Powers prevails in Bend battle with Johnson

Summerhill gains first elite USGP podium

Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus) sewed up the overall Exergy USGP series with a déjà vu battle against his former teammate Tim Johnson (Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld) in Bend.

While the race is the penultimate round in the series, Powers accrued enough points to make it impossible for Geoff Kabush to overtake him in the standings. Currently second place in the standings, Ryan Trebon (LTS-Felt) is sitting out the final weekend with a leg injury.

It's the first time this year that Powers and Johnson, who were the main two protagonists of last season, have gone head to head at the front of a race, and Johnson very nearly got the better of his foe. In the final lap, Powers was able to close down a small gap to Johnson and out-sprint the former US champion for his fourth win in the series.

Danny Summerhill (Chipotle) took the final podium spot from a chasing group over Jamey Driscoll (Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld).

Powers knew to watch out for Johnson, who has had a slower than normal start to the season but who won his first two races of the year in the past two weeks.

"Tim's been riding good, and I never discount him," Powers said. "He's been trying hard all season. I let my form go a little after Koksijde - I needed to take a break before building up for nationals. I haven't been in race mode every weekend, and the other guys have been coming up. I expected Tim to be catching up, and I definitely saw it today."

Powers made a mistake on the second to last lap which very nearly ended his time at the front with Johnson, but when Johnson didn't capitalize on the opportunity, Powers was ready to pounce.

"I had a bobble with two to go when I was off the bike and had a mis-shift. I should have been in a different gear. I was in too big a gear when I went to accelerate, and had to get off the bike. Tim got a few seconds and I had to bring him back. That was his opportunity to win the race, and he didn't. So then I knew I had to try and be as aggressive as I could. I took the front in the last lap and didn't let him take it back.

"Tim wants to win, he hasn't won a GP yet, we have one more race to go and I expect he'll be there tomorrow."

Johnson was aiming for today's race as his opportunity to win one of the Exergy USGP rounds and was disappointed to miss out especially considering Sunday's final round is the last domestic UCI race before the national championships.

"I'm bummed the domestic scene is over already, but hopefully I can win tomorrow. But today was the day I wanted the most," Johnson said.

Johnson chalked up his loss to his unwillingness to be "cut-throat".

"Going into the last lap I was content to let [Powers] stay in the lead for the majority of the lap. I knew I could out-run him on the stairs, and I came inside in the final corner and when I stood up to accelerate I was in too small a gear.

"I could have shut the door on him - it was probably my biggest mistake not doing that. If I wanted to be cut-throat I would have, but shoving someone into the barriers is no way to win a race."

Yet Johnson was satisfied to see that he had pushed his former teammate to his limits. "There wasn't a whole lot left in either of us," Johnson said. "I felt like I had good legs and could punch it - and do a lot of the things that Jeremy has been doing to us this year, I felt like I could answer for the first time this year. I'll take that as a big plus."

Unlike last year's national championships, which took place on the same course covered in snow and mud, the recent dry weather left the circuit dry, dusty and rocky making the off-camber gravel corners treacherous. 59 riders lined up under sunny skies, but with a chilly wind blowing down the finishing straight.

Berden claimed the hole shot over Summerhill, who is racing his final cyclo-cross events of the year, but after an aggressive opening lap, the Chipotle rider faded back to fourth place as Rapha-Focus rider Chris Jones went to the front and opened up a lead with Powers and Johnson.

However, a crash soon dropped Jones out of the leading group which began to separate itself from the rest of the field. Johnson and Powers soon began to pull away from Kabush, Summerhill, Chris Shepperd (Rocky Mountain/Shimano), Berden and Driscoll as Jones was left chasing with his young teammate Zach McDonald.

Powers and Johnson proved to be equally matched, with only a few minor mistake by each rider allowing small gaps to form from time to time. Johnson opened up a lead in the penultimate lap, but Powers was able to close it and the Rapha-Focus rider once again unleashed his punchy sprint to take his first victory in Bend.

As the chasing five played cat and mouse, Jones and McDonald made the juncture in the penultimate lap, but a last-lap crash from Jones split the group, allowing Driscoll and Summerhill to gain an advantage. Summerhill easily out-sprinted Driscoll to take third.

