Vuelta a España 2010

August 28 - September 19, 2010, Sevilla, ESP, Road - HIS (Historical Calendar)

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Daniel Benson

Hello and welcome to Cyclingnews' live coverage of stage 21 of the Vuelta a España, from San Sebastián de los Reyes to Madrid.

  1. 13:09:12 BST

    Three weeks of gruelling racing end here. The Vuelta's equivalent of the Tour de France's Champs-Elysées finish sees the riders take on eight laps of 6km on the Paseo de la Castellana in the centre of Madrid. Tens of thousands of fans should turn out to watch the final spectacle unfold, with a bunch sprint the almost certain outcome.

  2. 13:11:23 BST

    After yesterday's thrilling action on the final climb of the race, what can we expect today? Well the riders are at the start now and Nibali, in the leader's jersey looks relaxed as he smiles for the paparazzi.


  3. 13:13:42 BST

    The riders will be facing a 12-lap circuit and the speeds will be high. A number of sprinters to watch out for today. Of course Mark Cavendish will start as the favourite to win the stage. He's taken three stages so far in the race and would love to seal another one today before heading to the Worlds in Australia where he'll lead Team GB.

  4. 13:16:04 BST

    Cavendish will be pushed all the way by his main rival Tyler Farrar from Garmin Transitions. The American, who will also head to the Worlds, has picked up one stage in the race so far and sits seconds, behind Cav in the points competition. The jersey is still up for grabs.

  5. 13:19:53 BST

    We've seen that Gilbert is in the form of his life but I'm not sure he'll want to risk competing in the sprint today as it could get messy. Instead, watch out for Bennati. The Italian hasn't really found his sprint legs but a couple of years ago he was the only man on the planet that could compete with Cav. Can he find that form today?

    Hutarovich, Haedo, Fernandez, Davis, Van Avermaet and Cardoso are all candidates for the win too. Take your pick, name your top three and send them to and I'll try and print as many as I can.

  6. 13:20:52 BST

    Right now more and more riders are making their way from the buses to the start line for the sign in. Decent crowds on show but they'll be huge on the circuit and certainly once we hit the finish.

  7. 13:31:20 BST

    Sign in has closed and the riders are all on the start line. Nibali moves to the front and takes his place next to Moncoutie, Rodriguez and Cavendish.

  8. 13:31:59 BST

    We've not even started the stage and already you're picking your top three for the stage:

    Farizky Rahman farizkyrahman @dnlbenson my pick : Cavendish, Farrar, Bennati

  9. 13:42:14 BST

    We're off. The riders are heading out through the neutralized zone.

  10. 13:44:13 BST

    Remember to stay tuned to CN later today as we'll be bringing you live coverage from the US national champ road race.

  11. 13:49:50 BST

    The neutralized section is just under 10km long and the riders have nearly completed it.

  12. 13:55:51 BST

    Remember to keep your top-three picks for the stage coming in to No prizes on offer, just the admiration and respect of everyone you know if you get it right.

  13. 13:59:58 BST

    SlapshotJC @dnlbenson Farrar, Cavendish, Haedo

    The bunch are nearly done with the neutralized zone. First attacks should come quickly enough.

  14. 14:01:31 BST

    In other news, Greipel signed off at HTC with another win at the TOB. Last race for the German with the American team and he was a real gent in the post race press con yesterday. He'll be a real threat to Cavendish next year and suddenly Lotto are looking like a real powerhouse for 2011. Here's the story.

  15. 14:04:32 BST

    Fabian Cancellara will decide in whether to ride the Worlds on Tuesday. If you're following live, Fabian, please turn your phone on.

  16. 14:05:31 BST

    Back to the Vuelta and Mosquera says he's satisfied with second place in the Vuelta.

  17. 14:06:24 BST

    Out of the neutralized zone now and the pace is still slow. After three weeks of hard, epic racing who can blame the riders for taking things easy for a little bit.

  18. 81km remaining from 85km

    14:31:49 BST

    The bunch are just rolling along at a nice pace, chatting and taking time to enjoy themselves. No attacks to speak of yet.

