Wells works wonders in Portland

"J-Pow" valiant in the sprint as Trebon trails

Peaking just in time for the US National Championships next week, Todd Wells (Specialized) held off Jeremy Powers (Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld.com) for the US Gran Prix of Cyclocross (USGP) win in Portland, Oregon. Powers, who appeared to have been dropped more than once, kept battling back and finished second. Ryan Trebon (Kona/FSA), who led much of the race, had to settle for third.

Geoff Kabush (Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain) got the hole shot but was passed by Trebon in the flat, grassy field prior to the motocross section. With the course much drier than in years past, Trebon was able to generate tremendous speed that put the Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld.com duo of Tim Johnson and Jamey Driscoll on the defensive.

Powers got by Trebon on the first run-up, followed by Kabush, Chris Jones (Champion Systems), Barry Wicks (Kona) and Wells. By the third lap, Driscoll and Johnson joined Jones to form a chase group.

Trebon, Powers, Kabush, and Wells rode in formation until five laps to go when Todd Wells attacked. Only Trebon could respond, and it appeared that the race would be settled between the two of them. Powers was about five seconds back, and Kabush was out of contention.

"I had a bad lap and two bobbles" explained Powers. "I flogged myself to get back to them." Soon after, Powers rejoined the leaders, Trebon had his own problems and lost contact with Powers and Wells.

"I thought he (Powers) was gone because Ryan pulled so hard on the pavement," said Wells, "but he came back, and I dropped him again. I gave it everything and he still came back. I thought I might get him in the technical sections but I couldn't hold him off on the road sections."

Wells came onto the final stretch of pavement with a three-bike-length lead. Powers, an accomplished road racer, closed the gap but came up short. "I may have mistimed it a bit," said Powers after the race. "Todd's riding really well, and it's a warning shot for everyone going to nationals."

Trebon retained the USGP leader's jersey and will defend it again on Sunday.


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Todd Wells (USA)1:00:59 
2Jeremy Powers (USA)0:00:01 
3Ryan Trebon (USA)0:00:44 
4Timothy Johnson (USA)0:01:05 
5James Driscoll (USA)  
6Christopher Jones (USA)0:01:13 
7Daniel Summerhill (USA)0:01:58 
8Geoff Kabush (Can)  
9Barry Wicks (USA)0:02:34 
10Zach Mc Donald (USA)  
11Adam Craig (USA)0:02:51 
12Chris Sheppard (Can)  
13Troy Wells (USA)0:03:55 
14Jerome Townsend (USA)0:04:01 
15Justin Robinson (USA)  
16Carl Decker (USA)  
17Adam Mcgrath (USA)  
18David Hackworth (USA)0:04:08 
19Tyler Trace (Can)0:04:39 
20Jeremy Ferguson (USA)0:05:39 
21Eric Tonkin (USA)0:05:40 
22Steve Fisher (USA)  
23Chance Noble (USA)  
24Sean Babcock (USA)0:05:50 
25Spencer Paxson (USA)0:05:53 
26Brady Kappius (USA)0:06:06 
27Troy Heithecker (USA)0:06:09 
28Kevin Hulick (USA)0:06:19 
29Jesse Anthony (USA)  
30John Bailey (USA)0:06:38 
31Ben Popper (USA)0:06:42 
32Kevin Bradford-Parish (USA)0:06:53 
33Eric Emsky (USA)0:07:08 
34Molly Cameron (USA)0:07:15 
35Nathan Bannerman (USA)0:07:17 
36Ryan Iddings (USA)0:07:42 
37Nicholas Weighall (USA)0:07:48 
38Ryan Knapp (USA)0:07:52 
39Donald Reeb (USA)  
40Brett Luelling (USA)  
41Jason First (USA)  
42Carson Miller (USA)  
43Ryan Leach (USA)  
44John Curry (USA)  
45Travis Woodruff (USA)  
46John Flack (USA)  
47Evan Plews (USA)  
48Joshua Berry (USA)  
50Ryan Weaver (USA)  
51Shannon Skeritt (USA)  
52Jonathan Sundt (USA)  
53William Ross (USA)  
54Mitchell Peterson (USA)  
55Carl Hesselein (USA)  
56Chris Brandt (USA)  
57Michael Hemme (USA)  
58Craig Fowler (USA)  
59Landon Ericksson (USA)  
60Benjamin Kubas (USA)  
61Zachary Edwards (USA)  
62Katriel Statman (USA)  
63Nick Berry (Can)  
64Christopher Ragusa (USA)  
65Matthew Fox (USA)  
66Kris Holden (USA)  
67Christopher Hill (USA)  
68Adam Mills (USA)  
69Kyle Murphy (USA)  


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Videos: Todd Wells at USGP #7

Cyclingnews spent the day with the Todd Wells (Specialized Factory Team) at Saturday's opening round of the US Gran Prix of Cyclocross in Portland, Oregon and produced two videos.

Wells' first video provides insight into his pre-race rituals prior to earning his biggest 'cross victory of the season later that day.

Along with race footage of Wells' dual with Jeremy Powers, the second video provides pre-race and post-race commentary from his USGP triumph.

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