Reynolds wins junior championship

Ryan claims womens' Junior title

Juniors Women 17-18
The juniors women 17-18 field showcased 26 of the country's best 17-18-year-old women road racers. The riders stayed together after 24 of the 72 kilometers were complete. On the second of three laps, Page Robertson (Team TIBCO II) attacked and earned a 20-second gap as she embarked on the third lap.

The field caught Robertson early in the third lap and rode together until Grace Alexander (BYRDS (Boise Young Riders Development Squad)) attacked with Alexis Ryan (Team TIBCO II), who was defending her national title in this race, on her wheel. With the field seemingly willing to ride for third, Alexander and Ryan agreed to work together until the end and let a sprint settle the top spot.

Ryan and Alexander worked together up the final climb when Ryan noticed Alexander breathing heavy. With under one kilometer remaining, Ryan decided it was time to sprint, Alexander couldn't answer and Ryan carried it through the finish line, six seconds ahead of Alexander. Kayla Sterling (Exergy Twenty12) won the field sprint for third, narrowly edging Allison Arensman (Pepper Palace/Spin-Tech Training) and Ellen Noble (C.F. Racing p/b Trek Portsmouth), who finished fourth and fifth, respectively.

"At the top of the last climb, I looked at Grace and she was breathing really hard," Ryan explained. "I ramped it up, looked back and realized I had a gap so I just sprinted. This national title is actually sticks out the most (of her seven career national titles) because it came out of a breakaway. It felt fair."

Ryan also may have had extra incentive. Apparently, before the race, Alexis' father, Kevin, promised her a chocolate ice cream cone if she won the race. With the late morning temperatures soaring in the high 80 degrees fahrenheit Alexis Ryan admitted to envisioning the refreshing treat during the race.

Juniors Men 15-16
Ethan Reynolds (BYRDS (Boise Young Riders Development Squad)) won a six-rider sprint to the finish line to win the 72km juniors men 15-16 road race.

At the midpoint of the three-lap race, the five riders who comprised the five spots on the podium broke away and worked together to grow their advantage on the field. Reynolds kicked in a higher gear to win the field sprint, slightly edging Efren Flores (Donny's Cafe Cycling Club), who earned the silver medal.

Adrien Costa (Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development). Jonathan Brown (Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team) and Eric Oien (ACQUA AL 2-San Diego Bicycle Club finished fourth and fifth, respectively.

"This feels great," Reynolds said. "We (the five breakaway riders) were working really well together. We just pulled through really fast. We kept a good pace and were gaining more seconds on the field. I'm just super happy right now. This feels amazing!"

For Reynolds, the win marks the fourth national championship of his career. He was the national champion in the juniors men 13-14 criterium in 2011 and 10-12 criterium in 2009 as well as winning the individual time trial at the 2010 USA Cycling Cyclo-cross National Championships.