  19. 14:33:02 BST

    saddleblaze @dnlbenson Someone needs to mix it up a little: 1. Cardoso, 2. Cavendish, 3. Weylandt

    Nice, I like your thinking.

  20. 14:36:53 BST

    Glad to see that Nibali isn't covered in red clothing from head to toe. He has no red bike and no red cycling shorts, only red glasses provided by his sponsor Rudy Project. Some of his team-mates have put a red tape on the frame of their bike. Class.

  21. 14:37:49 BST

    Meanwhile Joaquin Rodriguez was chatty at the start today after it was confirmed he's the number 1 rider in the world. “I’ve realized that I’m becoming the world’s number 1 rider after the Vuelta. This is a great achievement. I’ll probably stay in first place as the season is almost over. I’m proud of this. It shows how productive my 2010 season has been.”

  22. 14:38:40 BST

    One rider that won't be relaxing too much is Tyler Farrar: “If I win today’s stage and Mark Cavendish finishes behind fifth place, I win the points classification as well. I’m hoping for both.”

  23. 77km remaining from 85km

    14:39:22 BST

    Meanwhile the riders are still taking things easy. They'll hit the finishing circuit in around 10km and then do 12 circuits.

  24. 14:44:33 BST

    From our friends at Eurosport: CabineEurosport @dnlbenson 1st Cardoso 2nd Farrar 3rd Haedo (from Eurosport Portugal)

    Hugo VeryHugeO @dnlbenson Cavendish...50 metre gap.. then Farrar then it could be anyone

  25. 14:45:22 BST

    Third place on GC, Peter Velits was a happy boy at the start today: “There’s no energy to save for tomorrow, and my position on GC is secured, so I’ll ride up there as well with the other guys preparing the sprint for Cavendish. I’m super happy with my Vuelta and we want to finish with one more stage win and the green jersey.”

  26. 14:45:54 BST

    David Moncoutié winner of the KOM had this to say: “The Vuelta ends with exactly what I wanted at the start: the polka dot jersey and a stage win. It’s very nice. It’s been the scenario I expected with taking points early and calculate later on. The fight for the KOM has been tighter than in previous years. I might come back next year for the absolute record of being a four times winner of mountain price at the Vuelta but that’s still far away in my mind. Before thinking of next year, I’ll finish this season with the Tour of Lombardy in sight.”

  27. 14:48:16 BST

    Here's a good tweet:  GaborKiss1 @dnlbenson Cavendish, Farrar and Hutarovich for the podium. Bennati and Haedo will be disappointments today, they had to work yesterday.

    The bunch are still just rolling along and enjoying themselves.

  28. 66km remaining from 85km

    14:58:00 BST

    We have our first attack and it's Dominik Roels from Milram. He's been so aggressive in the race this year, it's been great to see. Can he cause a massive upset today? Probably not but he's entertaining nonetheless.

  29. 65km remaining from 85km

    14:59:50 BST

    Well he's giving it a real go, at least. He's got around 30 seconds on the bunch already.

  30. 15:01:02 BST

    kaburns1214 @dnlbenson Goss, Cav 100 meters and then the field. Cav secures the green and lets Goss take a Grand Tour stage win.

  31. 15:02:49 BST

    No reaction from the field as yet.

  32. 15:06:55 BST

    # drfrot @dnlbenson We're 150m from the line, right below the big screen. Look out for the Welsh flag! It's got to be Cav today #vuelta 5 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

    # drfrot @dnlbenson Got our hat trick today: engaged at the Giro, married during the Tour, and now honeymooning at the #Vuelta! Giles & Ginevra Croft



  33. 15:09:04 BST

    News just in that Danny Pate has signed for HTC-Columbia. Story coming soon...

  34. 15:10:14 BST

    Javier Ramirez  (Andalucia-Cajasur) has joined Roels at the front of the race.

  35. 15:10:53 BST

    A few more riders have jumped across too.

