English and Douglas win WEMBO 24-hour solo titles

Finale Ligure hosts new WEMBO championship

Australia riders Jason English and Jessica Douglas became the first WEMBO 24-hour solo mountain bike racing world champions in the toughest single-day mountain bike race in the world. 136 riders from 15 nations gathered at Finale Ligure, Italy to decide who was the best of the best.

The Finale Ligure course is well known by Europe's 24-hour riders, having hosted events for over a decade, but it was the first time English and Douglas had ridden on Italian soil. The Ligurian coast provided a spectacular setting for the race, with many international riders staying after the race to enjoy the area.

In the men's race, Australian champion English completed 22 laps of the challenging course to take the win, while Douglas tackled Rickie Cotter (United Kingdom) to take the women's title.

In early running, Thomas Widhalm (Austria) lead the field with English a bike length behind for the first five and a half hours, but after losing time to a mechanical just before sunset, Widhalm's misery was compounded by a stomach complaint which eventually took him out of the race. But English had begun to mark his dominance before that. While Widhalm was dealing with his mechanical, English put in two blistering laps to pull out a sizeable lead going into the night. By the time racing finished at 13:00 on Sunday, he had completed 22 laps of the 17.16km course - just under 380km in 24 hours. Through the night England's Jason Miles put in a heroic performance to rise through the field to take second place. A consistent ride from fellow countryman Craig Bowles was good enough for the third step of the podium.

With the women, it was a closer race and in early running Cotter pushed Douglas hard as they drew away from the field. The two leaders split at the nine-hour mark and as the night wore on, Douglas extended her lead little by little. By the morning her lead had grown to about 50 minutes and Cotter couldn't close in. Megan Dimozantos (New Zealand) completed the elite women's podium.

The 2013 WEMBO 24-hour solo world championships will take place in Canberra, Australia in October and then return to the northern hemisphere to Fort William in Scotland in October 2014.