Danny Summerhill talks about his third place

Full results

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Jeremy Powers (USA) Rapha/Focus 1:05:20  
2 Timothy Johnson (USA) Cannondale/Cyclocrossworld.Com    
3 Daniel Summerhill (USA) Chipotle Development Team 0:00:35  
4 James Driscoll (USA) Cannondale/Cyclocrossworld.Com 0:00:37  
5 Ben Berden (Bel) Ops Ale - Stoemper 0:00:45  
6 Geoff Kabush (Can) Team Maxxis / Rocky Mountain 0:00:49  
7 Chris Sheppard (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles/Shimano 0:00:53  
8 Christopher Jones (USA) Rapha/Focus 0:01:03  
9 Zach Mcdonald (USA) Rapha/Focus 0:01:30  
10 Troy Wells (USA) Team Clif Bar 0:01:58  
11 Mitchell Hoke (USA) Tokyo Joe'S 0:02:02  
12 Christian Heule (Swi) Cannondale/Cyclocrossworld.Com 0:02:12  
13 Sean Babcock (USA) Kona 0:02:15  
14 Allen Krughoff (USA) Boulder Cycle Sport 0:02:27  
15 Brian Matter (USA) Gear Grinder / Clif Bar 0:02:45  
16 Cody Kaiser (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized Mtb 0:02:47  
17 Yannick Eckmann (Ger) Pearlizumi/Shimano 0:03:13  
18 Tristan Schouten (USA) Cyclocrossracing.Com P/B Blue Bicycles 0:03:14  
19 Kevin Noiles (Can) Sportique 0:03:34  
20 Braden Kappius (USA) Team Clif Bar 0:03:50  
21 Barry Wicks (USA) Kona 0:04:36  
22 Justin Robinson (USA) California Giant Cycling 0:04:44  
23 Russell Stevenson (USA) Raleigh 0:04:48  
24 Erik Tonkin (USA) Kona/Team S&M 0:04:49  
25 Steve Fisher (USA) Revel Consulting / Rad Racing Nw 0:05:22  
26 Donald Reeb (USA) Cyclocrossracing.Com P/B Blue 0:05:23  
27 Jake Wells (USA) Stan'S Notubes Elite Cyclocross Team 0:05:28  
28 Carl Decker (USA) Giant 0:05:33  
29 Mark Mcconnell (Can) Synergy Racing 0:05:57  
30 Scott Tietzel (USA) Plains To Peaks Racing 0:06:03  
31 Damian Schmitt (USA) Silverado Gallery/Sunnyside Sports 0:06:32  
32 (-3 laps) Chris Mackay (USA) Realcyclist.Com    
33 Gian Dalle Angelini (USA) Rio Blanco    
34 (-4 laps) Josh Whitney (USA) Rocky Mounts Izze    
35 Aaron Bradford (USA) Bay101/Hrs/Rocklobster    
36 Kolben Preble (USA) Clif Bar Development Cross Team    
37 John-Christian Flack (USA) Olympia Orthopaedic Associates    
38 Paul Lacava (USA) Giant Cycling Club/ Giant Cycling Team    
39 Jason Holbrook (USA) Boulder Cycle Sport    
40 Nathan Bannerman (USA) Cyclocrossracing.Com P/B Blue Competitive Cycles    
41 Brent Gorman (USA) Speedway Cycles    
42 Chris Jackson (USA) Rambuski Law    
43 Matthew Fox (USA) Silverado Gallery/Sunnyside    
44 (-5 laps) John Behrens (USA) Bailey Bikes    
45 John Bailey (USA) Bailey Bikes    
46 Matt Lyons (USA) University Of Denver    
47 John Mundelius (USA) Cal Giant/Specialized    
48 (-6 laps) Cole Sprague (USA) Reed College    
49 Evan Renwick (USA) Cycle U-Pop Cap    
50 Henry Kramer (USA) Cal Giant / Specialized    
51 (-9 laps) James Gentes (USA)    
DNF Jerome Townsend (USA) Smartstop / Mockorangebikes/Ridley    
DNF Aaron Tuckerman (NZl) Corsa Concepts Cyclocross Team    
DNF Drew Mackenzie (Can) Condo Group/Shimano/Marin    
DNF Justin Lindine (USA) Bikereg.Com / Joe'S Garage    
DNS Molly Cameron (USA) USA    
Elite men - Exergy USGP series standings after 7 rounds
1 Jeremy Powers (USA) Team Rapha Focus 282 pts
2 Ryan Trebon (USA) LTS-Felt 226  
3 Geoff Kabush (Can) Maxxis-Rocky Mountain 192  
4 James Driscoll (USA) Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld 166  
5 Timothy Johnson (USA) Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld 154  
6 Ben Berden (Bel) Ops Ale-Stoemper 133  