  36. 15:12:44 BST

    Liquigas on the front, leading the bunch into Madrid. Nibali smiles for the cameras as he comes through. Huge day for him, and he's really arrived as a GC contender for major tours. You can say that there's not Contador, Evans, Schleck or Basso here but the Italian has ridden a great race and beaten the opposition put before you. You can't do any more than that.

  37. 51km remaining from 85km

    15:15:37 BST

    Here are the leaders, and they have 43 seconds.

    Dominik Roels (Milram), Javier Ramirez (Andalucia-Cajasur), Jurgen Van Goolen (Omega Pharma-Lotto), Olivier Kaisen (Omega Pharma-Lotto) and Gonzalo Rabunal (Xacobeo Galicia).

  38. 15:20:29 BST

    Three laps completed by the leaders, Liquigas still leading the bunch, the sprinters' teams just sitting back and taking it easy for now. The pace is fast, but not break-neck.

  39. 15:23:21 BST

    The gap is creeping towards a minute.

  40. 43km remaining from 85km

    15:26:57 BST

    Four laps down and the gap is holding at 53 seconds.

  41. 15:28:04 BST

    drfrot @dnlbenson Well, it's not quite the Champs Élysées, but everyone's going crazy when they go through. It's hot hot hot!

  42. 15:29:05 BST

    Roels leads the break through a switchback, gets out the saddle and swings off.

    The Liquigas team continue to lead things at the moment but a few more teams are moving up, with Quick Step and HTC showing their faces near the front.

  43. 40km remaining from 85km

    15:31:54 BST

    The leaders finally make the one minute mark but they've had to work really hard to get it.

  44. 15:36:25 BST

    1.07 is the gap. Liquigas are doing such a good job that the sprinters' teams can take a back seat for now.

  45. 15:37:13 BST

    Roels is wearing a skin suit today.

  46. 34km remaining from 85km

    15:38:16 BST

    Just under 35 to go and the break complete another laps. Cavendish back in the bunch, sitting on a teammates wheel. This will be the first points jersey he's won in a grand tour if he can get enough points today.

  47. 15:39:01 BST

    Vande Velde hits the front now, working for Garmin and their sprinter, Tyler Farrar. Three weeks of solid racing will have really helped Vande Velde find form and confidence.

  48. 15:40:37 BST

    Garmin are bringing things back together. Just twelve points separating Cav and Farrar and now the HTC train come to the front.

  49. 15:42:08 BST

    The gap comes down, it's just 37 seconds now.

  50. 15:44:01 BST

    Garmin and HTC controlling the bunch now, both with three or four guys on the front.

  51. 30km remaining from 85km

    15:44:27 BST

    Thirty to go and the gap is down to half a minute.

  52. 15:48:17 BST

    The bunch are starting to line out now as the gap drops to just 28 seconds.

  53. 15:51:41 BST

    25 seconds as HTC and Garmin throw more men to the front.

  54. 15:52:07 BST

    Roels is burying himself in the break but it's not going to be his day.

  55. 15:54:40 BST

    Roels attacks the break but is quickly brought back  - he's clearly riding for his future in the sport.

    Meanwhile QuickStep has come to the front and joined the chase.

  56. 23km remaining from 85km

    15:55:32 BST

    Just over 20km to go and the gap continues to come down. It's 15 seconds now.

  57. 15:58:03 BST

    Almost the entire HTC team on the front, the gap is 10 seconds.

  58. 15:59:10 BST

    The pace is increasing, the bunch all lined out now as the break continue to press on. It's not going to work for them today though.

  59. 16:01:15 BST

    Barredo leading the bunch for Quickstep now. Quickstep have a sprinter at the race in Weylandt.

  60. 16:03:22 BST

    Fantastic Madrid skyline as the break roll towards the end of another lap. The gap holding at 15 seconds .

  61. 15km remaining from 85km

    16:08:08 BST

    HTC still leading the bunch with Lampre starting to live up.

    15km to go.

  62. 16:08:43 BST

    Garmin move up and take up the pace. The gaps is now more than 5 seconds.

