Orica-GreenEdge at the front of the main group

  73. 12:19:45 ACDT

    The break is picking up supplies from the feedzone now with the second sprint point a little way up ahead in Balhannah


  74. 69km remaining from 150km

    12:22:35 ACDT

    The lead is at 2:20 as Lotto send a rider to the front of the bunch to control the pace while GreenEdge are sitting in behind him


  75. 12:24:28 ACDT

    Confirmation that Clarke and Hansen are equal on KOM points


  76. 66km remaining from 150km

    12:26:05 ACDT

    Behind Orica-GreenEdge its Movistar and Team Sky at the head of the peloton with an average 36km/h speed


  77. 65km remaining from 150km

    12:27:20 ACDT

    No contest their for the bonus seconds


  78. 65km remaining from 150km

    12:27:59 ACDT

    No contest the for the bonus seconds at the sprint point #2


  79. 65km remaining from 150km

    12:28:17 ACDT

    No contest the for the bonus seconds at the sprint point #2


  80. 12:29:38 ACDT

     Movistar are not having the best race so far after Giovanni Visconti crashing out and this morning JJ Rojas withdrew with a broken scaphoid

  81. 59km remaining from 150km

    12:30:30 ACDT

    The gap is now 2:12

  82. 12:32:12 ACDT

    Driving the bunch is Matt Goss who will be on hand to help teammate Simon Gerrans maintain his overall lead and possibly another stage win


  83. 12:34:13 ACDT


    Confirming the order for the sprint;


    1 Will Clarke (Drapac)
    2 Boy Van Poppel (Trek)
    3 Campbell Flakemore (UniSA)



  84. 12:38:13 ACDT

    Oliver Kaisen is doing his thing for Lotto as the team is surely hoping to get up today and grab the stage win

  85. 12:43:39 ACDT

    The gap as the riders pass through Hanhdorf is sitting steady at 2:10


  86. 52km remaining from 150km

    12:46:42 ACDT

    GreenEdge are back on the front driving the chase with Lotto happy to sit back and let them control the race


  87. 51km remaining from 150km

    12:51:22 ACDT

    The lead has gone under 2:00 once again with the riders getting close to entering Stirling 


  88. 48km remaining from 150km

    12:55:45 ACDT

    Ag2R are moving forward and Maxime Bouet is their man. He spoke to Cyclingnews yesterday about the race and you can read what ge said by clicking here


  89. 12:57:56 ACDT

    The gap is falling down to 1:34 now and Lotto are back on the front and Ag2r are all over the right hand side of the road


  90. 13:02:33 ACDT

    In town is the UCI president Brian Cookson and he had some words to say about the state of the sport. Read his comments here


  91. 45km remaining from 150km

    13:03:49 ACDT

    The break are about to cross the finishline and begin the circuit of Stirling with a lead of 1:55 which has grown again 


  92. 13:07:08 ACDT

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  93. 13:07:58 ACDT

    In just over three hours of racing the peloton has covered 108km and will now race around Stirling twice


  94. 13:11:40 ACDT

    • Break

    The question over the next 20km will be whether Clarke decides to go solo and try to record his second Tour Down Under stage win or sticks with his breakaway companions but wont want to test the speed of van Poppel who has the legs for the sprint 


  95. 36km remaining from 150km

    13:12:35 ACDT

    The GreenEdge riders have let Sky come through for a turn of pace


  96. 13:13:19 ACDT

    The three leaders gap is down to 1:05 and looks like the catch is going to happen soon with the peloton keen the end the trio's day out


  97. 33km remaining from 150km

    13:17:33 ACDT

    The lead has dipped under 1:00 now with the riders on the descent before the small climb back around into Stirling where the crowds have gathered


  98. 31km remaining from 150km

    13:19:30 ACDT

    The pace has proven to be too high for Flakemore who has been dropped by his companions in the break


  99. 13:21:00 ACDT

    • Break

    Its under 30km for the two leaders now


  100. 13:22:21 ACDT

    The average speed has increased to 42km/h but the leading duo have increased their lead to back over a minute. Its now 1:20


  101. 13:25:35 ACDT

    Flakemore is yet to be picked up the peloton as he holds around a 30 second gap. He'll be swallowed up pretty soon though


  102. 26km remaining from 150km

    13:26:48 ACDT

    The gap is reaming at 1:11 with van Poppel on the front at the moment


  103. 23km remaining from 150km

    13:31:05 ACDT

    GreenEdge are still controlling the chase but Omega Pharma-Quick Step and Belkin are making their move foraward now with 26 seconds the gap


  104. 13:31:43 ACDT

    Two days, two most aggressive awards for Clarke


  105. 22km remaining from 150km

    13:33:56 ACDT

    The break is going to be caught quite soon here so teams are getting their riders forward