7 Bart Wellens (Bel) Telenet-Fidea 90  
8 Christopher Jones (USA) Team Rapha Focus 77  
9 Troy Wells (USA) Team Clif Bar 73  
10 Daniel Summerhill (USA) Chipotle Development Team 66  
11 Chris Sheppard (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles-Shimano 66  
12 Christian Heule (Swi) Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld 66  
13 Tristan Schouten (USA) Cyclocrossracing.com p/b Blue Bicycles 65  
14 Zach McDonald (USA) Team Rapha Focus 63  
15 Brian Matter (USA) Gear Grinder - Clif Bar 63  
16 Yannick Eckmann (Ger) Pearlizumi-Shimano-Focus 60  
17 Rob Peeters (Bel) Telenet-Fidea 60  
18 Todd Wells (USA) Specialized Racing 53  
19 Jonathan Page (USA) Planet Bike-Blue Bicycles 50  
20 Mitchell Hoke (USA) Team Clif Bar 43  
21 Allen Krughoff (USA) Boulder Cycle Sport 31  
22 Barry Wicks (USA) Kona 28  
23 Sean Babcock (USA) Kona 23  
24 Cody Kaiser (USA) California Giant-Specialized 23  
25 Justin Lindine (USA) Bikereg.com-Joe's Garage 15  
26 Mark Batty (Can) SpiderTech Powered By C10 10  
27 Jake Wells (USA) Stan's NoTubes Elite Cyclocross Team 10  
28 Evan McNeely (Can) EMD Serono-Specialized 9  
29 Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (USA) 9  
30 Bradley White (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team 7  
31 Evan Guthrie (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles Factory Team 6  
32 Travis Livermon (USA) SmartStop-Mock Orange Bikes p/b Ridley 5  
33 Jerome Townsend (USA) SmartStop-Mock Orange Bikes p/b Ridley 5  
34 Nicholas Weighall (USA) California Giant-Specialized 5  
35 Aaron Schooler (Can) Team H&R Block 3  
36 Adam Morka (Can) Trek Canada 3  
37 Kevin Noiles (Can) Sportique 2  
38 Bryan Alders (USA) Epic Endurance 2  
39 Braden Kappius (USA) Clif Bar 1  
40 Justin Robinson (USA) California Giant-Specialized 1  
41 Ryan Knapp (USA) Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross 1  
U23 men - Exergy USGP series standings after 7 rounds
1 Zach McDonald (USA) Team Rapha Focus 308 pts
2 Yannick Eckmann (Ger) Pearlizumi-Shimano-Focus 298  
3 Cody Kaiser (USA) California Giant-Specialized 248  
4 Kevin Fish (USA) KCCX-Fuji p/b Challenge Tires 140  
5 Joseph Schmalz (USA) KCCX-Fuji p/b Challenge Tires 76  
6 Josh Johnson (USA) BikeReg.com 73  
7 Evan McNeely (Can) EMD Serono-Specialized 63  
8 Daniel Gerow (USA) Wolverines-Acfstores.com 61  
9 Evan Guthrie (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles Factory Team 60  
10 Lukas Müller (Swi) Philadelphia Cyclocross School 56  
11 Jared Stafford (Can) Ride With Rendall 53  
12 Skyler Trujillo (USA) CYF Divo 52  
13 Kolben Preble (USA) Clif Bar Development Cyclocross Team 42  
14 Thomson Remo (USA) Team Wheel & Sprocket 40  
15 Weston Luzadder (USA) NUVO-Cultural Trail-Marian University 31  
16 Robin Eckmann (USA) Pearl Izumi-Shimano Team 31  
17 Steve Fisher (USA) Revel Consulting - Rad Racing NW 30  
18 Jesse Goodrich (USA) Plains to Peaks Racing 24  
19 Ryan Miller (USA) Pacific Power-Blue Sky 24  
20 Matt Lyons (USA) University of Denver 23  
21 Cole Sprague (USA) Reed College 20  
22 Evan Renwick (USA) Cycle U-Pop Cap 17  
23 Gunnar Bergey (USA) C3-Athletes Serving Athletes 17  
24 Eric Emsky (USA) Cyclocrossracing.com p/b Blue Competition Cycles 17  
25 Clayton Omer (USA) Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross 14  
26 Mitch Nordahl (USA) MNJRC 12  
27 Drew Hogg (USA) RGF Solutions 9  
28 Alex Dayton (USA) SmartStop-Mock Orange Bikes p/b Ridley 6  

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