The following video is filmed and edited by RITM - Rock In The Middle. Music is by Survival - Moon Furies and We singing - Frank Sent Us.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country)
1Jason English (Australia)22  laps
2Jason Miles (Great Britain)21 
3Craig Bowles (Great Britain)21 
4Michael Kochendörfer (Germany)20 
5Matthew Warner-Smith (France)20 
6Philip Simcock (Great Britain)20 
7Dave Powell (Great Britain)20 
8Bruno Sombreireiro Gomes (Portugal)19 
9Stefan Hutmacher (Switzerland)18 
10Matteo Melis (Italy)17 
11Josué Duarte (Portugal)17 
12Stefano Bergeretti (Italy)16 
13Kristof Stes (Belgium)16 
14Thomas Widhalm (Austria)15 
15Marco Maurizio (Italy)15 
16Andrew Howett (Great Britain)15 
17Markus Hager (Germany)14 
18Jochen Waldherr (Austria)14 
19Jaume Ribosa de Gracias (Spain)13 
20Daniele Bormida (Italy)12 
21Christian Kaiser (Germany)11 
22Morgan Pilley (Australia)10 
23Renè Manse (France)9 
24Marcus Wallmeyer (Germany)9 
25Juergen Jansen (Germany)9 
26Felix Breske (Germany)9 
27Paolo Laureti (Italy)9 
28Rudolf Springer (Austria)7 
29Alessio Bisio (Italy)7 
30Tom Haacke (Germany)6 
31Tom Van de Velde (Belgium)5 
32Michael Kalivoda (Germany)4 
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country)
1Jessica Douglas (Australia)19  laps
2Rickie Cotter (Great Britain)18 
3Megan Dimozantos (New Zealand)17 
4Giuliana Massarotto (Italy)16 
5Lisa Kamphausen (Germany)15 
6Mona Petrie (SCO)12 
7Silvia Accinelli (Italy)9 
8Noemia Lopes (Spain)6 
9Elena Perin (Italy)3 
Singlespeed men
#Rider Name (Country)
1Matt Powell (Australia)17  laps
2Enrico Morvillo (Italy)17 
3Francesco Cerchio (Italy)16 
4MARÇAL Font Solà (Spain)11 
5Ambrogio Grillo (Italy)9 
Singlespeed women
#Rider Name (Country)
1Ausilia Vistarini (Italy)14  laps
2Carolina Casacuberta (Spain)10 
3Bec Parkes (Australia)5 
U23 men
#Rider Name (Country)
1Andrew Clark (Australia)15  laps
2Giorgio Rebori (Italy)12 
3Jacopo Ciccarelli (Italy)4 
Men 23-29
#Rider Name (Country)
1Kai Saaler (Germany)18  laps
2Mattia Iulini (Italy)14 
3Christopher Simon (Germany)13 
4Jason Harrod (Australia)12 
5Tobias Simon (Germany)10 
6Roberto Sanna (Italy)10 
7Federico Scotto (Italy)8 
Men 30-34
#Rider Name (Country)
1Alexis Matthys (Belgium)19  laps
2Simone Arici (Italy)17 
3Anton Friedrich (Germany)15 
4Alessandro Filippini (Italy)14 
5Matteo Spagnol (Italy)12 
6Alessio Dalser (Italy)10 
7Sven Rhenisch (Germany)8 
8Tobias Bachsteffel (Germany)7 
9Christopher Thompson (United States Of America)5 
10Daniele Saccoman (Italy)3 
Women 30-34
#Rider Name (Country) Team 
1Silvia Müller (Germany)17  laps
Men 35-39
#Rider Name (Country) Team 
1Marco Nicoletti (Italy)19  laps
2Davide Arici (Italy)18 
3Crstian Ragnoli (Italy)17 
4Marco Vogliotti (Italy)15 
5Marco Tamagnone (Italy)14 
6Thomas Hebestreit (Germany)14 
7James Heraty (Great Britain)14 
8Dominik Scherer (Germany)11 
9Matteo Messina (Italy)9 
10Luca Frioli (Italy)9 
11Diego Drago (Italy)8 
12Mauro Vanoli (Italy)7 
13Pablo Barnes (Argentina)7 
14Massino Pantusa (Italy)7 
15Pantaleone Locane (Italy)6 
16Andi Beger (Germany)5 
Women 35-39
#Rider Name (Country)
1Rachel Edwards (Australia)16  laps
2Ilaria Balzarotti (Italy)16 
3Jane Chadwick (Great Britain)15 
4Mirja Martin (Germany)13 
Men 40-44
#Rider Name (Country)
1Pere Sanchez (Spain)19  laps
2Phil Welch (Australia)18 
3Fabrizio Valle (Italy)16 
4Valter Di Cesare (Italy)16 
5Luca Bausone (Italy)14 
6Giuseppe Bolzoni (Italy)12 
7Manuel Minola Violino (Italy)12 
8Stefano Ariu (Italy)12 
9Stefano Catella (Italy)12 
10Antonio Zannoner (Italy)10 
11Cristian Ciccarelli (Italy)10 
12Markus Hahn (Austria)9 
13Matteo Luchini (Italy)9 
14Gabriele Canepa (Italy)8 
15Clayton Locke (Australia)8 
16Davide Giribaldi (Italy)8 
17Andrea Bertani (Italy)6 
18Rainer Buschmeier (Germany)6 
Women 40-44
#Rider Name (Country)
1Merryl King (Australia)13  laps
2Eva Maria Fünfgeld (Germany)7 
Men 45-49
#Rider Name (Country)
1Alberto Zambelli (Italy)20  laps
2Ugo Sirigu (Italy)15 
3Jaume Caixas (Spain)15 
4Hubertus Hohl (Germany)14 
5Marco Moriconi (Italy)12 
6Marco Copelli (Italy)9 
7Marco Giacobone (Italy)8 
8Luciano D'Aniello (Italy)8 
9Davide Pistaceci (Italy)7 
10Alberto Zanardelli (Italy)3 
Men 50-54
#Rider Name (Country)
1Neil Dall (Australia)17  laps
2Markus Meier (Switzerland)16 
3Samuel Burkart (Switzerland)16 
4Andrea Oreste Banchieri (Italy)14 
5Pietro Bandinelli (Italy)8 
6Carlo Bridi (Italy)3 
Men 55-59
#Rider Name (Country)
1Raffaele Verzella (Italy)17  laps
2Marco Carezzana (Italy)9 
3Diego Gesi (Italy)7 
Men 60+
#Rider Name (Country)
1Armando Fasolo (Italy)4  laps


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