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Established: 2009

2009 SUMMARY: Last year wasn’t as much of a disaster as 2008 when, as Saunier Duval, the team made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Gianetti’s squad couldn’t get away from their tarnished image though, spending most of 2009 trying to get into races that didn’t want them. They ended up with just four wins. Ricardo Serrano’s suspension and Alberto Fernández De La Puebla’s positive for EPO didn’t help either.

LOOKING AHEAD: This team has to get through next season without a scandal. At least they’ve got riders who can bring them the right kind of headlines in Martin Pedersen, Michele Merlo and Manuel Cardoso.

THE LINE-UP: Although youthful, 2010’s squad should improve on 2009’s patchy form. The loss of Juan José Cobo and David De La Fuente will be keenly felt, though.

ONE TO WATCH: Dane Martin Pedersen spent a couple of years with CSC, winning the Tour of Britain in his first season there. The following year didn’t go so well but subsequent strong performances at the GLS and Capinordic teams have earned him another chance on aProTour team. He’s a very strong all-rounder, won the Tour of Cologne one-day race last year and was competitive whenever he went up against bigger teams, which means he’s likely to be Footon’s leader.


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