  106. 21km remaining from 150km

    13:35:28 ACDT

    With one lap to go, the bell sounds and the break is caught


  107. 13:37:04 ACDT

    Its all over for van Poppel and Clarke but it was a good ride by them

  108. 13:38:07 ACDT

    • Break

    A small group has now formed off the front and have gained several seconds


  109. 17km remaining from 150km

    13:40:12 ACDT

    Jack Bauer (Garmin-Sharp), Simon Clarke (Orica-GreenEdge) along with representation from BMC, Sky, FDJ, Trek and Omega Pharma-Quick Step in that group but its all back together again

  110. 13:42:48 ACDT

    • Puncture

    Greipel has a flat font tyre


  111. 15km remaining from 150km

    13:43:20 ACDT

    • Attack

    Darren Lapthorne (Drapac) has launched an attack


  112. 13:44:28 ACDT

    Tinkoff-Saxo Bank have taken control of the chase and Lapthorne is reeled in


  113. 13km remaining from 150km

    13:45:33 ACDT

    The yellow of Tinkoff are all over the front now


  114. 13:46:05 ACDT

    The last 5km, the average speed has been 54km/h


  115. 12km remaining from 150km

    13:46:47 ACDT

    Tinkoff are setting it up for Rory Sutherland 


  116. 13:47:40 ACDT

    Sky are now almost equal with Tinkoff on the left-hand side of the road


  117. 11km remaining from 150km

    13:48:39 ACDT

    Greipel is back and on his wheel is Evans


  118. 13:50:12 ACDT

    Boy van Poppel has popped and is off the back now after his efforts


  119. 8km remaining from 150km

    13:51:07 ACDT

    Garmin and Cannondale are the next teams to send rider forward


  120. 13:52:28 ACDT

    GreenEdge are back in the pack but watch out as its Evans just sitting in about 12th wheel


  121. 6km remaining from 150km

    13:53:50 ACDT

    Gerrans has now moved up with several teammates


  122. 13:55:16 ACDT

    Thomas Peterson (Giant-Shimano) is off the back now unable to handle the pace


  123. 5km remaining from 150km

    13:55:49 ACDT

    Garmin with Lachlan Morton are now in control with Tinkoff slipping back


  124. 13:56:45 ACDT

    With under 5km to ride several riders are dropping off the back now


  125. 13:57:37 ACDT

    Morton's tempo is causing a selection but the top riders are still there biding their time


  126. 4km remaining from 150km

    13:58:27 ACDT

    Lampre are moving up with Deigo Ulissi a potential winner today


  127. 13:58:59 ACDT

    Morton's cracked but Bauer is now driving it for Garmin


  128. 3km remaining from 150km

    13:59:46 ACDT

    Gerrans, Evans and Robert Gesink are all within the front ten wheels


  129. 14:00:27 ACDT

    Caleb Ewan (UniSA) has survived so far and could be in with a chance for the win


  130. 2km remaining from 150km

    14:01:20 ACDT

    • Crash

    Ian Stannard (Sky) has gone off the front while a touch of wheels has brought down several riders


  131. 14:02:02 ACDT

    Stannard has been reeled in and now its Richie Porte putting the hammer down


  132. 14:02:40 ACDT

    Nathan Hass, Simon Clarke and Cadel Evans are leading the race


  133. 14:03:24 ACDT

    • Finish

    Deigo Ulissi wins


  134. 14:04:26 ACDT

    Ulissi went early with Simon Gerrans second and Cadel Evans in third


  135. 14:11:16 ACDT

    Ulissi takes the win ahead of a fast finishing Gerrans but the Italian timed his sprint to perfection and takes the win


  136. 14:11:31 ACDT

    Results Stage 1 result#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult 1Diego Ulissi (Ita) Lampre-Merida3:02:14  2Simon Gerrans (Aus) Orica-GreenEdge   3Cadel Evans (Aus) BMC   4Francesco Gavazzi (Ita) Astana   5Robert Gesink (NED) Belkin   6Richie Porte (Aus) Team Sky   7Ben Hermans (Bel) BMC   8Fabio Felline (Ita) Trek Factory Racing   9Javier Moreno (Esp) Movistar   10Daryl Impey (Rsa) Orica-GreenEdge  
  137. 14:13:22 ACDT

    Results General Classification after Stage 2#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult 1Simon Gerrans (Aus) Orica-GreenEdge7:12:31  2Diego Ulissi (Ita) Lampre-Merida0:00:07  3Andre Greipel (Ger) Lotto-Belisol0:00:11  4Cadel Evans (Aus) BMC0:00:13  5Francesco Gavazzi (Ita) Astana0:00:17  6Robert Gesink (NED) Belkin   7Daryl Impey (Rsa) Orica-GreenEdge0:00:21  8Brent Bookwalter (USA) BMC   9Nathan Haas (Aus) Garmin-Sharp   10Rory Sutherland (Aus) Tinkoff-Saxobank  
  138. 14:14:56 ACDT

    Thanks for joining us today. Click back on the Tour Down Under page to read the race report, check results and see the pictures from the day's action


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