Tyler Magner takes gold in U23 Men's Criterium

BMC/Hincapie rider betters last year's third place

BMC/Hincapie's Tyler Magner took gold in the men's U23 criterium at the 2012 USA Elite Road National Championships in Augusta on Friday. Magner went two spots better than last year's renewal, when he could finish only third despite being highly fancied to win before the race.

Throughout the 60-kilometer contest, different riders from the California Giant Berry Farms-Specialized rotated turns attacking the field, seemingly setting up the newly-minted 2012 USA Cycling U23 Men's Time Trial National Champion Evan Huffman (California Giant Berry Farms-Specialized) for a sprint finish. It wasn't meant to be as the field answered each of those attacks, setting up a field sprint to the finish.

Luke Keough (Team Mountain Khakis p/b SmartStop) came around the final corner with a slight gap on the field, but Magner (BMC-Hincapie Sportswear Development Team) hadn't given up. Remembering his third-place finish in this race in 2011, Magner drilled. Not realizing Magner's proximity, Keough sat up and began his celebration prematurely as Magner sped around him barely beating him to the finish line to collect the first Stars-and-Stripes jersey of his career.

"Luke had a good gap on me," Magner said. "I could tell that I was gaining on him. Luckily, he just sat up a little too early and I had just that much left to get him right at the end."


# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Tyler Magner (UCI CT: BMC/Hincapie Sportswea) 1:14:21  
2 Luke Keough (UCI CT: Team Mountain Khakis -)    
3 Colton Barrett (UCI CT: Team Optum p/b Kelly Be)    
4 Jesse Goodrich (Juwi Solar Cycling)    
5 Tanner Putt (UCI CT: BMC/Hincapie Sportswea)    
6 Mac Brennan (Bissell-ABG-NUVO/Indianapolis C)    
7 Eamon Franck (California Giant Berry Farms/Sp)    
8 Gavin Mannion (UCI CT: Bontrager LIVESTRONG T)    
9 James LaBerge (Team Mike's Bikes)    
10 Danny Heeley (Hagens Berman Cycling/Lake Wash)    
11 Robert Bush (UCI CT: Chipotle-First Solar De)    
12 Colt Peterson (Get Crackin'-MS Society/VRC)    
13 Brandon Feehery (Astella Oncology p/b ABD Cyclin)    
14 Connor McCutcheon (Team Simple Green/Bike Religion)    
15 Ben Bertiger (Stage 17 Racing)    
16 James Schurman (Team Athletix Benefitting Globa)    
17 Tyler Brandt (Team Mike's Bikes)    
18 Matthew Abdalah    
19 Wesley Kline (BikeReg.com/Cannondale)    
20 Chris Stastny (California Giant Berry Farms/Sp)    
21 Christopher Putt (VeloCity Cyclists/Canyon Bicycl)    
22 Johnathan Freter (Cleveland Clinic Sports Health)    
23 Marcel DeLisser    
24 Edward Grystar (Freddie Fu Cycling Team)    
25 Michael Pincus (Bicycle Sport Shop pb Integrity)    
26 Weston Luzadder (Bissell-ABG-NUVO/Indianapolis C)    
27 Evan Huffman (California Giant Berry Farms/Sp)    
28 Torey Philipp (California Giant Berry Farms/Sp)    
29 Jeffrey Perrin (Juwi Solar Cycling)    
30 Michael Sheehan (Jack & Adam's Racing Team)    
31 Nathaniel Beams (PARK PLACE DEALERSHIPS/Dallas R)    
32 Ricky Gargiulo (Champion System p/b Stan's NoTu)    
33 Dylan DeGan    
34 Charles (Mac) Cassin (Juwi Solar Cycling)    
35 Tyler Karnes (UCI CT: BMC/Hincapie Sportswea)    
36 Micah Engle (Stan's NoTubes/AXA Equitable)    
37 John Harris (CCB Racing/CCB)    
38 David Cueli (Team Cocos)    
39 William (Booey) Hottenstein (Mt Borah / Minerva Design p/b B)    
40 Parker Kyzer (UCI CT: BMC/Hincapie Sportswea)    
41 David Goodman (Athens Velo Club) 0:00:20  
42 John Piasta (Team Mike's Bikes) 0:00:22  
43 G Lawson Craddock (UCI CT: Bontrager LIVESTRONG T) 0:00:24  
44 Robin Carpenter (UCI CT: Chipotle-First Solar De)    
45 Steven Perezluha 0:00:36  
46 Nathan Brown (UCI CT: Bontrager LIVESTRONG T)    
47 Shane Haga (Bicycle Sport Shop pb Integrity) 0:01:04  
48 Ben Barthel (Get Crackin'-MS Society/VRC) 0:01:08  
49 Ian Moir (UCI CT: Team Optum p/b Kelly Be) 0:01:11  
50 Nathanael Christensen (Michael David Winery Cycling Te)    
51 Jos Chalmers (ZMOTION Racing Team)    
52 Kevin Fish (Super Squadra)    
53 Joshua Johnson (Bissell-ABG-NUVO)    
54 Collin Berry (Get Crackin'-MS Society/VRC)    
55 Benjamin Wolfe (Aetna Cycling Team p/b Charlesc)    
56 Josh Estes (Team Athlete Forward/Fayettevil) 0:01:20  
57 Michael Stone (UCI CT: BMC/Hincapie Sportswea)    
58 Darion Fleming 0:01:24  
59 Thomas Jondall (White Mountain Road Club)    
60 Robert Squire (UCI CT: Chipotle-First Solar De)    
61 Nathaniel Wilson (California Giant Berry Farms/Sp)    
62 Branden Russell (Team Type 1- Development)    
63 Andrew Sjogren (Stage 17 Racing) 0:01:34  
64 Alexander Vaughan-Ruiz 0:06:08  
65 Bryan Larsen (Stage 17 Racing)    
66 Andre Vandenberg (Astella Oncology p/b ABD Cyclin)    
67 Caleb Welborn (Lone Star Racing Club)    
68 Michael Dziedzic (Landis/Trek/White Mountain Road)    
69 Stephen Leece (California Giant Berry Farms/Sp)    
70 Steve Fisher (Hagens Berman Cycling/Lake Wash)    
71 Morgan Ryan (Get Crackin'-MS Society/VRC)    
72 Sam Bassetti (California Giant Berry Farms/Sp) 2 laps  
73 Ethan Sopenski (SJBC/San Jose Bicycle Club)    
74 Zach Bergh (Astella Oncology p/b ABD Cyclin)    
75 Matt Lyons (Primal - 1st Bank) 6 laps  
76 Griffin Easter (Ritte Van Vlaanderen) 8 laps  
77 Zachary Semian (Pure Energy Cycling-ProAirHFA)    
78 James Bird (Nova Cycle Sports Foundation In)    
79 Henry Willis (The Fit Lab) 14 laps  
80 Daniel Rudalev (Iron Data Racing) 16 laps  
81 David Brookes (Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV/La)    
82 Kyle Anderson (PARK PLACE DEALERSHIPS/Dallas R) 20 laps  
83 Levi Baker (Fayetteville Wheelmen)    
84 John Pratt (Cyclin' Pratt Proforma)    
85 Nick Garcia (Army Cycling Team /US Military) 28 laps  
86 Henk Calderon (Nick Lopez Tailoring Cycling Te) 31 laps  


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