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Tirreno-Adriatico 2011

Date range:
March 9-15, 2011

March 15, Stage 7: San Benedetto del Tronto (ITT) 9.3km

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Susan Westemeyer

Tirreno-Adriatico winds up today with a 9.3km seaside individual time trial.

  1. 14:21:35 CET

    Welcome to the final stage of this year's Tirreno-Adriatico.  Things are closing up with a relatively short time trial. Will we see Cadel Evans take the overall title when the day is done?

  2. 14:28:14 CET

    As expected, Fabian Cancellara of Leopard Trek has rocketed to the lead, with a time of 10:33.

  3. 14:31:02 CET

    The course today could probably best be described as flat.  Yes, that sounds about right.  Flat.  Very.

  4. 14:34:17 CET

    The stage takes place in San Benedetto del Tronto, right on the coast.  The riders take off with the water on their left for about 4.9km, turn around, and come back. 

    Meanwhile, Lampre's Adriano Malori moves into third place only 19 seconds slower than Cancellara.

  5. 14:38:30 CET

    Olivier Kaisen of Omega Pharma-Lotto was the first one off today, at 13:15 CET.  He put in a time of 11:47.   That was soon topped by Rabobank's Rick Flens with a best time of 10:53.

  6. 14:41:54 CET

    Cancellara was one of the favourites, seeing as how he is umpty-ump times World Time Trial Champion.  Who so far this season hasn't won anything at all.  In fact, the whole Leopard Trek team has gotten off to a rather slower start than expected, with only young German Dominic Klemme bringing in a victory.

  7. 14:46:07 CET

    As usual, the first 138 riders went off at one minute intervals.  The last 10 will go off at two-minute intervals.

  8. 14:49:33 CET

    And who are those last ten, you ask? What a coincidence, we happen to know the answer to that question!

    139 PINOTTI Marco THR 15,34'00
    140 LOVKVIST Thomas SKY 15,36'00
    141 MACHADO Tiago RSH 15,38'00
    142 GILBERT Philippe OLO 15,40'00
    143 CUNEGO Damiano LAM 15,42'00
    144 NIBALI Vincenzo LIQ 15,44'00
    145 GESINK Robert RAB 15,46'00
    146 BASSO Ivan LIQ 15,48'00
    147 SCARPONI Michele LAM 15,50'00
    148 EVANS Cadel BMC 15,52'00


  9. 14:52:09 CET

    Gregory Rast (RadioShack) and Andrea Noe (Farnese) come in at just about the same time, which means that Rast made a minute good on the elderly Italian.

  10. 14:52:46 CET

    Another Rabobanker heads to the finish line, Wynants, but he comes in currently in 20th place.

  11. 14:54:54 CET

    Sky's Mathew Hayman doesn't make the top ten either.   He is now 30th.

  12. 14:57:51 CET

    The overall leader here is of course Cadel Evans of BMC Racing Team, who won yesterday's stage.  He took the lead the day before, though.

  13. 15:00:25 CET

    Evans has a lead of nine seconds over Michele Scarponi of Lampre, with Ivan Basso (Liquigas) back in third place at 12 seconds.

  14. 15:04:31 CET

    Once again we have two riders coming in more or less together, Francisco Ventoso Alberdi of Movistar and Oscar Gatto of Farnese.

  15. 15:05:43 CET

    Andy Schleck of Leopard Trek is on the course now.

  16. 15:08:34 CET

    Scarponi leads the points classification, tied with 26 points with Garmin-Cervelo's Tyler Farrar.  Third is Evans, with 20 points.

  17. 15:10:40 CET

    We try not to predict who will win what, but we will go out on a limb and say that Davide Malacarne of Quickstep will take home the mountain title.  He was leading the ranking coming into today's stage, and there's not even a bump on the road today which one could under any circumstances describe as a climb.

  18. 15:15:39 CET

    Robert Gesink (Rabobank) looks to have a lock on the best young rider ranking, leading by 1:13 over Simon Clarke of Astana, with Wout Poels (Vacansoleil) third.

  19. 15:18:46 CET

    And coming into today's final stage, Liquigas was the best team, followed by HTC-Highroad and Euskaltel-Euskadi.

  20. 15:21:52 CET

    That's it for me today, folks.  I am leaving you in the capable hands of Stephen Farrand, who will take you through to the end of the stage and the race!

  21. 15:24:29 CET

    Hello and welcome to the final part of the 9.3km time trial. Only 20 riders have still to finish.

  22. 15:25:13 CET

    George Hincapie (BMC) has set a time of 11:17.

    He played a key role yesterday in helping Evans extend his overall race lead.

  23. 15:25:48 CET

    Hincapie seems on great form and could be a contender in Saturday's Milan-San Remo. 

  24. 15:26:20 CET

    Peter Velits (HTC-Highroad) sets off for his 9.3km blast along the Adratic coast.

  25. 15:29:56 CET

    David Arroyo (Movistar) sets a time of 12:04.

  26. 15:30:48 CET

    The riders are riding at one minute intervals but that will switch to every two minutes for the final ten starters. 