  63. 14km remaining from 85km

    16:09:01 BST

    All together.

  64. 16:10:31 BST

    Just two laps to go now. Barredo back on the front and working hard.

  65. 8km remaining from 85km

    16:11:38 BST

    8km to go and the bunch are flying along the streets of Madrid.

  66. 16:12:37 BST

    Too fast for any attacks as Garmin and HTC control affairs on the front. Liquigas are moving Nibali as close as possible to the front of the bunch.

  67. 16:14:09 BST

    Last lap and Liquigas are now on the front and setting a furious pace.

  68. 16:14:43 BST

    Nibali is in third wheel, trying to keep out of trouble.

  69. 5km remaining from 85km

    16:14:54 BST

    5km to go.

  70. 16:15:46 BST

    Sprinters all moving to the front now. Lotto try a move.

  71. 16:15:56 BST


  72. 16:16:29 BST

    I think that's Gilbert who has attacked. He's being brought back though.

  73. 16:16:43 BST

    HTC and QS on the front now.

  74. 3km remaining from 85km

    16:17:08 BST

    3km to go and HTC are in control. Can Cav make it four?

  75. 16:17:40 BST

    Cav has just one teammate left though, Goss and QS take over.

  76. 16:18:03 BST

    Weylandt, can he take the win?

  77. 2km remaining from 85km

    16:18:21 BST

    Here we go. just 2km to go.

  78. 16:18:55 BST

    QS still in control. Cav and Farrar right near the front.

  79. 1km remaining from 85km

    16:19:21 BST

    1000 meters to go.

  80. 16:19:49 BST

    QS leading out.


    Goss has Cav on his wheel then Farrar.

  81. 16:20:18 BST

    Goss goes and Cav moves out to the right hand side but he's losing ground!

  82. 16:20:33 BST

    Farrar is coming through the middle!

  83. 16:21:22 BST

    Cav is coming back.


    But Farrar takes it!

  84. 16:22:24 BST

    Nice win for the America ahead of Cavendish and Davis, Weylandt.

    Cavendish gave himself too much to do there but by finishing second he takes the points jersey.

  85. 16:23:09 BST

    Davis got third, Weylandt then Goss.

  86. 16:28:14 BST

    A great finish to a great Vuelta. Nibali crosses the line and seal his first Vuelta and first grand tour win, a very special moment for the young Italian.

  87. 16:34:38 BST

    Thanks for joining us today and throughout the entire race, we hope you've enjoyed the coverage. Remember, we're covering the USA road champs live later today.

    1 Tyler Farrar (USA) Garmin-Transitions 2:02:24
    2 Mark Cavendish (GBr) Team HTC-Columbia
    3 Allan Davis (Aus) Astana
    4 Wouter Weylandt (Bel) Quick Step
    5 Matthew Goss (Aus) Team HTC-Columbia
    6 Grega Bole (Slo) Lampre-Farnese Vini
    7 Manuel Cardoso (Por) Footon-Servetto
    8 Samuel Dumoulin (Fra) Cofidis, le crédit en ligne
    9 Juan-Jose Haedo (Arg) Team Saxo Bank
    10 Danilo Hondo (Ger) Lampre-Farnese Vini

    Final general classification

    1 Vincenzo Nibali (Ita) Liquigas-Doimo 87:18:31
    2 Ezequiel Mosquera (Spa) Xacobeo Galicia 0:00:43
    3 Peter Velits (Svk) Team HTC-Columbia 0:03:04
    4 Frank Schleck (Lux) Team Saxo Bank 0:04:45
    5 Xavier Tondo (Spa) Cervélo Test Team 0:04:54
    6 Nicolas Roche (Irl) Ag2R-La Mondiale 0:05:05
    7 Carlos Sastre (Spa) Cervélo Test Team 0:06:08
    8 Tom Danielson (USA) Garmin-Transitions 0:06:18
    9 Luis-Leon Sanchez (Spa) Caisse d’Epargne 0:07:44
    10 David Garcia Dapena (Spa) Xacobeo Galicia 0:09:39

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