Full Results

Men - Junior - 15-16
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Ethan Reynolds (BYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Sq) 1:49:04  
2 Efren Flores (Donny's Cafe Cycling Club)    
3 Adrien Costa (Slipstream-Craddock Junior Deve)    
4 Jonathan Brown (Hot Tubes Development Cycling T)    
5 Eric Oien (ACQUA AL 2/SDBC/San Diego Bicyc)    
6 Jack Maddux (Team Specialized Racing Juniors) 0:00:25  
7 Peter Goguen (C.F. Racing p/b Trek Portsmouth) 0:02:03  
8 Michael Hernandez (Slipstream-Craddock Junior Deve)    
9 Peter Vollers (Killington Mountain School Cycl) 0:02:12  
10 Brandon Pruett (Rome Velo) 0:02:52  
11 Philip O'Donnell (Hot Tubes Development Cycling T) 0:02:53  
12 Fletcher Lydick (Frazier Cycling)    
13 William Guillen (Constellation Cycling)    
14 david duquette (Presbyterian Sports Medicine/En)    
15 Michael Gaines (St Paul Bicycle Racing Club)    
16 Frankie Gonzalez (Interactive Metronome Developme)    
17 Nathan Rico (Sho-air/Rock 'n Road/Team Velos)    
18 Diego Binatena (Team Specialized Racing Juniors)    
19 William Barta (BYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Sq)    
20 Robbie Farrens (Tieni Duro Junior Cycling Team)    
21 Seth Veenbaas (Southern California Velo)    
22 Nicholas Castellano (Team Specialized Racing Juniors)    
23 Robert Archer (Southern Elite/Sun & Ski Sports) 0:02:58  
24 Luke Broadwell (Junior Flyers)    
25 Austin Vincent (C.F. Racing p/b Trek Portsmouth)    
26 Zeke Mostov (Slipstream-Craddock Junior Deve)    
27 Justin Griffin (FFKR Architects Racing/Velospor)    
28 Nathan Clair (Team Citius/High Voltage Racing)    
29 Ian Baun (UPMC Cycling Performance)    
30 JAKE SILVERBERG (Slipstream-Craddock Junior Deve)    
31 Robert Monahan (Desire Title Racing/New Orleans)    
32 Tommy Lucas (Team Swift)    
33 Hunter Callahan    
34 Carlo Villarreal (Slipstream-Craddock Junior Deve)    
36 Liam Earl (BYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Sq)    
37 Shane Scoggin (HPC/LIST/HPC)    
38 Parker Brookfield (Monticello Velo Club)    
39 Marcello Cesario (Young Medalists / Team Rothrock)    
40 Richard Rainville (Prochain Cycling)    
41 Evan East (Team Carve/Central Arkansas Vel) 0:03:09  
42 Ian McMullen (VeloBrew Cycling Club)    
43 Tom Dudzik (Farm Team Juniors/Farm Team Cyc)    
44 Philip Bui (Tru Cycling)    
45 Connor Tankersley (Scenic City Velo)    
46 Gabriel Rodriguez (BLUE STAR-BOOM Development Team) 0:03:35  
47 Matthew Valencia (Team Specialized Racing Juniors) 0:03:37  
48 Tyler Mower (Young Medalists/ Team Rothrock) 0:06:28  
49 Samuel James (Miller School of Albemarle p/b)    
50 Christian Bergh (787 Racing) 0:08:22  
51 Jason Saltzman (Team Specialized Racing Juniors) 0:09:06  
52 Anthony Pratt (Cyclin' Pratt Proforma) 0:11:22  
53 Samuel Rosenberg 0:11:25  
54 Teddy Kozlowski (Farm Team Juniors/Farm Team Cyc)    
55 Sean Rice (Somerset Wheelmen) 0:11:31  
56 Sebastian York (Matrix Cycling Club) 0:11:33  
57 John Curtis (BYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Sq) 0:11:56  
58 Derek Cote (Farm Team Juniors/Farm Team Cyc) 0:14:29  
59 James Knippel (Team Coco's/Team Cocos) 0:14:31  
60 Garrett Roth (ISCorp Cycling Team/Nova Cycle) 0:17:02  
61 Keane Brennan (Farm Team Juniors/Farm Team Cyc) 0:23:36  
62 Weston Flickinger (Prochain Cycling) 0:25:08  
63 Thomas Revard (Racing For Riley/KCV Cycling Cl) 0:29:21  
64 Spencer Virtue (Miller School of Albemarle p/b) 0:32:12  
DNF Jake Thompson (HPC/LIST/HPC)    
DNF Luis Guillen (Constellation Cycling)    
DNF josue Perez (Sun Cycling Team)    
DNF Noah Granigan (Somerset Wheelmen)    
DNF Ian McShane (Red Zone Cycling)    
DNF Brian Gaines (County Cycles/Gopher Wheelmen)    
DNF Raymond Reisen (Colavita Racing Inc.)    
DNF Jonathan Christensen (Team Specialized Racing Juniors/Team Specialized Racing)    
Women - Junior - 17-18
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Alexis Ryan (Team TIBCO II) 2:08:40  
2 Grace Alexander (BYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Sq) 0:00:06  
3 Kayla Sterling (Exergy TWENTY12/Exergy Twenty12) 0:02:21  
4 Allison Arensman (Pepper Palace/Spin-Tech Trainin)    
5 Ellen Noble (C.F. Racing p/b Trek Portsmouth)    
6 Addyson Albershardt (NOW and Novartis for MS/Now Cyc)    
7 Erin Donohue (Killington Mountain School Cycl)    
8 Emily Elbers (Farm Team Elite Women's Cycling) 0:02:27  
9 Sarah Huang (Exergy TWENTY12/Exergy Twenty12) 0:02:29  
10 Bailey Semian (Team TIBCO II)    
11 Zoe Frazier (Frazier Cycling) 0:02:32  
12 Sara Youmans (Keller Rohrback Cycling/Stranam) 0:02:42  
13 Amber Vredenburg (Team TIBCO II) 0:02:44  
14 Corrie Osborne (Team Extreme) 0:10:16  
15 Nadia Latzgo (Young Medalists/ Team Rothrock) 0:10:17  
16 Page Robertson (Team TIBCO II) 0:14:27  
17 Christina Koeppe (Matrix Cycling Club)    
18 Emily Curley (C.F. Racing p/b Trek Portsmouth) 0:16:17  
19 Jacqueline Denny (Team Kenda presented by Geargri) 0:16:39  
20 Dominique Danco (Killington Mountain School) 0:24:30  
21 Allyson Beach (Cleveland Clinic Sports Health) 0:35:23  
22 Stefanie Feltwell (Forest Acres Cycling Team) 0:35:51  
23 Savannah Blake (BYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Squad)) 0:46:21  
DNF Eryn Maris (Peterson Racing/Spokeswomen Racing)    
DNF Joanna Millstein (Rock Creek Velo)    


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