  27. 15:31:53 CET

    2010 winner Stefano Garzelli (Acqua & Sapone) has justed started his time trial.

  28. 15:33:08 CET

    If you've only recently joined us, it will be no surprise to know that Fabian Cancellara has the fastest time so far. The world time trial champion set a time of 10:33, beating Lars Boom (Rabobank) by nine seconds.

  29. 15:34:14 CET

    Danilo Di Luca (Katusha) has set off too. Marco Pinotti (HTC-Highroad) will start after him.

  30. 15:36:21 CET

    Dmitriy Muravyev (RadioShack) sets a time of 11:08.

  31. 15:37:10 CET

    He'll be pleased to know he's secured a place in the RadioShack team for Milan-San Remo that has been built around Robbie McEwen. 

  32. 15:38:53 CET

    Wout Poels (Vacansoleil) sets a time of 11:27.

  33. 15:39:31 CET

    Pinotti looks good and is pushing round a huge gear.

  34. 15:40:57 CET

    Here's Simon Clarke (Astana). He sets a time of 11:32 and so should secure second overall in the young rider competition behind Robert Gesink. 

  35. 15:41:40 CET

    Garzelli is pretty fast but is out of the top 20. He sets a time of 11: 19.

  36. 15:42:27 CET

    Giovanni Visconti (Farnese Vini-Neri Sottoli) is a little faster, with a time of 11:12.

  37. 15:43:30 CET

    Philippe Gilbert (Omega Pharam-Lotto) has started his time trial but he doesn't look to be taking it too seriously. He will now be focused on Milan-San Remo. 

  38. 15:44:06 CET

    Danilo Di Luca sets a time of 11:49.

  39. 15:45:22 CET

    Pinotti is not as fast as Cancellara. He seems a little over geared and sets a time of 10:57. That is sixth fastest so far.

  40. 15:46:14 CET

    Nibali is off and looks fast in his excellent time trial position.

  41. 15:47:29 CET

    Thomas Lovkvist (Team Sky) stops the clock in 11:16.

  42. 15:50:23 CET

    Michele Scarponi strts his time trial wearig the red points jersey. He needs to pull back nine seconds on Cadel Evans (BMC) to win overall. 

  43. 15:52:20 CET

    Cadel Evans (BMC) sets off wearing the sky blue race leader's jersey. In less than 11 minutes we'll know if he's won this year's 'Race of the Two Seas'.

    Meanwhile Philippe Gilbert sets a time of 11:28. 

  44. 15:52:48 CET

    Evans dives through the first corner. He's fast right from the start.

  45. 15:54:15 CET

    Damiano Cunego (Lampre-ISD) sets a time of 11:30. Surprisingly he's not riding Milan-San Remo despite his excellent form. He's never liked the Classicissima.

  46. 15:54:50 CET

    Fabian Cancellara (Leopard Trek) is still the fastest and is calmly waiting near the finish.

  47. 15:55:26 CET

    Vincenzo Nibali (Liquigas-Cannondale) is out of the top ten and sets a time of 11:13.

  48. 15:56:17 CET

    Gesink will be the next to finish.

  49. 15:57:20 CET

    Gesink sets a time of 11:00 exactly.

  50. 15:57:50 CET

    Here comes Ivan Basso.

  51. 15:58:22 CET

    He is 12 seconds down on Evans and so will need a super fast time trial.

  52. 15:59:33 CET

    He's already slower than Cancellara and is slower than Gesink. He stops the clock in a time of 11: 16.

  53. 16:00:26 CET

    Scarponi will be the be next to finish but is unlikely to threaten Evans.

  54. 16:01:22 CET

    Scarponi sets a time of 11:10.

  55. 16:02:05 CET

    To secure victory, Evans has to finish inside 11:19.

  56. 16:02:57 CET

    Evans won't beat Cancellara but it looks like he's gonig to win.

  57. 16:03:30 CET

    Evans sets a time of 11:04 and so secures overall victory. 

  58. 16:04:10 CET

    According to our calculations, Gesink should be second overall, with Scarpoin slipping to third place.

  59. 16:05:00 CET

    Gesink is second overall at 11 seconds, with Scarponi third at 15 seconds.

  60. 16:05:35 CET

    Ivan Basso is fourth at 24 seconds and teammate Nibali is fifth at 30 seconds.

  61. 16:08:07 CET

    Fabian Cancellara (Leopard Trek) proved he is the fastest time trialist in the world, winning the 9.3km time trial in a time of 10:33. 

  62. 16:08:51 CET

    Lars Boom (Rabobsnk) was second at 9 seconds, with Adriano Malori (Lampre-ISD) third at 19 seconds.

  63. 16:11:49 CET

    The Italian coast guard has recovered the winner's trident trophy from the bottom of the Adriatic sea which will now be given to Evans. 

  64. 16:15:43 CET

    Cadel Evans (BMC) pulls on the winner's sky blue jersey, sprays the spumante and raises the special trident prize. He is the winner of the 2011 'Race of the two Seas."

  65. 16:16:54 CET

    That's all from our live coverage from Tirreno-Adriatico. We'll be back for special coverage of Saturday's Milan-San Remo.